Saturday, December 15, 2018

10 Wishes From My All Time Favourite K Beauty Store Althea Korea

Dear Althea Santarina,

I started my year 2018 with the closure of the place I worked for a few years. I was the last person to leave the company. I then started a new life with an opening company but it doesn't work out for me. I was not happy there. I recently joined the other company. This is a place I want to be for a long time. I like the people here and learning new things every day. But I feel I am lacking with confidence in me. Please allow me to Welcome Year 2019 with great confidence out of me. Please grant my wishes, for me to stay more presentable and be happy in this new place.

Angel Cindyrina

Moonshot Micro Setting it Cushion (12g) RM87

I never try this before but I read this Cushion sheer and skin-soothing. Moreover, it sets and fixes the skin with a non-cakery finish. Plus it does not transfer easily. This is what I want since the year 2019 will start with me travels out for work. Oh! I hope this last long too.

Nacific Real Rose Floral Toner (180ml) Price RM53

Since I love the smell of roses, I really wanted to try this hydrating toner that made with 92% real rose petals. Owhhh!!! so sweet right? Apparently, this is not just a simple toner. It also contains Centella Asiatica extracts that help to exfoliate dead skin cells too. Awesome right?

Innisfree Whitening Pore Cream (50ml) Price RM102

I always conflicting myself to get whitening or pore cream. But then I read Innisfree have whitening pore cream is like heaven answered my prayer. Who wants to sponsor me this? Pweaseeeee!!!!! Did I mention this make from tangerine peel? I bet it smells awesome citrus. You know why I think this is good and must have? Its always 'sold out'!

Missha 4D Mascara (7g) Price RM16

Since I am not good at drawing eyeliner, I always make sure to apply at least mascara. 4D mascara? I would love to try this out since I never try any of this before. I tried the super lashes mascara before though.

It's Skin Power 10 Formula WH Effector (30ml)  Price RM30

I remember bought this same brand for my sis during my trip to Jeju recently but I forgot to get one for myself. I have a dark spot problem due to too long hours expose under the sun. I think this will helps to recover my loses and hopefully can reduce my dark spot.

Color Deep Cushion Tint (4.2g)  RM36

I tried once and love it so much. It works like having a mechanical pen in my handbag. Whenever I feel like touching up my lips just open the cover and pump out once then glide onto my lip. Walahhh...muakssss!!! Love the colour too. Super vibrant and suit my skin.

CP-1 Raspberry Hair Vinegar (500ml) Price RM31

This is my one and only hair treatment which I recommended to others and they just fall in love with it for an instant. It helps to soften, detangles and smoothes troubled hair. Just because its vinegar, you think this will make my hair smells sour. Hell no! My hair smells sweet like raspberry. You even feel like wanna munch it as a snack.

Althea Velvet Powder (3g) RM16

Ever since Althea came out with it's on face powder, I never step out from the house without applying this on my face. I love the lavender version because the smells its awesome. It gives me a fresh look without even drying out my skin. Love how it helps my makeup look great. Like its name, the powder is soft and gentle on skin.

Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense (2.5g) Price RM29

I love the highly adhesive velvety texture of this tint. It just a tint but the creaminess smooth glide on lips ensure my lips moisture and prevent from cakiness. Mamonde Creamy Tint is really presenting intense colour pigmentation. I don't need a lipstick if I travel out with this awesome Tint.

Milky and Whitening Eye Cream (15ml) Price RM19

Eye cream or Eye gel normally cost a bomb and still doesn't guarantee effectiveness. I was sceptical when first try this because of the price. I tried once and bought one for my sis too. We both love it. Well, it doesn't really help to cure that panda eyes. I can assure it helps in moisturising the under eye well. Its really quick absorption and keep eyes hydrated.


  1. I wish to try that mamonde lip tint.. .macam best ja.. Senang nak bawak. Ke mana2 kan

  2. Althea is such a good and high quality product that everybody must have it at home for their self!. I dont think people refuse to use Althea because Althea always got a positive feedback from their user . I think, I have to try one soon!. Hopefully, all your wishes come true!

  3. Kalau barang dari Althea, tak boleh nak lari dari tengok list kan.. hahaha.. semuanya best sebab ada yang packaging comel dan ada yang saiz senang nak bawa travel.. dan paling best.. lai dari yang lain.. i like Kbeauty product

  4. I also hv my top 10 wish list this xmas.. hehehe... time to go shop in Althea.. merry xmas... let's shop together...

  5. Wow that is such a wondeful wish list from Althea. I hope there's a Santa that can give me these beauty care too. Been wanting to try too.

  6. hahhaa you make it easy for your fans or secret lovers to give you gift from althea. now they know what to give you to win your heart! ;)

    How to deal with markets ups and downs?

  7. Yeay! Now we can start shopping for the Xmas wishes. I love your wish list there. I am looking forward to shop for mine too.

  8. Wow so many products can be purchase. I wonder if guy also can wear especially for this Christmas! Anyway all products looks very good

  9. There are a lot of interesting products in Althea. And the price is reasonable. Ive been using the Mamonde cream tint and super love its texture and pigment.

  10. I like all the hope for this christmas ,all your wishes will come true.. Good luck.. I think should do my wishlist on Althea website too

  11. wahh produk althea memag popular sunguh ...dalam banyak2 produk saya berminat nak cuba yang colour deep cushion tint tu....nampak menarik sangat , harga pun ok jugak sebab mesti long lasting....uuu tak sabar nak order....baca entry ni baru tahu...thanks tauuu

  12. Love your wishlist, I've tried Missha 4D Mascara, it's really worth it price is super cheap as well. Definitely a must have item.

  13. Althea will be top user soon in Malaysia i guess. I being see many peope got crazy with this korean product. I hope you got all whay u wish. Hehehe

  14. great wish list to ending this year and jump to 2019. Of course Althea always best choice among k-beauty. I can feel happiness and joyfull if santa can send bulk of gift with Althea stuff. Love it!

  15. So lucky girl lah kalau dapat semua wish list ni tambah time hujung tahun yang memang tengah meriah celebrate hehehehe boleh juga kalau nak buat hadiah ni...

  16. Althea Velvet Powder! If I got one thing ot buy from Althea, it would be that velvet powder in pink color. My favourite!

  17. Haro kristmas semua ada wish kan.. Wah wishlist makeup semua mi nampak besy.. Althea memg produk yang bagus. .suka la tgk cushion tu.. Macam menarik. Love produxt korea

  18. Sis punya wshlist dh over terover budget..hahaa, dapat ambik 4 aje..yg lebihnya dibawa ke tahun depan le nampak gayanya..:)


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