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Here goes another one

Woke up with bad swollen throat! Not a flue a cough or even a fever but just swollen and painful throat. Weird! As usual went to office trying to keep my spirit motivated , until.... My Snr Accounts Exec slapped me with his resignation letter... Ah! expected.. but not so soon though.. I broke down deep in my heart but lucky still maintain my composure.. Damn it! When I am strategising to walk away here goes block here and there... Now it will be back to more burden.. Now I feel so helpless.. Life seriously not so easy for me. Every single sen I earned its like getting a coin out from volcano mountain. Seriously , deep in my heart I feel more and more sick! However, I take it as another challenge and this motivate me to move on from here soonest possible. On the way back pay a visit to Doctor. as expected got myself antibiotic and another tablet don't really know for what just swallow it all! My mind just blank. I didn't take my lunch. Why? Whatelse? work and work like a slave t

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