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I purchase this bestselling cleanser last 2 months. Love this one because it is in sherbet form. No more dripping when do the cleansing. You know that cleansing oil always drip here and there. But this one was so easy to use.

Banila Co products

What is Banila Co. Clean it Zero?

Its a sherbet type cleansing balm. It remove dirt , make up and oil without drying up skin or even leaving behind a greasy residue.


* Part of ingredients which I remember seeing it lazy to google since the box all written in Korean Language.
They have Mineral oil, Papaya fruit extract, Angelica root extract, raspberry leaf extract and the rest all so scientific term. So google...if you want to know more since if I don't even know it if I write here. ngeeehihihihihih...

girl posing with Banila Co cleansing balm


Banila Co. Clean it Zero doesn't have any added fragrance, but it does have a pleasant floral - fruity kind of smell. Well the smell does not overpowering and it disappears as soon as rinsed off the products from your skin.

girl posing with Banila Co cleansing balm

How to apply Banila Co. Clean it Zero to your skin care routine?

I use this as double cleanse process which is make up removing step. I kind of lazy doing this double cleansing thingy but when I am now at 40s....well...I wish I start this long time ago. 
I just massage this product onto my skin for a minute. Then ...there are 2 ways on getting rid of this from your skin.

* Lazy way - you can just wipe it with tissue and then go to your cleansing foam routine. or....

* Hardworking way - wet hand with lukewarm water and massage a little more. The water will get balm emulsify into a milky lather. Then rinse away with water for complete clean skin. Then continue with cleansing foam routine.

Recommendation : No matter how lazy you are....use the hardworking way to cleanse the dirt away from your skin.

girl after applying Banila Co cleansing balm


Well...I skip my eye make up remover. I use this to remove my water proof mascara. I will bring this with me for my traveling and use it for my first step of removing dirt and oil from my facial skin. Kind of love the squeaky clean feeling over this. 

Why I love Banila Co. Clean it ?

* Easy to use
* Not messy
* Non - stripping
* Non-Greasy
* Cleanses make up thoroughly
* Gentle ingredients
* Contains no irritants

Where to buy your very own Banila Co. Clean it Zero?

Just click image below and it will direct you to the page to get your Banila Co, Clean it Zero.

Banila Co cleansing balms
[RM49.90][Banila Co.] [Banila Co] Clean It Zero Clean It Zero Radiance Clean It Zero Purity 100ml / Sherbet type deep makeup cleanser Jumbo Size(180ml) /**With Tracking Shipping**(180ml)

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