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Travel to Kaohsiung : Things to do at Qingjing Grassland

Qingjing is a great place for people who love fresh air , lush forests, flowers and beautiful starry nights. This place located far away from city area in the mountains and hillsides. Oh! if you love cows and sheep then this place is a best place to interact with this farm animals. The culture at Qinjing I could say quite unique since its a combination of Taiwanese Aboriginal and Kuomintang Army Veterans who relocated here after the Chinese Civil War with their family mainly from Yunnan Province.

The Weather at Qingjing

Through out the day, Misty and Fog over the mountain tops and the sun will appears to rise from sea of clouds at dawn. Best time to walk in the afternoon. The weather can be chilly. Dress warm.

How to go to Qingjing from Kaohsiung? 

* Take HSR train at Zuoying Station to Taichung Station

* From Taichung Station take bus direct to Qingjing (Please note bus will stop at Puli to take other passenger before continue the journey up to Qingjing)

* I took Nantou bus and bought the ticket at the counter. You can buy the day pass together with bus ticket which means it include the entrance ticket to some of famous attraction at Qingjing. I just bought the bus ticket since the hotel I reserved include the entrance ticket.

Total journey from Kaohsiung to Qingjing is around 5 hours. phewwwww!!!! Half day gone! But the journey is worth it since I can see many beautiful view along the way.

Things to do at Qingjing

1. Book yourself a night stay at one of those uphill guesthouse

Imagine waking up to the nice view the next morning and enjoy cup of hot coffee with some fresh home baked bread under the chill weather. I booked for 2 nights stay.

2. Carton King

Carton King is a famous chain store in Taiwan selling everything made from Carton. As you walk inside this place from Table to Chairs and even the interior design is made of Carton.

Nothing to shout out about the food there but the environment and view is worth to give it a try. Lucky me this place is just opposite the place I stay.

3. Small Swiss Garden

Located beside Carton King. Enjoy the nice flower view here. More flowers will bloom in June. But I still enjoy strolling around the beautiful garden after my lunch at Carton King.Just walk right to almost the end you will find nice Cafe for hot latte or some ice cream. The owner have a cheeky cat name 'Polly'.

In the evening, I take a walk at nearby Maple trail. Its not in season for color changing yet. But the place smells fresh and enjoy the walking so much.

The lavender is blooming soon.

Here you will find many ducks and pigeon walking around freely. You can try to mingle around with duck here too. You need to careful on duck shit here. Its everywhere! hehehe.

Since I received two entrance ticket , I visited this place again at night to enjoy the dancing fountain show. I brought some hot latte and sat there to enjoy the show.

4. Tea Plantation Trail

Even though the tea plantation here is not that big but it still worth to walk. This place is just behind the guesthouse. Lovely view.

5. Green Green Grasslands

I visited this place in the morning. I was waiting for the bus but then forgot to take the new entrance ticket from the guesthouse reception. Turn back to guesthouse and was told I still can use yesterday ticket. Ceh!!! never tell me that earlier. Tired walking in the morning. By that time I miss the bus. Suddenly feeling 'meh' early in the morning. Then one mini van stop ask if I wanna go up to Green Green Grasslands for NT50. I just took that minivan up with 3 other passenger who share the same destination as me. Its common here. My plan is to take public transport up the hill and later walk down using one of those walking trail.

Finally , reach to the top of Green Green Grasslands. I walked around with my walking stick. People were staring at me. Especially the old people. They look at me with such a pitiful expression. The younger one will avoid me. Haihhhh....face not that important now. Most important I can support my leg well. Don't care that. Focus! focus! Be mentally strong!

What will you see at Green Green Grasslands?

Sheep roaming around. Sheep poo dropping is everywhere. So Green Green Grassland is a place full of shit ? Haih!!! just pray I don't step on some of those. For those who love to pet the sheep you can do so. I don't. I am not a fan of this place but I love the surroundings view. I just walk and enjoy the view here. I tried my best to avoid the nuisance and loud Chinese tourist group possible. Then try some warm sheep milk and some ice cream while admiring the magnificent view before my eyes !

If you have time and walk faster than me you can catch horse show which I find it interesting. I manage to catch the ending part since I walked super slow. Old that lorrrr! From there I choose to walk towards the maple trail down to guesthouse I stayed. Quite a long walk though.  But the view and surrounding is worth the pain. WTH! Not many people going through this trail.

I was alone for quite sometime until met this one teenage boy wondering alone like me too. At first thought he was lost. I confidently struck a conversation with him. Ecehhhh... Luckily he speaks good American English. He is local came with his family but he skip the lunch and wanna enjoy this trail. Yes. This is his second time! the first timer still have guts to ask whether he is lost. Suddenly became so caring..huh ? I am too lonely. hahaha

Some late blooming cherry blossom still on the tree. Refreshing view.

I found some fresh apples for sale. I bought some and seriously this one is crispy and sweet. Totally fresh from the farm.

Other place you can visit is Old England which I don't. Apparently , you need to purchase their hi tea set to enter the place and take the photo. No energy to walk there. There are some museum and so on too.

I need to retire early today since tomorrow another long journey which I will be heading to Chiayi and then up to Alishan Mountain. 

Tips : It is possible to stay at Taichung and take the bus up to Qingjing for day trip. If you need to overnight at Qinjing it is doable for a night stay. There are many other nice attraction which I skip since my condition is not so good. I was throwing up and fever because of some not suitable food the night before isk isk isk.

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