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My First Time Experience Online Shopping at LamboPlace [Pre - Raya Gempak Sale At LamboPlace]

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The word 'POSITIVE' isn't a good thing to hear for more than a year now. Not just in our country Malaysia. Nowadays, 'POSITIVE' means 'BAD' globally. We try our best to avoid 'POSITIVE'.

I feel bad for the year 2020. Likewise the year 2021 is full of certainty. Each of us unable to have a certain date to receive the vaccine. Even if we have vaccinated, there is much more uncertainty waiting for us. 

I am so upset to read the number of cases keep rising daily. Ever since the government ruled for CMCO, some people the current situation very lightly. Especially when they announced the bazaar Ramadhan is open, the number keep on shooting up like crazy! The people who visited Bazaar Ramadhan kind of forgotten about social distancing and SOP. Don't make noise with the outcome from the lacking, ya! You all 'reap what you sow'!

Last year, I celebrated my Eid Raya alone. So did my other siblings and parent. My wish for this year to celebrate it together with family. Can we back to our old days? Can we bring back the excitement of 'Balik Kampung' during the festive season?

So, this year everyone is expecting the answer on the 'Balik kampung, right? Hello! if the number keeps rising do you think that will happen? 

I just prepare myself to celebrate the 'Eid Raya' on my own again.  Life must go on, right? Recently, I stumble upon a new and unique marketplace called LamboPlace. I went on a 'Raya' Shopping spree for the 'Raya' Goodies.

LamboPlace is something new for me too. This newly launched online marketplace pledge to encourage healthier shopping habit among Malaysian by providing a selection of genuine and authentic products. I bet this is a unique selling. I am one online shopping big spender to the extend most of the courier service in this area has become my friend. Online shopping kind of a hobby for me. There is no doubt many scammers trying to fish out their luck by selling fake and also steal others information. 

When I first browsing the items at LamboPlace, the experience is different from any other online marketplace. The items there are uniquely curated and some items you couldn't find elsewhere too. The food items especially, I can feel it is genuinely homemade and authentic.

My first purchase from LamboPlace is selective 'Raya cookies'. I just created a sort of 'Raya Basket' without the basket! I want to make myself happy. Who else to please me other than myself, right?

I was surprised! The goodies reached the very next day after my order which is in the late afternoon. I was like! wow!

Let me show off what is in my 'Raya basket'. 

  1. Ita Delights Heavenly Scotch Cookies 
  2. Ita Delights Suji Oreo
  3. Ita Delights Scottish Orica

I sorted out the photo above based on my favourite one. I am totally in love with the Heavenly Scotch. The based cookies are a mix of almond, oat, Horlick and coffee flavour (well that explained why I couldn't sleep last night after tested this after breaking fast. Then the cookies are wrapped with butterscotch choc with a generous amount of almond brittles. It tastes heavenly just like its name. 

If you are looking for less sweet, I recommended going for Suji Oreo. Although the Orea cream is a bit sweet, the cookies are not sweet at all and it tastes just right for me.

I rank Scottish Orica as third due to this cookie require me too much the rolled oat. hahaha teeth condition aren't so good. Old teeth, very sensitive. This one less sweet too and it's a mixture of hazelnut, Nutella, rolled oat, chocolate grated, butterscotch and cashew nut.

So, altogether I have three Raya cookies in the Raya basket. I may eat some rendang and ketupat too. Well, since all this unhealthy for my old body. I added in one healthy stuff in the Raya basket. 


Barakath AlSham Organic Cuka Apel. Well, the Apel spelling is totally wrong. It supposes to be 'Epal' instead of 'Apel'. This organic apple vinegar is a product of Syria. I bet many of you are aware of the benefits of Apple Vinegar for health.

I bought all my 'Raya Goodies' from the Tau Tau Food Industries at LamboPlace. 

Don't repeat my mistake while shopping at LamboPlace. I was happily select all the items and then the message said failed to check out due to no selection on the delivery option. I tried to select the option but no option appears on my screen. I then realize you need to shop by shop since this is a marketplace. You can't mix the shop.

How to shop at LamboPlace marketplace?

  1. Select your favourite items.
  2. Visit the store. If you like any other items from the store, you can add more to the cart.
  3. Check out all the items and make the payment. There are wide options of payment at LamboPlace
  4. No option in shipping during my check out time. It was delivered by their in-house Logistic service.

Major highlights about LamboPlace marketplace :

  • Real Deals all the time
  • Ensure all products selling are authentic
  • Lowest Shipping in town (RM2 only)
  • Fast delivery (within the same day in Klang Valley)
  • Everything you need in one Place
  • Convenience and safe to do online shopping

Since Eid Raya is in a few weeks, LamboPlace is having a 'Pre - Raya Gempak Sale. #RayaBersamaLambo

Categories :

  • Hampers & Gifts
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Home & Living
  • Tech Gadgets
  • Flash Deals below 30

Here is a voucher code to apply when you shop at LamboPlace. Some of the promotions at LamboPlace for it 'Pre - Raya Gempak Sales including :

  • Up to 90% off storewide'
  • New user RM10 off with min. spend of RM40. Your 'Duit Raya' Voucher Code: BARU (for the first 100 new customers storewide)
  • Voucher Code : GEMPAK to receive the 'GEMPAK' Duit Raya: RM10 off with min. spend of RM50 (for the first 100 customers storewide)
  • FREE SHIPPING: Free shipping with min. RM7 spend (capped at RM10) Voucher code: RAYASHIP

LamboPlace 'Pre-Raya Gempak Sale' promotion is from 1st April to 30th April 2021.

I love doing online shopping at the new marketplace because they are generous in giving out vouchers for new customers. Grab your vouchers and shop with peace of mind at LamboPlace. My first time shopping experience at LamboPlace is flawless. 

Send some 'Raya goodies' for your loved ones through LamboPlace. Bring smiles and joy to them. Don't have anyone to send to? Well, you have me! Send a gift to me. I give you a shout out on my blog and other social media. hahaha

Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya soon to all Muslim and also non-Muslim, why don't shop some goodies from LamboPlace to create that festive feel since the situation kind of limited for an 'open house' this year too.

For more details, please visit the official website LamboPlace

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Miseenscene Perfect Serum Rose Edition Review

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My last visit to the hair salon was before my Guilin trip in Dec 2019.  That was a long time ago. I used to do hair rebonding or relaxing on yearly basis. As you all aware we are currently facing a global virus attack. I tried as much as possible to avoid or minimize interaction with other human being or anything alive in this world. I hardly out from my home unless it is necessary. Back to my hair story. During the pandemic, I had taken matters into my own hand. I cut my hair twice during this period. One is last year turn out as a massive disaster. I was trying to follow the trends like any other people. Last year you will see many videos where people around the world tied back a ponytail and then cut it out. I did that last year but little that I know the front fringe went off as well. WTH! I hardly had any fringe in my life. I really hate the way my hair turns out at that time. Every single day is about praying for my hair to grow faster to minimize the trace of my bad workmanship. Not to mention the layering was too short and difficult to manage in my daily life. I look like a madwoman than one kawaii Japan woman style that I dreamt of. WTH!

My hair kind of fall off a lot, if it grows beyond my shoulder. My house floor is becoming like a carpet of hair day by day. I decided to take matters with my hand for the second time. Yup! no learn from the previous mistake. Regret kind of just a word without realizing it shouldn't repeat by all mean. But every day after the shower, I became like a cat with a hairball clogging my bathroom drainage. Duh!!! 

See the photo up there?
That's the result of my recent hairstylist play last week. This time, I tied two ponytails on both sides and cut them off.  The back was hair wire indeed! My scissor was a blunt one and did I mentioned that I am a lefty with no trace of lefties scissor in the house? I don't know what style is that. Totally not pleased with my own workmanship. Regret so much now. My frizzy hair makes it worst. I look totally like a madwoman!

I can't straighten it but the least I could do is to smooth if out. At first I want to get myself the hair oil but end up with a hair serum instead. Why?  There is a huge different between hair oil and hair serum.

Hair oil is mainly used to nourish and improve the health of the hair. While the hair serum is more of a styling. It add more shine and smoothen the hair. 

Since I am pretty much in denial when come to my hair health. So , I got myself a hair serum. I just want to smooth out my frizzy hair. That's all! 
So I bought Miseenscene Perfect Serum Rose Edition. Seriously? How to pronounce this brand name? I read the pronunciation of this brand goes something like this. Mise-en-scene. Thank God! I am just typing this out. I was struggling with this spelling. hahahaha
I chose the rose edition with hope my hair smells sweet like roses too.

This is suppose to be the upgraded version from the original one. Gosh! don't ask me how the original one like. This is my first time spending money for a freaking hair serum which cost me RM42.90. Heol! so expensive. As usual, Rina will complain and yet she still buy what she wants. huhuhuh
OK! word of comfort to myself. This is for the sake of me not looking like mad woman when I step outside home. kekekeke

Product claimed :

Miseenscene Perfect Rose serum claim to be an aromatic miracle oil serum that helps repair damaged tresses and perfumes strands with delicate rose fragrance. It suppose to provides intensive hair care to damaged and brittle tresses, highly enriched with nourishing and healing argan. Other powerful ingredients in this serum is camellia, coconut, apricot, marula, jojoba and olive oils for deep strands nutrients. The product claimed can transform hair from dry, rebellious and coarse into smoother, silkier and more manageable. It leaves hair looking glossy, silky (almost type out silly) and healthy.

It give a more nourished mane in 3 days.

How to apply Miseenscene Perfect Rose Serum on hair?

  • Towel dry lightly after shampooing
  • Pump out coin sized amount of this serum and even it out onto entire hair especially for the back of the head and damaged part. Then dry hair. You can blow dry your hair as usual. About the coin size amount, I don't know which coin size they are referring too. I use 10 sen , though. 20 sen too big. 50 sen will be too much, right? hehehehe
  • Once you finish blow dry the hair. Pump out a little serum onto tips and massage to the tips of strands to finish.

I did as mentioned. It did look smoother like the photo above but my hair went back wild crazy like it usual nature. Guess , my hair is one wild kid. I need to tame this out in another aggressive way, perhaps? The texture like in the photo only last 5 minutes. WTH!
I definitely not recommend this product to myself. Eh? hahahaha.....ya man! this one definitely waste of my money. It doesn't work for my hair though. Oh! may be I use the not suitable product and it totally don't serve the expectation.

Oh! another information. It did claimed you hair smells rose fragrance. Oh my God! it did smells a very very very very mild rose fragrance to the extend the smells just hit my nose in less than 0.00000000001 seconds. Then it gone with the air. Kabosh! That's it! 

The moral of this review.

Don't put too high expectation and please buy product suit the needs. Please don't waste money like me. hehehe

pssttt...if my language or spelling or grammar is out. Don't blame me. hehe Blame it on Grammarly. Not working since yesterday.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Thank You For your Annoying Preaches

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Papa Don't Preach

I am no Nostradamus or whatsoever. I just find myself living life with future worries. Even during my working days, the way I acted in project planning and execution was more on details to ensure everything is taken care of. I always in the mind of, 'what if', 'maybe this will happen. So always have a backup plan to ensure I have the fallback and the solution to the problem from moving on. In short, it's more on risk management kind of things. 

I won't say, I am on the 'hiatus' mode from the working world because deep inside, I was dying to make a comeback to the working world. I went for 3 interviews after I was laid off. The interviewer put me off. I would say most of the interviewer nowadays kind of looking for the book smart who are good in papers and book jargon. The question on the certain case studies during the interview was more on the theoretical solution than practical. As a person who started working life from the bottom and only obtain a paper in the mid-age of working life, to be honest, the HR or interviewer need to think and analyse the situation given in the real life. Not sure whether anyone understands what I am trying to say here.

Look around and observe the young generation nowadays. They have been growing up in the 'spoon-fed' environment and it's very challenging for them to survive in the real working environment. The working world isn't as beautiful as what your non-working experience lecturer or a lack of field experience government paint to you. No matter what process you have learned in University or College, that was just a foundation or basic things. You must learn to apply and tweak according to the situation. Things won't turn exactly as you imagine no matter how diligent you follow the process. 

Giving the economic situation right now, it will be harder to get a job for someone experienced like me. Most ads kind of look like the company is squeezing the employee dry like a 'dried squid'. People may assume I am choosy. Just put in the more soft word. I am more selective about applying for a job. 

Looking back to my situation right now. It turns out exactly as what I imagined when was in the 30s. I remember being jobless for a while at that time too. Life is hard at that time. I made my own resolution to save hard when I get a job. I did and don't stop working. Every bonus and increment went all the way to my investment accounts. My lifestyle didn't change much except for frequent travel. When others busy owning a smartphone. I only use it around 3 years after the trend started. I bought the China phone though. It's cheap though and at the price that I want to pay. hahaha

I am living this kind of lifestyle, knowing the facts I am one person who always has difficulty in finding a job if I lost one. I don't want to live a suffering life worry about not having a monthly salary. I know how hard it is if it happens to me. 

When I was in my mid-30s, one of the ex-boss asked me during his morning lecture. Can you survive without a monthly salary, if you lost the job next month? If the answer is YES. How long can you live? If your answer is NO, how are you going to continue living? Then he continued. He made his first million at the age of 24 and manage to climb to the CEO position at that very young age. At that point of listening to his lecture, I was disgusted by his boasting. Being a pessimist myself, I really hate his talk at that time. Yeah!!! it sounded like salespeople talk to me. He was 40 plus at that time. I was in the mid-30s. I felt like a super loser when listening to him. Gosh! I am just an Accounts person, for goodness sake. I can earn as much as my employer gave me. I work harder also won't give me more paycheck, what!!!!! The salesperson is different the more they work the more commission they make. They are the profit-making tools in the company. While my department is always considered as a cost centre in any company I work with. The only I can do was squeeze and save hard with whatever I made and always consider job-hopping for more salary increment. I don't live life by the monthly salary. I change my life by living life with my own capability. Meaning if my monthly salary is late into my account, I still can live as usual. That's part of an achievement for me.

No matter how I perceive when listened to my ex-boss preach, at that time. Deep down in my heart, it does register and planted in my mind. I must save with consideration can live and survive without work. YES! I did it now. As I predicted at the age of late 40s lost my job and forced to stay home. 

I am very much thankful to my ex-boss for preaches throughout 3 years plus working under his wings. Your preaches annoyed me so much because reality is hard to accept. I was glad to lend my ears and learned it by hard.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tips To Choose A Curtain Rod For House

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Choose Curtain Rod

If you read my previous post, you might aware that I am preparing myself to move into a new place. Like I wrote in an earlier post, it's not as simple as what people may things. All details need to be taken care of. I don't have the cash to pay for an Interior Designer to do that for me. So, I am trying to do this on my own. I visited the curtain shop before and they quoted me a freaking RM6,000 for the whole house. The cheapest is RM3,000. That's insane! They said that's the cheapest. WTH!

I have settled the kitchen window with zebra blinds, which I bought at an online store and it cost me only RM45. I will find my courage to learn to use the wall drill equipment soon. (psst! no confidence in this since I have bad motor skills. It may end up a disaster. isk isk isk) For starting, I will hire an installer for the whole house fittings.

Most of the places, I move in was fully equipped with a curtain or the most basic the curtain rod was already installed. This new place that I am moving to has none. I have to install it on my own. Basically, this place is a blank canvas. 

The fixture selection is almost done except for the curtain rod. Then the installer can do the job for me. I have a hard time choosing a suitable curtain rod. You may say, just visit IKEA and your problem solved! Well, you need to have some basic knowledge too before visiting IKEA or you may end up wasting your whole day and back with nothing. Do you know the IKEA queue is super long every day?  I am one person who has to be in the crowd and don't even mentioned asking me to queue. Not even on my list! I would rather buy online and get it to deliver to my doorstep.

Metal Curtain Rod

How to Choose a Curtain Rod?

1. Rod Size

We are not talking about the measurement of your window or sliding door. This is more on the diameter of the curtain rod.  If you follow book tips, it is advisable to choose at least 1 inch (2.5cm)  in diameter. I agreed with this since the thin rod may look cheap and will bend down the rod in the middle once you install the curtain due to overbearing weight drapes. I made a concluding the rod need to be as sturdy as possible.

2. Measurement

Make sure to add at least 3 - 6 inches beyond the frame of the window or sliding door, to make sure your window or sliding door look larger and allow additional light to stream in. The curtain will rest against the wall rather than blocking the light when open. Best to get the adjustable rod. 

3. Rod with brackets

Find a rod with support brackets and install it in a location where it will not interfere with hanging opening or closing the curtains.

4. Rod colour

I would say this is more of a personal choice. Sone prefers woody type some will go for metal. I chose mine with all white. I am more into 'fengshui'. I am planning to create a 'zen' and peaceful mind environment. (Not sure whether this will happen with my no skill and interior sense). I avoid dark colour in my new place.

5.  Type of curtain

Before installing the rod, you need to have in mind the type of curtain to hang on the rod. There are few types of curtain hanger style. If you want the 2 pieces curtain then the best option is double layer rod. So you can have a day curtain and blackout curtain in a separate rail. The double-layer rod cost more expensive than the single one. You can also install the single rod and opt to have double layer curtain. I notice some seller sell the double layer attached curtain. 

curtain Hanger

Curtain style :

Style 1 - Rod pocket 

Style 2 - Grommet Top

Style 3 - Hooks Tape Top

Style 4 - Multi functional back tab design

If you are wondering how to buy the curtain online. For example, the measurement is 200cm (width) x 220cm (height), just buy 2 pieces of those and hang it on the rod. It will have a nice flowy style.

I spent a total of less than RM400 on the curtain rod and one blind. Moreover, the rod came with all the complete set including the bracket and it just waiting to be installed. Currently, headache to choose the curtain pattern suit the interior. I also need to think about the curtain material too. I don't think the whole curtain project will cost me RM6k as quoted. It will be less than RM1k including the curtain buckle and even the installer fees.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Moving House are not easy

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I am currently busy with my relocation plan. My new place is the sort of place that I plan to live for another 10 to 15 years or more if God grant me a long life. Since this is a sort of retirement home for me, so I spend time on each item such as fixtures and lightings. Especially, when I am on a strict budget for it. 

I don't really into the interior so much. The most important is comfort and practical to live with the thought that I am going to be a senior citizen in another 3 years. 

Every day, busy browsing Shopee and Lazada for the best deal on lightings, fan, aircond, curtain rods and so on. I don't pay any attention to such things in the past years. I was busy working and trying my best to save for my retirement. I don't give a damn about all those things. But lately, I know the type of aircond, material for kitchen cabinet, there are a fan with DC and AC, ceiling lights, wall lights and many more. I even source my own water filter. Obviously, not the expensive monthly instalment or whatsoever filter. 

I am currently, unemployed and not earning any monthly salary. So debt free is the most important factor in purchasing items to ensure I can continue my retirement peacefully. I want to continue working but what to do, everything not according to my plan in my previous job. Getting a new one is not easy as others thought it will be. After what happened in my previous job, I am still overcome the trauma of being dejected. I lost my confidence and still unable to come out from the social phobia trauma. The feeling is like 'used and discarded. It hurt my self-esteem. I am still trying to overcome this issue. I thought I have moved on. In real, I am far from moving on. I am still bitter! I guess it hit and left me with a big cut. I thought have done my best but with the result I received, it seems I am not good enough for others. ** Big sigh** 

Back to my moving house project. I have completed a few office relocation and closing down project successfully. Never thought, handling my own personal relocation is such a big headache. Every day, I will stare at all my things in the house and don't know where to begin. Gosh! I did my checklist and so on and still unable to start somewhere. Every single thing in this house spark joy since it has all my sweet and bitter memories living in this place. 

I was trying to start new in my new place and my plan is to bring over a few possible items from my old house. I am speaking about more than 15 years of hoarding. Gosh! being an accounts person at a young age. I accumulated all the receipts for my spending. Every statement properly file. Some has become trash but to discard all those need time too. I need to properly discard all these papers since it involve my personal data and so on. Haih! currently, all I am doing is to shred the papers. Haih!!!! 

My new place will progress in 3 weeks times. I have confirmed the kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, grill door and auto gate. I had accumulated some of the lightings, curtain rod and park it in the new place. I will get the kitchen cabinet people to help me install those things. I don't do any renovation. Just do the basic things that hopefully can last for 10 to 15 years of golden years. Sounds so simple huh?  To be honest it's painful to execute this on your own. Especially, when I choose to be single and handle this on my own. I bought the wrong measurement curtain rod and blinds. Aihhhh! me and my sucks in measurements skills. My dream to have all the gold plating lightings and end up with a chrome one due to my twisted eyes when ordering online. Damn!

If everything go according to my plan, I will start living there in June. Hopefully can do some video and share it on my youtube channel. 

Yeah! this is a rant post. I have concerns in my heart that I need to pour it out. This is in the only space, I could think off. I am feeling thrilled and at the same time afraid of the new environment. I know this relocation is for my own good and mind peace too. I hope can have a proper night sleep and be calmer. Hopefully, I can get back my confidence, bright and cheerful personality out again. I can do this!

Friday, March 26, 2021

Bio-Life MaxX Fish Oil Double Strength : What is the difference between Fish oil and Omega 3?

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I remember taking the liquid fish oil during my childhood time. I just hate the fishy smells. It makes me burp fishy awful smells and the taste linger in my mouth. It tastes like puke. I often refuse to take that no matter how good it was for my health as explained by my parent. Me and my rebellious attitude again!

Then when I start working as a young adult, ahhh....this reminds me of my youthful life. We can't turn back time, people! Remember that! Anyway, back to my fish oil story. I started taking the fish oil inconsistently and then stop for a few years. Eating fish in my daily meal is far from the recommended requirements. All about working and saving money. I end up neglect my health. When my age hits 36 years old, the Doctor diagnosed me has a knee osteoarthritis condition both. No wonder it sounds like a cracking rice crispy whenever I walk down the staircase. Gosh! I was so devasted. This early? Anyway, life must go on. The doctor advised me to add Omega 3 to my daily diet for my knee health and to slow down further damage to my knee.

I always very confuse between Fish oil and Omega 3. So what is the difference between fish oil and Omega 3?

Fish oil is an oil produced by the fish's fat and tissues and it contains Omega-3 fatty acid such as EPA and DHA. But the fish don't just produce those by themselves though! It acquires it through diet by feeding on other fish and microalgae.

Omega 3 is very important to the human body especially when we get older. Believe it or not that not all Omega 3 can be found in fish oil. So, better to choose carefully before making your decision.

Bio-Life MaxX fish oil 1000mg double strength is one of the supplements for my daily health routine.  When getting into the ageing stage the double strength in everything is a must! Normal 1000mg fish oil providing 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA but with Bio-Life MaxX fish oil double strength 1000mg contains 360mg of EPA and 240mg of DHA in one capsule. 

Bio-Life MaxX Oil Double strength product claimed :

  • Contains 2x concentration of Omega 3 EPA and DHA
  • Omega 3 triglyceride form, which easily absorbed and utilized by the body
  • Processes through molecular distillation which removes nearly impurities and contaminants from the crude fish oil (Safety and quality assurance)
  • Sourced from anchovies, one of the deep sea small fish which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

I improve my health by taking some supplements. One of the supplements which highly recommended is fish oil. You can take in the form of adding fish into your daily diet or if you are someone who has difficulty doing that, there is always fish oil pills for you to pop in.  I always choose a reputable brand for my health supplement and Bio-Life is one of the most trusted health supplement brands which I frequently take. 

Why everyone needs to add fish oil to daily life?

  • Provides 2x concentrated omega 3 EPA and DHA
  • The convenient and easiest way to increase the intake of omega 3
  • Omega 3 has many health benefits such as - good for the heart, brain and eyes
  • It helps to increased emotional benefits as well such as improve health quality, reduce the rich of heart disease.

What is the recommended dosage for fish oil?

In general, many recommended taking it twice one capsule. twice daily.

Where to buy Bio-Life MaxX fish oil Double strength?

You can purchase at any leading pharmacy nationwide at RM190 for 100s capsule x 3 bottles.

For more information on Bio-Life health supplements, please visit the Bio-Life Official website .Mega BiO-LiFE 

I know many young people may think they are not at the age to take a health supplement. Trust me. I have been there and done that. I regretted so much for neglected and not being consistent in taking care of my health since young. So you are never too young in taking health supplements and make sure to add the Fish Oil to your list. 

If you read some article saying eating fish oil will make you fat. Ditch it right away! Fish oil with Omega-3 is indeed good for health maintenance. It improves sleep quality as well.

For your note,  eating fish daily doesn't mean you have a sufficient supply of omega-3 for your body. Thus many opt to take Fish Oil supplements.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

NUVIT Anti Acne Skincare Review

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Anti Acne skincare

What are the scariest skin care problems?

As for me, Acne and Blemishes. I will try my best to care for my health and skin to avoid such a nightmare. 

What causes Acne and Blemishes?

1. Touching the face regularly can cause skin breakout. Why? Our hand may not be clean and we don't know what kind of germs may stay on our face and skin.

2. Stress can be one of the factors for a skin condition. Do you know stressful people will end up with an increase in acne and get more inflamed? Inner peace and also a good night sleep can make a huge difference for your skin health too.

3. Not cleanse the skin properly may end up with acne and blemishes too. Why? The makeup residue may build-up and clogged the pores. Even if you don't apply make up the dirt and oil may end up build up skin problems. So make sure to make a habit to cleanse your face properly before sleep.

4. A start of the menstrual cycle could give you blemishes too. This is most common for all women. But I still find this is frustrating especially when I even look like a pufferfish during this time of the month due to water retention. I will try to take Vitamin B-6 every day and Calcium-Magnesium to regulate hormonal imbalance.

5. Hormonal imbalance can also cause acne and blemishes. A common sign of hormonal imbalances is an inconsistent, sporadic and irregular monthly cycle. I would advise you to visit a gynaecologist to run a test.

6.Change of weather or season could also effect to your skin. You can make some changes in your regular skincare routine if this is the case.

Well, there are many more to list down but I will stop here. Another way to avoid acne and blemishes is to include anti-acne skincare in your skincare routine. You don't need to wait until you have acne and blemishes to include this range in your skincare routine. 

Since I usually develop acne and blemishes during my menstrual, so I include the anti-acne skincare one week before my cycle hit me. It helps a lot on that annoying painful zits from developing, though.

One of the anti-acne skincare worth to try is from Nuvit. I am a Nuvit sunscreen big fan and the anti-acne from them are equally good and suit my skin too. 

Why I recommended Nuvit for Anti Acne skincare range?

I am a big fan of simple skincare routine. Nuvit anti-acne combat in 3 simple ways for acne control effect.

  1. Spot
  2. Entire
  3. Enhance

Nuvit anti-acne skincare has an exclusive ingredient, AC-PURE to target oily skin that prone to develop acne, scars and comedones.

Nuvit's AC Pure benefits and ingredients to the skin :

  • regulates sebum production - AC Net
  • improve keratinocytes metabolism - Salicylic acid
  • soothes inflammation - witch hazel extract
  • shrink pores - meadowsweet extract
  • antibacterial - tea tree oil

I would say overall it provides total care of acne problems and result in making skin feel fresh, fine and supple.

Let me share with you my Nuvit anti-acne skincare routine.

Acne Prevention

1st Step (SPOT) Nuvit Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate (Long-acting anti-acne agent)

It has zinc oxide, kaolin, Klamath lake and algae extract. 

How Nuivt acne and blemishes prevention concentrate works :

  • remove (closed comedones) whiteheads and (open comedones) blackheads, 
  • purifies and shrinks pores
  • antibacterial and oil control properties

How to apply Nuvit Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate?

Apply after cleansing the skin. Shake the bottle and then pour out the concentrates onto a palm then use a cotton swab to dip it. Why you need to use a cotton swab?  You only apply the concentrate on the affected area. Recommended applying twice daily. One in the morning and evening.

Another way to apply Nuvit Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate is to pour out the concentrate onto a cotton pad and place it on the affected area for 3 to 5 minutes twice or thrice a week. I use this way on my skin. Fast and less messy. Don't forget to shake before use. 

Remember! this is the spot step, so please apply on the targetted area as mentioned.

Acne skincare

2nd Step (Entire)  Nuvit Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid (Oil Control Essential)

It has allantoin, hyaluronic acid and sweet myrrh.

How Nuvit Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid works?

  • Oil control
  • moisturises soothes and repairs skin
  • regulates oil-water balance and reduce pores size
  • antibacterial properties
  • lightweight textures and fast absorbed

How to apply Nuvit Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid?

Well since this is the entire step, very simple just pour out a proper amount on your palm and dab the fluid on the entire face and pat gently for it to fully absorbed into the skin. Use twice daily - morning and evening.

why acne during menstrual

3rd Step (Enhance) Nuvit Acne Purifying Gel (Acne Free Booster)

It has aloe vera, encapsulate vitamin c and peppermint essential oil.

How Nuvit Acne Purifying Gel work?

Although it mentioned immediate acne relief, acne would healing and anti-inflammation and scar removing in the description. As for myself who only have seasonal acne, will apply this in a small amount for the soothing purpose. especially on my T-zone and chin area which is an acne-prone area. I usually have inflammation in that particular area. On usual other days, I don't apply this since my skin will be back to normal. 

How to apply Nuvit Acne Purifying Gel?

Squeeze out a proper amount on your palm and apply it on the acne or inflamed area. Apply this twice daily - morning and evening.

As I mentioned, my acne breaks during menstrual time. So I don't use the anti-acne skincare series regularly unless the time comes.

Just for your information, step one and two are suitable for acne-prone skin with open/closed comedones, large pores and oily skin. While step 3 is suitable for all types of inflamed acne.

Some of us tend to stick to one skincare series all the time without having the thought our skin condition will change from time to time due to external and internal factors. Don't hesitate to change your skincare to suit the skin condition rather than stay loyal to one skincare series. 

As for me on usual days, I will use a brightening and hydration series since mine is the more dull type and dry at a certain area. 

Don't neglect your skin and always use suitable skincare.

If you interested to know more information on Nuvit skincare please visit :

Nuvit Official website: NUViT – Your Exclusive Skin Dermatology

Nuvit Official Instagram :

Nuvit Official Facebook :

For more product experience, please check out my YouTube video below. Don't forget to like and subscribe. Thank you!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Ordinary Skincare Review

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Finally, I got my hands on The Ordinary skincare. Well, to be exact...Now only I dare myself to try out this skincare. I was a bit sceptical due to its chemical-based name. Not that other skincare isn't loaded with chemical, but this one too honest and even add the chemical name to its label. I was very confused with many ranges from this brand. I don't know which one to use and how to apply this in order. Is this going to damage my skin? Too afraid which took me,  1 year to decide. huhuhuh

I did my research and since the main motivation to try this out is to get rid of my hyperpigmentation, so I bought the specific prescription. The prescription goes like this :


  • Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA
  • Niacimide 10% + Zinc 1%
  • Ascorbyl Tetra 20% in Vit F

  • Glycolic Acid 7% toning
  • Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA
  • Azelaic Acid Suspens 10%
  • Advanced Retinol 2%

I didn't buy all listed. I end up skipping some of the routines. My main intention to try out this skincare from The Ordinary is to eliminate my hyperpigmentation and reduce the enlarged pores.

The Ordinary skincare routines I practice,


  • Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA
  • Niacimide 10% + Zinc 1%
  • Natural Moisturising Factors +HA
  • Sunscreen

  • Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA
  • Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5
  • Natural Moisturising Factors +HA

I tried this skincare routine for a month and some of the items have duly finished since I purchase the smaller bottle. Currently waiting for my second purchase to be delivered to me. Read this post to the end to know my experience in using The Ordinary skincare.

The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

Product claimed  -  a  gentle squalane based face cleanser and makeup remover and support surface hydration

My experience is this non-fragrance and non-foam cleanser is good to remove makeup but not that effective to remove waterproof makeup. The texture when rubbed between palms for 10 - 20 seconds, it changes from balm-like to a clear oil consistency. Since I usually used a traditional foaming cleanser in my skincare routine, this one kind of put off when I first tried it. However, if you are like me lazy to do a double cleanse in the skincare routine, this is the one you should include in your daily dose.  Well, provided you don't apply any waterproof makeup on.
Though The Ordinary Squalane cleanser is suitable to use day /night, I only use this whenever I apply the makeup on. Like I said earlier, I have used to foaming cleanser, I stick to my Melano CC Foaming cleanser for my daily use. I really dislike oil-based cleanser.
I did try the routine for 2 weeks consecutively. I didn't have any zit or any allergy appear on my skin. In fact, I did feel the skin impurities and hydration. I just, don't like the texture.

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA

 Product claimed - visibly target hyperpigmentation and dark spots

My experience - This serum is colourless slimy gel-like consistency (just like a hyaluronic acid serum, if you have tried that before). It kind of quick absorption into the skin. I applied this serum with the main intention to reduce the dark spot and hyperpigmentation on my skin. I pat the serum gently on my face and I didn't see any difference after a week. So, I tried to gently press the ingredients on the targeted area and then pat on my other area as I usually did in the second week until the fourth week. Nothing happened! Not even close to fade my dark spot or hyperpigmentation. Guess mine is the stubborn one! I am now at the second bottle of Alpha Arbutin serum.

Why I purchase my second bottle despite the no result after one month try?

Well, one month may not be enough to see the result. Maybe 2 months will helps! hehehehe... just trying since it doesn't give any harm to my skin. Why not? I kind of love that this serum brightens up my dull skin due to Alpha Arbutin and hydrates my skin well since it has Hyaluronic Acid added in. Highly recommended for those who have dry skin.

For those who don't know what is Alpha Arbutin, this ingredient is naturally derived from the bearberry plant and also can be found in cranberries, blueberries, wheat and pears. Alpha Arbutine helps in prevents the formation of melanin as it also functions as a tyrosinase inhibitor to provide skin lightening and a brightening effect. 

As mentioned, since it reduces melanin production so relatively de-pigment the skin and ultimately helps to reduce the hyperpigmentation issues such as dark spots, brown spots acne scars, sunspots and uneven skin tone.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Product claimed - regulates sebum and minimizes pores

My experience - again this is another colourless gel slimy like serum. I guess most The Ordinary skincare is colorless just like any other serum I ever used. I have tried Niacinamide based skincare before to minimize pores but it doesn't really work for my skin. When tried this, I was a bit sceptical. No high hope at all. But the review I read is all sounds very promising though! 

For those who are still new with Niacinamide or in another term known as nicotinamide, is a vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid. This is a water-soluble vitamin and doesn't dissolve in oil. So for a person like me who really hates oil-based skincare topicals - this is perfect! In another word, Niacinamide is perfect for those who have oily skin type. Mine is a combination. 

I applied niacinamide after alpha arbutin. Just make sure alpha-arbutin penetrate and absorb into your skin before applying niacinamide. A bit put off with the little foaming appear from this serum when applying to the skin. I read this is normal. So afraid not. It just makes me have that feeling as if I don't cleanse my skin well.  No sting or any sensation feeling on my skin. Thank God for this.

I love the result after a month of diligently apply this serum. My enlarge and visible pores have got smaller and the blackhead has gone and the white head has reduced a lot too. So I guess this works well for me.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

Product claimed -A hydration support formula

My experience - I have been repeating this again and again in this post. The texture is colourless gel-like slimy. A bit sticky but easy absorption into the skin. I usually apply this serum at night after alpha arbutin serum. I skipped Niacinamide serum at night and replace it with Hyaluronic Acid. I notice my skin moistures improve a lot after a month of use. I seriously don't feel regret to try this out. 

For those who are looking for a serum for more skin hydration, this is for you. I don't see any effect and different on wrinkles or fine lines but it super good for people who have dry skin.

The Ordinary Moisturizing Factors + HA

Product claimed - Hydration and moisturizing

My experience - This is a fragrance-free thick cream moisturiser but it will quickly absorb when you rub it on the skin. Not sticky and not shining texture. This moisturiser is good for dry skin. I really dislike that the pH level of this moisturiser is too high which will lead to harm to the skin. So I applied this little as possible. But definitely not going to repeat purchase this again. 

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

(sorry no photo for this one. lazy to snap since it just reached me 2 days ago.)

This the final product from The Ordinary which I recently trying. I bought this because it claims can target the uneven skin ton and signs of age.

My experience - I really don't recommend you use this on your broken skin. When I applied this, it really brings back my memory of when I tried out The Body Shop Vitamin C series. It really makes my who face itchy and it stings really bad to the extend I have to quickly wash off since I couldn't take that itchiness. The texture really bothers me too. Its a yellowish liquid and when you apply it on the skin become more and more like exfoliates with the peel off the more you rub on the skin. So annoying! It's oily too and the oiliness feeling doesn't go off even after I wash my hand with soap. Damn! I am not going to give this a try again for the second time. I guess this doesn't suit me at all. 

There you go my super honest review on The Ordinary skincare that everyone hyping up since two years ago. It took me sometimes to check this out because I was so confused with too many serum to apply on the skin. Which goes first? Is it ok to apply more than one serum on the skin? I really afraid the chemical reaction between more than one serum could harm my skin. That's explained why it took me too long. 

For those who have the intention to try out The Ordinary skincare better do lots of research beforehand. You don't want to apply something that your skin doesn't need.

Disclaimer: Above opinion are strictly my personal experience after applied the products to my skin. I don't have any intention to condemn the products. All products have varies effect on different individual.