Monday, June 1, 2015


This happened last week when I was meeting with insurance agent and another colleague of mine. Both insurance agent and my colleague are guys.

Insurance Agent : If you want me to quote you please let me know you full name, DOB, height and weight...

Me : Ok. I can write my full name and DOB here....but my height and weight, I will email you personally later. 

Insurance Agent : Give it here la...

Colleague : Ya lor...what so secret? only three of us here what!!!

Me : Hello!!! I am going to see you every day...duh! a bit embarrassing la if you know my full specs... hihihihih

Insurance Agent and colleague, look at each other and laugh at me. WTH!

A few hours later after the insurance agent went off from our office....

Colleague : what is the secret now???

Me : Why ? Why?

Colleague : You email the guy your height and weight then cc to me??? 

Me : Ommmmaaaa!!! Damn!!! What have I done!!!!

image: credit to google search on 'crying manga'

Colleague : should have just told us earlier! this is so worst ,right???

Me : Uwaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I am so stupid to even give you all the black and white proof on my specs....Uwaaaaaaaaaa....why? why? why??? isk isk isk...

So not cool of do this to myself ,right??? no turning back!


  1. hahaha it is a bit funny
    why u cc to her/him?
    never mind, we as human do make mistakes
    but we learn from it, right?
    Relax my can change your weight anytime and not fix
    Weight does not equal to your health status
    most important is a healthy body and not the number shown for the weight

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