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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Healthy Hand and Nail with Senteurs du Sud

Few years back Argan Oil has been widely use for smooth , silky and healthy hair. Well...thats all I know. Argan Oil gives benefit for hair. Never occur to my mind it benefit for skin too. hehehe...I need to read more than. 

I read somewhere main reason Argan oil is healing is because of it is rich with Vitamin A and E. It also pack with anti oxidants, Omega 6 Fatty Acid and loneic acid. If apply onto skin it will helps to ease inflammation while moisturizing the skin. Now many cosmetics company include Argan oil in high end anti aging , hair and skin care. 

Last few weeks Zash Cosmetics sent over one small tube of Senteurs du Sud Hand and Nail Cream and also few sachet of face cream...haih!

I normally super lazy to even apply lotion to other part of my skin. Having to try out Hand cream really make me super duper lazy. I tried it anyway on and off because sometimes I totally forgotten about it.

Tried this hand and nail cream for a week. I won't do a review like any other bloggers who will see the effect after a week try. Maybe the product is magical for their skin.. I am just a normal person so my skin will not see any effect after I use it for a week. But I still can't review it after many months since the brand will be harping on me . haih!

All I can write here is my experience about this product. Senteurs du Sud Hand and Nail Cream, reached me in 50ml tube. They do have the 100ml tube for this too. 

Senteurs du Sud Hand and Nail Cream claimed :

"Enriched with argan oil and honey extract, the hand cream protects , nourishes and regenerates epidermis. It preserves hands youth and softness. Argan oil combined to lemon essential oil strengthens and protects nails. "

My experience applying Senteurs du Sud Hand and Nail Cream :

* Texture - very creamy and a bit sticky at first but it will quickly absorb into skin.
* Smells - at first I mistaken it smells kind of like Almond milk with a zest of citrus sense but I was wrong its  a combination of argan oil , honey extract and lemon essential oil. It gives a refreshing smells and awaken the cells of your skin.
* I applied it twice daily and kind of feel it helps to moisturize my hand and my nail feel less dry too.

My takes for Senteurs du Sud hand and nail cream?

I will use in long run to heal my dry skin. Since I am going through aging process my nail brittle a lot too. Argan oil as main ingredients to this product really provide healing to dry skin. It does provide softness too.

Senteurs du Sud proudly sent over their face cream in sachet (sample size) for me to write a review. Honestly speaking I really don't favour sample size in sachet form because it will get messy. First of all we don't open the sachet and finish it off at one go. My face not that big to apply all the cream from the sachet. Second I have to throw it away even after one use because I am afraid it will expose to germs if I leave it opened pack. Is it that expensive to give the blogger the tube or bottle one for review in exchange? If they give me the small bottle or tube I am more happy because can bring for traveling plus it more hygienic.

Senteurs du Sud Face Cream claimed :

Daily care specially designed for sensible and dehydrated skins skins , the face cream enriched in argan oil, olive oil, grape seed oil and shea butter. With an unctuous and comfortable texture , it nourishes , repairs and restructures the epidermis owing to its anti free radical effect; the skin recovers tonicity, suppleness and freshness.

My experience applying Senteurs du Sud Face Cream :

I tried Senteurs du Sud face Cream twice during my trip to Labuan. I don't really like the smells and the first feeling after apply this cream. But surprisingly love how my skin does not oily after wake up from sleep. It keep my skin well moist but not oily through out the night. I give this face cream two thumbs up! For those who looking out for luxurious feel can give this a try.

Will I personally purchase Senteurs du Sud organic skin care range?

Oh! yes....this is one good quality product. You don't have to pay more for such high end skin care.

About Senteurs du Sud brand 

Tagline : Simply bio , totally ethic, deeply south

Most of Senteurs du Sud products is incorporate organic Argan oil to its range. Every product of the range is certified by Ecocert and Cosmebio. Senteurs du Sud is made from France.

If you interested to buy some Organic Argan base skin you can get it from Zash Cosmetic online store.

Or follow Zash cosmetic official facebook here


  1. wooo good for the hand...our hand need more nutritions!

  2. Our hands definitely need more nutritions and pampering as we tend to ignore them.

  3. I'd love to get hold of the small bottle of hand/nail cream. Easy to carry around especially when travelling.

    1. Me too. Or even those trial packs for my travel. Its also convenient, cost effective.

    2. I love them in small bottle or tube but not in sachet though. Wasted because can't finish it at one go and it get messier and not so hygienic if just leave it.

  4. Sounds like a nice product. I don't think I can pronounce the name right ..haha.

    1. My tongue roll so much when trying to pronounce it. kekeke

  5. This looks great, I just came to the realisation that my hands and nails are quite neglected since I hate getting cream on it sometimes...

  6. With argan oil, the world gets better and happier hehe. I also believe in argan oil.

  7. Wow, new product to me. I want to try it as my hand sometime so dry.

  8. I have not use this before. I need this for my hands, will check it out.

    1. This one not bad. Not like any other hand cream I used before.

  9. Your blog layout now is so pretty!! First time heard about this nail care products, definitely will try it if got chance =)

  10. Haven't hear about this brand yet. Look not bad =D


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