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Thursday, October 30, 2014


12th October 2014, Sunday

You were born to this earth years ago and still survive and alive until now.BIG PAT on my back!!! Congratulations!!!! I am officially an old woman with young at heart!!!!

I wake with full of energy to achieve something today...

Birthday speech????
Thank you God for keeping me alive, healthy and well.

Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday to me...yeahh yeahhh sounds so like pathetic woman singing happy birthday alone at foreign country huh?

How come don't feel like weird or pathetic at all???? kekekekeke...

As long as I am happy and well...whatever you wanna interpret my happiness...its my life!!!!

Today I am going to climb up the Geumjeong Mountain Fotress.
Yup! you read it right...I climb!!!!
I did it too!!!!
Although it takes a bit longer than others...hehehehe I am one Ajumma who don't climb for years and did it alone at others country! Thank God no leeches or scary slimy creatures on the way up and down!

Anyway since I took my sweet time...early morning before head to Beumeosa Station. I stop at Bujeon Market.I need ENERGY BOOSTER!!!!!

So lovely and lively to visit market early morning and feel very happy to see fresh food and meet friendly Ajumma selling their items.
My energy and positive spirit charge up just by looking at all these fresh vegies and fruits.
My mum must have been visiting too much of markets when she pregnant to me huh????
I don't know why out of all places in the world visiting groceries stores and hypermarket is best place to visit for me. I just love here!!!! 
Now I kind of agree if you think I am weird. I think I am weird too!!!

Found this fish cake shop.

I bought some for my picnic at the peak.
So delicious to eat it when feeling tired and hungry after long climbed.
I bought the one with scallops, octopus and prawns!
That fatty fella said delicious...thats why it like dragged into that shop.kekekeke...and IMA become so greedy after walked in.

I look so glowing happy ajumma enjoying her travel in Busan so much ! kekekeke...

Ajumma!!!! palli palli....serve my red bean porridge!!!!

My first meal after officially turned to that big number is this hot salty red bean porridge with rice ball in it. How it taste???
When you hungry and cold.....whatever served in front you just eat it. No complaint!
Eating porridge also got side dishes served!
Raddish kimchi and seaweed soup.
hehehehe...perfect for my birthday breakfast huh?
Isn't Korean drink seaweed soup for birthday????
hahahaha...I drink this soup and I celebrate it Korean style..WTH!

Before continue my long journey, I bought some doughnuts to top up to picnic box.

Look at those cakes ,bread, fresh beancurd and seaweeds and lavers and garlics...aaaaahhhh!!!1 I wanna to stay here.

The fresh side dishes prepared traditionally and those fresh rolled kimbab. That big korean apples...OMAIGADDDDD!!!!!
I am going to turn into GREEDY RINA again!!!!! I can't carry too many up right??? isk isk isk ...need to forgo all those...

I still need to move on my journey or days getting dark. I just afraid it rain. Thats all!!!
I am lucky the weather was good that day!

How to reach this Bujeon Market????

- Take subway line 1 - orange colour
- Stop at Bujeon-dong Station take exit 1 and walk follow all ajumma who are walking towards the market kekekekekeke....actually discover this place by accident because I wanna buy some food for my picnic.

Tomorrow I will continue my Geumjeongsan Mountain climbing story!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


My poor hair was badly tangled due to dryness of Siberian wind I experience in Busan. I was so worried that I have to shave my hair due to terrible hair I have. isk isk isk

At the same time was so amaze with Busan woman who have nice hair. At least theirs look nice and not tangled like mine.

I went into the Nature Republic for some face mask purchase. At the same time ask the sales girl to introduce me something for the tangled and dried hair. I told her my seaweed hair are soon turning into dried pollack hair and she laugh at me and said cannot be ...cannot be..this is hair not seaweed!

Of course la...I just joking to you la woman....haissshhh!!!!

Where is your sense of humor???

Walked out from the shop with this Argan Oil Hair Essence from Nature Republic. I don't know how much they sell here in Malaysia but I gotten mine at KRW18,000 for 60ml.

IMA totally love the smells of this oil.
Don't know how to describe but pleasant sweet smells unlike that Rose Hip Oil.

What IMA know Argan oil is famous for hair! Thats it! Very limited knowledge on this.
Then when reached Malaysia and did some research has many benefits too.

 1. Skin Moisturiser - helps to hydrate and soften skin because this oil is also high contain of vitamin E and fatty acid. Its absorb easily and not greasy. You can use for face and body like lotion.

2. Hair conditioner - famous for hair because it proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. It helps to tame the frizzy hair like mine.

3. Sleek and Shine Styling - since it has ability to tame frizz and give shine, argan oil also commonly used as styling agent. Use it after your blow dry hair.

4. Anti Aging - instead of rosehip oil which is less pleasant smells. Let us use Argan oil which give skin a youthful glow and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Its anti oxidant effect makes argan oil the ideal anti aging products. Massage few drops into your face and neck before go to bed.

5. Dry Skin conditions - people who suffering dry skin or conditions like eczema which can leave skin raw , flaky and itchy can use argan oil too. It helps prevent dryness and also soothe skin.

6. Acne - since this oil promote healing and soothing and moreover this oil are non greasy. Acne is cause by oily skin. Argan none greasy and helps to balance skin by providing natural moisture. It heal damanged skin cells and reduce inflammation.
7. Foot , Hand and Nail Treatment - try massaging few drops of argan oil into cuticles , hands and feet before go to bed each night. It helps for crack feet and dry nails.

8. Lip moisturiser - rub few drops to dry lip as lip balm and be sure to wipe off any excess. It helps your lips to stay plump, soft and supple.

Magic Oil indeed!!!

All This… In One Bottle

The best thing about argan oil is that is can be safely used in its pure form and doesn’t need to be bought as an ingredient in lotions, conditioners and moisturizers. One bottle of argan oil is extremely versatile and can be used for all these benefits. This miracle oil will change the way you live your life.

Benefit of Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Oil Essense :

* Water nutrition - Essense of intensive care for damaged hair

* Argan oil - Since it also contains evening primrose oil, camellia oil, rosehip oil, silk powder and other spices so this Essence helps to Moisture hair, gives more nutrition and soften hair. 

How to use Nature Republic Argan Oil Hair Essence?

- Use it after shampoo dried hair.
- Take small amount and massage on the dried and tangled hair!

See???? IMA so hard working to take photo with props this time????
Chinggu bought IMA this flower for birthday celebration. No celebration this year. So IMA wear it as props for IMA's beauty review.

IMA's hair is so much better when posted this entry.

Wanna know how IMA's hair get so over dried and tangled????

Check out tomorrow entry on where did  IMA went during 40th birthday at Busan!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


11th October 2014, Saturday

From wet market to dry market and since many attractions are just walking distance nearby, I end up at this most busy shopping street BIFF Square.

Still wanna know how to take subway to BIFF Market????

- Take subway line 1 (orange color)
- Stop at Jagalchi station
- Then take exit no. 7 and walk about 5 minutes.

Haishhhh you won't lost here since too many people walking towards the same place. If lost just asked le.... donno how to ask? Just point le...that is how I travel!

What is BIFF Square?

BIFF square is a film festival place to celebrate Busan International Film Festival which is one of the biggest film festivals in Asia. It takes place during autumn every year.

Yup! IMA was there during that time.

IMA don't really come here for shopping. I came here just to taste the famous Hotteuk opposite Busan Theater. Serious so famous like at tripadvisor suggested to come here and try this famous hotteuk. The line was very long to buy this Hotteuk! So damn laku!!!! Sure rich one this seller!
Mother collected the money from the people and she has 3 Sons. One son take care of the dough ,then one frying the dough and the last one take care of the distribution.

My opinion????
Overrated Hotteuk!
I love the Ajumma Hotteuk at Gamcheon Culture Village. Ajumma...I miss your Hotteuk!!!

Main attraction, this streets full of fashion wear , cosmetics and chic cafe. Who loves shopping????? You will go crazy if you reach this place! Everywhere salesssssss!!!! Events happening on your left right front back and around you....whoaaaaaa!!!!!

Walked painful leg from Gamcheon Culture Village still not heal yet. I am here...I need to walk while I am still here....yeah greedy mode again!

I saw this Ajumma selling the goguma aka sweet potato. If don't buy regret forever...I bought it for KRW3,000 aka RM10 one bag. WTH!!!!
So bloody hurt my teeth....huhuhuhuhuh...why? why? why I wasted my RM10 for this hard goguma???? Lesson learn????

My leg so damn hurt!!!! I can't really walk anymore!
I actually tour the whole BIFF Square and also Gwangbok - ro Fashion street too. That fashion street really full of brand name and imported clothing line. This is another haven for shoppers who love 20% - 30% discounts.

I head down to subway station and who knows down there another shopping area. I love window shopping so I still walk one round there to satisfy my greediness to make my trip worth it!

huhuhhuhuh... reached hotel room and soaked my feet in warm water...huhuhuhuh suffer!!!!

Next is my adventure during my 40th birthday on 12th Oct 2014.

Painful and satisfying adventure!!!! WTH!

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Monday, October 27, 2014


Happy Monday everyone!!!!
I wish a happy working day ahead for all!

I wanted to post my Busan and Jeju trip entry but my mind keep telling me I am also a beauty blogger so need to balance up my entry.

Two months back I attended Melvita beauty workshop and totally in love with this organic brand. I gotten myself this Rose Hip Oil to cure my over dried skin. I used to hate the smells of Rose Hip Oil, but its all gone since this oil totally benefited my skin.

There are many benefits of Rose Hips oil :

* Reduce stretch marks and can helps toward weight loss if massage daily with this oil
* Softens the appearance of blemishes and make complexion more radiant
* Great soothing after -sun
* Recommended for very dry skin (not recommended for skin with tendency towards acne)

Why IMA choose Melvita?
* First cold -pressing organic oil
* Colorant and preservative free

Melvita Rose Hips oil is made from seed of Chilean Wild Rose and this oil is rich in essential fatty acids and helps nourishes and regenerates even the most delicate and lifeless skin.

I used almost quarter bottle of this oil for two months. The result really helps towards my over dried skin. Oh well....IMA ageing factor really make skin drying up! Gotta do something before it get more worst and to prevent botox! WTH!

I wanna age in style so????? Slowing down the process is very crucial for me.

How I use Rose Hip Oil?
- Use it on after clean face, toning and moisturise skin at night before sleep.
- I squeeze 20 sen size of oil on palm then squeeze both hand like you are warming up and pat on face.
- Yup! a lil bit unpleasant smells and if you have hubby or bf sleep next to you....hehehehe they may not like it . IMA don't need to bother of all this....wink win wink
Tomorrow will be the entry for Busan : BIFF Square Shopping Street!

p.s : Special Request from Mummy Dearie for me to put website and price for Melvita Rose Hip Oil and where to purchase.

You can purchase from Melvita website online shopping for 50ml cost you RM148/- bottle.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Yesterday morning received this voucher from Tammy aka The Mamasan of Butterfly Project the beauty bloggers community's President . I feeling so happy!
Especially after came back from my Busan and Jeju trip, I really need to rejuvenate my aching body.
Thank you Tammy and also Amante for presented me with this complimentary gift.

I will make use of this wisely soon!

Today I am having brunch with Jamie aka the Cili padi at Bangsar!!!