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6 Bamboo Benefits for Skincare

Benefits Of Bamboo

When talk about Bamboo, the first thing come to my mind is adorable panda lazy around munching away on this green plant in Chengdu Panda Reserved Forest. But seriously, Bamboo is not just for pandas. In Korea Bamboo water are widely use for skincare. Same like China, Korea people too , don't waste anything and make used of every part of this plant.

Why Bamboo is a must to include in your skincare routine?

What is the benefit of Bamboo for Skincare?

1.  Bamboo has antioxidant properties -It can fight the free radicals that cause premature wrinkles

2. Bamboo has healing properties - It has powerful anti inflammatory that works well to skin. 

3. It has great moisturising properties

4. Good sun screening abilities too

5. Bamboo can reduce melanin production which helps to reduce dark spots and apparently make it fade away.

6. Bamboo is rich in silica. Silica is an essential nutrients to help body to absorb key minerals and also support collagen production. 

One of the company make use of Bamboo multi task benefits to their skincare range is the South Korean skin care company The Plant Base. Their Natural Solution line is the best selling range. Apparently, you just need to use this only like twice a day to get desired results.

The Plant Base Nature Solution range is a solution for stressed skin with the assurance ECOCERT certified ingredients. It helps to restores the skin's moisture balance , builds the skin's natural protective shield against senescent and infused nutrition to keep skin healthy.

I was given 2 of their products to try out this amazing range. 

Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water 150ml

The Plant Base claimed Nature Bamboo Water :

* Anti Wrinkle functional and Demagogically tested
* Restores the skin's moisture level
* Builds the skin defenses against aging
* Delivers instant moist and suppleness to the skin

Ingredients use :

* 76.6% Bamboo Water
* 6000mg of Korean Bamboo stem extract ,
* INFLAX™ (natural patent ingredient for anti-oxidant)
* Two layers of Argan oil

I totally love the refreshing nature smells. I think that sweet smells really wakes up all my cells and make it works properly.

How to apply The Plant Base Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water?

* Don't worry about the 2 layers you see in that bottle. Its not spoil product. Its actually a mixture of Bamboo Water and Argan oil. Just shake well the bottle before use to make sure those two ingredients mixed well.

*  Take an appropriate amount and apply it gently onto your well cleanse face. 

* Let it absorb sufficiently by gentle tapping to your skin.

 My experience using The Plant Base Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water

* It immediately freshen up my skin
* Absorb well onto my skin
* Its not sticky texture
* Leave my skin supple and moisturize well

I could say this Plant Base Natural Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water suit for people who is looking for anti wrinkle and needs for moisture products.

Next product given to me is The Plant Base Nature Solution Skin Essence 40ml. I am really a sucker when it comes to essence. You will become me if you reach 40s like me too. hikhikhik...

The Plant Base claimed Nature Solution Skin Essence :

* can create fresh, healthy and glowing skin
* anti-wrinkle
* promotes skin renewal 
* Moist and bright upon application

The Plant Base Nature Skin Essence ingredients :

* 62.84% Bamboo Water
* 13 kinds of natural oils
* The Plant Base patented ingredient INFLAX™ (natural patent ingredient for anti-oxidant) to sooth skin
* It utilizes the oil drop technology so that the skin ingredients can be infused deep into the skin layers to maximizes the skin improvement results.

How to apply The Plant Base Nature Solution Skin Essence?

* Apply adequate amount after applying toner.

* You don't need to rub it onto your face. Just gently press onto skin with fingertips.

My experience using The Plant Base Nature Solution Skin Essence :

* It really leaves your skin moist and bright. I just need to add one make my skin feel supple
* Yes it really makes your skin feel fresh , healthy and glowing
* It soothes my skin too
* For anti wrinkle and promote skin renewal, I guess need to use longer to achieve that. I am still using it and will continue using it.

I don't says all above just because I was given this for free. I personally will purchase the complete range of this. I really fall in love with its refreshing smells and what it does to my skin. 

For those who find The Plant Base brand is totally new to you. Brief about The Plant Base.

Launched in year 2005 as the most famous natural soap brand in Korea. They has been manufacturing 100% handmade natural soaps and subsequently entered the skincare business to meet consumer demand. The Plant Base insist on hypoallergenic ad high performance products formulated with only natural plants and certified organic ingredients. 

In total The Plant Base has 8 different ranges and 45 skincare products. They has been spreading all over 10 countries and currently has 100 store globally. 

What are  The Plant Base unique proposal for its Natural Solution range?

* Plants Extracts
* Organic Ingredients
* Natural Essential Oil
* No Harmful Ingredients

Consumer can feel safe to use this product because its nature-friendly without additive and chemicals. Most important it against Animal testing!

Where can you get your hands on The Plant Base products?

The Plant Base products available at hermo. Click this link here.

Enjoy discount 10% when you purchase The Plant Base product online at Hermo website,  if you key in this Voucher Code:  TPBADD10 when you check out 

This Voucher code valid for purchase start 6th Mar 2017 to 16th April 2017.

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