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What to do in Sekinchan

I joined a road trip from KL to Kuala Selangor last Saturday and end up at Sekinchan. Sekinchan is a small town located about 100km from Kuala Lumpur and its considered as Sabak Bernam district of Selangor. It is one of the major rice producer in Malaysia and also fishing village with fresh seafood supply.


The place its about 1 1/2 hours drive from KL. So be prepared for long journey. Just use waze if don't know the road. It is very convenient if you have smartphone and data plan with you.


For those who wish to stay overnight can always book a homestay or whatsoever. There are many beautiful and nice place to stay here at Sekinchan. If you are from KL , you can always do a day trip. Well you can cover it within a day like between 4-5 hours.


* Eat fresh seafood (you can do this for dinner. I went for lunch because I don't like crowd. Lunch time less crowd)
* Visit Pantai Redang (optional if you want to visit Pantai Remis too)
* Paddy Gallery
* Shopping dried seafood & fresh local fruits
* Watch Fireflies at Kampung Kuantan in the evening
* Drive back to KL


First stop to have awesome lunch with fabulous view at River View Seafood Restaurant near Pasir Penambang. Many fishing village here. I visited one of the famous here.

The seafood here is fresh .

* Salted Egg Yolk Crab 1/2 kg RM35
* Fresh Milk Crab 1/2 kg RM35
* Chinese Bread RM4
* Lala Meehoon RM14
* Thai Style Squid RM15
* Morning Glory RM7

So with this can do some budget yourself. They don't write any price on the menu. You can ask the waiter when you order food.So you don't need to jump into the river or cry a river when time to pay the bill. kekekekeke

I end my meal with some fresh coconut drink. Yeayyyy!!! its a hot hot day ahead.

I was lucky to get  a seat with fabulous view.


Ohhhh!!! don't forget to shop some dried seafood and snacks from the row of shops opposite the restaurant. 

If you come here for dinner instead of lunch then you can also book at trip to watch fireflies from here. Since I went there during lunch time so no fireflies for that day. Anyway, I went to watch fireflies at Kampung Kuantan few years back. So no big deal to miss it this time.

Next itinerary to Pantai Redang which is around 1 hours drive from Pasir Penambang. Enjoy the journey there. If you still have room in your stomach you can go to eat Mee Udang Banjir on the way there or on the way back. There are so many other place for good food along the way here. Definitely won't go hungry to visit this place.


The weather super hot but the view is quite awesome to me. I was greeted with some big tree with lots of lover lanterns.This is sort of wishing tree for lover. Its quite amazing to see some lantern can be thrown all the way on top that big tree. I wish who ever throw that so high up end up marry to each other and live love life happily forever and ever!

Again you won't go hungry here. So many vendors selling delicious delicacies here. You can even taste fresh oyster here under that scorching hot sun! WTH!
Lucky I brought umbrella with me. Super hot and hot but still in the mood to explore around.

Not many at the beach because of the grilling weather. Many seek shades at nearby shelter.

I went walk to my right following the red earth routes. With hope I can climb up the tall tower not far from there to watch great view. But.... haihhhh!! they closed the entrance .Duhhhhh!!! I walk super far for this. So disappointed!

I still enjoy the view along the way to that place. On right is the swamp and my left is the breathtaking seaview. You can find many noni trees and some winter melon too. But small winter melon guess too hot so that fella can't grow like normal size winter melon. I saw dried ladies fingers too.

Nice view and worth of the sweat too. hehehehe...I will come again to enjoy the view in nicer weather.

Next is a must visit place...Paddy Gallery with less than 10 minutes drive from Pantai Redang. Just use waze and they register under PLS Marketing.


Who visit Sekinchan without visiting the beautiful paddy fields??? Haihhhh!!!! 
For those who wants to get the green view like this photo, you can come from mid March till early May or Mid Sep till early Nov. If you wish to see the golden view, come during mid May till June or mid Nov till Dec. 

Avoid to come during early March and early Sept, Jan - Feb since this transplanting season. Resting time during July to August. If you come during these month , you will be getting a disappointing view.


Pay RM5 at ticket office and they give you a packet of 250gm rice in return plus a tour inside the paddy factory and museum. Good deal!

Now I know the brown rice is from the same paddy seed with the white one! Oh! shame on me. All this while thought brown rice come from different fields. haihhhh!!!

This is the view inside the rice factory. Cool right? So systematic and clean too.

This is the machine to pack the rice sacks.

Inside the paddy museum. Many cool things inside refresh back my stay at grandparent's house at Sg Petani, Kedah.

From the paddy museum you can go to the souvenir shop. I bought some rice for my parent and sis. Then went for rice and grains dessert at nearby cafe inside the factory itself.

Love this refreshing red beans and grass jelly. So nice during this hot weather.

Many people won't leave sekinchan paddy fields without that jumping pose with the background of paddy field. Haihhhh!!!with my super jumbo size right now, how can I do that jump pose. I will end up dig a hole on the ground when I land down. ahahahahaha...So I settle with the one side toothache pose! kakakaka...Gosh!!! the weather super hot ok! This is the best!

So old and not fit now. After long walk eat drive eat and so on...time to head down KL before late night.

Try to look for this big round crackers. This call 'Opak Ubi'. First time tried this and it taste good.


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