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Monday, October 21, 2019

Giveaway : Offline Self Guided Walking Tours using GPSmyCity Apps

Monday, October 21, 2019 0 Comments
While everyone else is planning for their year-end vacation, I have utilized most of my vacation leave. haihhhh... My next travel will be at the end of this month but it's a working trip.
I just came back from my second China trip for the year. It was a great trip especially for a non-Chinese speaker like me. I use GPSMYCITY apps a lot since most of the attraction place is within the distance. 

So for those who are planning their vacation, I am pleased to introduce you to my 'Know' and 'How' travel abroad. Lately, I make a habit to subscribe to pocket wifi. But wifi signal sometimes not so good and lost the signal. That is why I don't rely much on the internet connection to self guide my travel. 

Throughout my travel GPSMYCITY apps is the most reliable since this is an offline SelfGuided Walking Tours. How this works? In simple words, this is like Offline Maps.

GPS Guided Tour

GPSMYCITY apps guide you through travel articles written by experienced travel writer like me. Ehem..ehem..ehem...

How does GPSmyCity function?

This GPS-guided travel app allows you to access thousands of useful articles from over 1,000 worldwide cities without any internet service. It will show your location and even guide you to the next location. How does this app guide you without even have any internet line? All travel article from GPSmyCity has GPS coordinates embedded in the article and a map of the route as the author of the article described.

Offline Maps

All you need is to download GPSmyCity on your phone or tablet for FREE OF CHARGE. You can even read a travel article on plane or beach or anywhere without wifi or any other internet service. If you decided to use the article in GPSmyCity as GPS-guided, you will be charged a small fee to upgrade the app. Rest assured it is super duper cheap and save you from the risk of stranded in the middle of nowhere just because of your lost wifi signal.

Once you download and start using this app, you will love it so much. Here are some of the testimonial from satisfied GPSmyCity user.

BONUS to my fellow traveller out there, I am giving away FREE UPGRADE TO A FULL VERSION (Complete with GPS Navigation) of my most popular travel articles in the GPSmyCity directory -WHERE TO STAY AND EAT-IN JAKARTA, beginning today Oct 21, 2019, to Oct 27, 2019 . YES! Only for a week!

To be honest,  download article is free for all but if you require to use the article with complete with online GPS Navigation comes with a price to upgrades. So, take this opportunity to join my giveaway and enjoy your travel offline.

Download FREE my most popular article at GPSmyCity today for LIMITED TIME only.

This is a new concept for some traveller. But for me, this is how I survive my travel without even any data plan subscription from the country I visited. Most of my travelling experience using this article from GPSmyCity is like using a personalized tour guide.

For those who want the latest update from my travel journey, please follow my Instagram Cindyreena and FB PrincessCindyrina .

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Review : Face Republic Super Screen Sun Gel

Friday, October 11, 2019 0 Comments

I bought this out of my frustration because the sunscreen which I was eyeing for many months still has no sign of dropping the price. Who will pay more than hundreds for a tube of sunscreen? Huh! So full of themselves to price that high for just a sunscreen?  I was at Guardian pharmacy and notice Face Republic Super Screen Sun Gel SPF 50+ tester. Awesome! can even try this out before buying. At least this is one humble brand who is generous enough to let the buyer try out before making the decision to purchase.

I fall in love when I read a gel type. Wow! my style... and when the first drop hit my skin... I was like...this is it! I ladle it into my skin and amaze of the lightweight, non-greasy and it quickly disappears into my skin. Best of all no white cast left on my skin.

I was glad to make a decision to check this out. I heard this product is the Face Republic best selling. Indeed this is a good try if you are looking for some good protection at the same time gives you perfect lightweight texture gel sunscreen. Despite the milkier appearance, this gel is easily spread out on skin compared to other sunscreens I have tried before.

I love the hints of  citrus smells from this product and most of all it not sticky and quite addicting to apply this more and more. huhuhuh

It left my skin hydrated, look refresh and healthier too. This is coming with me on my next birthday travel.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Travel China : Guide Geo National Park and Wetlands, Xining

Wednesday, October 09, 2019 0 Comments

Another 1.5 hours drive away from Xining City, the driver which I hired for a day drove me to this awesome National Geopark which located at Guide. Guide is a small Tibetan city near south of Xining. 

Its another scenic view throughout the journey. 

Ahigong National Geopark

My first stop was at the Guide National Geological Park Ashogong Peak Scenic Area. It was a cultural scenic spot with Danxia landform as the main natural landscape and earth culture. I paid 100 yuan entrance fees. 

It was a guided tour. Obviously in Mandarin. The first stop was the museum. So I just read the English description even though not that many English here. But still, enjoy the findings and surrounding this place. 

Together with others, the tour guide took the visitors on the electric car further into the national geopark. Yup! by foot may not be possible since the place is super huge and someplace might be dangerous to walk alone.

I really enjoy the view here. Ther wildflowers is awesome beautiful here.

The place looks dry and I have a feeling like in the cowboy movie scene without a horse on site. hehehe

Beautiful and colourful landform here and I would say nothing new since our country has this too. But over here kind of commercialize and also the landform looks like colourful alps. 

I spend almost one hour and a half here and my next destination which is suppose to be good view left me with a disappointment.

Yellow River Scenic Area

The unique of this place is the origin of the 3 rivers (Yellow, Yangtze and Mekong). I manage to visit the start of the Yellow River. Which is not even yellow. The water was super clear here.

Nothing much I can do here since the place was flooded the day before. Apparently the water level overflow to the main road and left all the dirt and sand on the river bank. However, it was a good visit to see the clear water yellow river since the one I saw at Lanzhou near Zhongshan bridge was super yellowish water. Interesting nature discovery here.

Along the way here, I pass by a huge Longyazia Dam. I don't stop here since my next itinerary may require more time.

Huanghe Qing Wetland Parks

I visited this wetland on the way back to Xining City. I was the best decision. 

I paid 60 yuan entrance fees and then another 40 yuan for an electric car tour. The place was super huge and the view of the wetland was super awesome.

Its a great place for photography too. I saw many wedding shoots here.

Too bad they don't rent a normal bicycle here. They only have a tricycle or tandem bicycle. That is why I opted for an electric car which is a wise choice. I keep waving to those couples who were with sweat riding the bicycle. hahaha.. don't skip this wetland park if you are near Guide area. This place is super worth it for an afternoon walk.

I love my colourful journey and really glad to come this far.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Travel China : A Day At Qinghai Lake and Tibetan Plateau

Sunday, October 06, 2019 0 Comments

It was supposed to be a highlight of my journey to Xining, I was not so sure why I feel this place a bit overrated for me since the travel from the City kind of almost 2.5 hours. I hired a private driver which I found from TripAdvisor even before flying to Lanzhou. Everything was pre-booked and the journey started at 7am. The old man with a gold sedan car came to fetch me. He doesn't even speak a word of English. I booked an English speaking driver. It makes a lot of difference since the price paid was for English and I received only Chinese. Haihhhh... compare to the driver whom I met the day before this trip he even offered to bring me to Qinghai Lake at almost half of the price I paid. aihhhh...too late to cancel though!

I decided to just accept and try to enjoy myself throughout the journey.

The journey kind of scenic and with yellow rapeseed flower everywhere and at some of the grassland, I can see some Yaks having a feast.
Toilet break kind of very challenging throughout the journey. I experience the worst toilet on the way to Qinghai Lake and hold on to my pee on the way back. Just because my first toilet break stop kind of horror and it still haunts me with lots of treasure discovery. WTH! 

Before reach to Qinghai Lake, the driver stops at the Tibetan Plateau. I love the green grassland at this place. The wildflowers here are so beautiful and pleasing to my eyes. Since this place is managed by Tibetan Autonomy, I can learn some of the Tibetan Cultures here. 

For those who love to ride the animal can try on Yaks or horse. I am against animal just take some photos and say 'Hi'. hehehe

I finally, reached to Qinghai Lake area and there are so many people here. The driver shows me the place to buy the entrance ticket and then told me he will come to pick me up in 3 hours time at the same place he drops me. 

It was drizzling rain so I end up rent a bicycle instead of walking. You can rent the electric bike there too. I was really glad to rent a bike. The place was super huge to go on foot.

Even though it was raining, I still able to enjoy the view. Along the way, grab some meal because the weather was super cold so a hot bowl of Beef Noodles and refreshing yoghurt drink was a good treat.

Other than cycling and enjoying the view there is not many activities here unless you are into water sports.

Love the flowers here. If you are into the cafe, can drop by to some cafe nearby but the price will be super tourist price. huhuhuh

No need to stop at the roadside, here also can enjoy taking a photo in the rapeseed flower fields. A beautiful scenic place which I think that Instagrammer would love this place.

If you have time can stop at the salt lake or can even combine this with Guide National Park trip but I separated the trip to enjoy more time at one place.

For those who prepare to go Qinghai Lake be prepared for a 2.5 hours to drive away from Xining City and pack some food for a picnic here. That will make your trip more fun. Like I said the view throughout the journey kind of scenic with some yellow rapeseed flowers fields and herd of yaks along the way.

If you ask me about Qinghai Lake itself...boring to me. I only enjoy the flowers field around rather than Qinghai Lake. huhuhuh...

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

How To Use Cash Back Websites in A Smart Ways

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 0 Comments
I would say I am an avid fan of cashback websites. The cashback from my online monthly spending even funds one of my travel. I would prefer to take on online shopping rather than conventional shopping. Save time and save transportation cost. Oh! I always look out for free delivery when doing my online shopping. Auntie scrooge I am but it worth it!

There are a few websites available for you to earn some cashback. One of my favourite sites is OctaPlus

What is OctaPlus?

OctaPlus is not a conventional cashback website. OctaPlus is also a shopping guide app that comes loads with other perks such as best shopping deals and you can check on reviews of product and services from other users before you click to purchase. Furthermore, you can also redeem some great prizes too! 

Let me guide you to the path of earnings and gaining while you spending your money rather than spending without further gain.

3 Simple Ways to Start Earning with OctaPlus :

1st - Register with OctaPlus at

Click on Continue with Email Address

Fill in your details

Check on Email Inbox to Verify your email address registered

2nd - Get Verified by key in your mobile phone number and the TAC code will be sent to you.

After you complete the email address verification.
Please complete the verification to earn some welcome points. Sign in again using your email address.

You will be directed to this page. Key in referral code if you have any but if you don't have just click on 'Don't have referral'

Enter your registered mobile number and key in the OTP number which will be sent to your mobile number.

Simple steps earn you 600 points and RM3 cashback welcome reward

3rd - Start shopping and earn! Yay!!!!

For your convenience and more perks please download the cashback apps HERE.

For those who are new in cashback websites let me guide you through how to earn cashback.

CLICK on the link of the website you want to shop from OctaPlus and make sure your click be redirected to the merchant via OctaPlus.

For example, you are planning to purchase an air ticket from AirAsia, just go to OctaPlus platform then click on the AirAsia link from there. You will be directed to AirAsia website to purchase your ticket. In general, it takes up to 48 hours for your cashback amount to be tracked into your OctaPlus account. The cashback depends on the commission offer and final settlement between the merchant and OctaPlus before credited into our account.

6 common mistakes for Cashback website user not getting their purchase cashback trackback :

* You didn't click the link from OctaPlus and wasn't redirected to the merchant via OctaPlus
* You didn't check on the merchant stores Terms and Conditions before ordering through OctaPlus
* Order made less than 48 hours. (as mentioned it takes 48 hours for cashback amount to be tracked)
* Purchase made then you make an exchange, cancel or even return.
* You didn't disable adblocker from your browser
* You didn't clear the cookies
* You use a coupon which was not published or registered and recognised by OctaPlus. This will result in disqualifying for cashback rewards.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, OctaPlus is not just about getting a cashback from you spending your cash. 

1. Reward Points

There 3 ways to get Reward Points :

* Refer a friend
* Daily check-in
* Participate in OctaPlus event if there is any.

2. Share your product review and experience with OctaPlus community 

People say sharing is caring. Be the one who reviews and get as many followers possible through your awesome review. At the same time, you can check on others experience and review before purchase or shop the products or services.

3. Wish Tree

Wish Tree is the tab where you can get items you have been wishing for at up to 50 % discount. All you need is to fill up the required amount of OctaSEEDs. OctaSEEDs is what you get when you refer a friend. Just click on the blue Octopus in the Deals tab of the app.

There are many cashback websites but if you are still new in this, recommended to start with just one which my bet goes to OctaPlus!

Check out the video below on how easy to earn a cashback through online shopping.

Friday, September 6, 2019

My Kitchen Buddies Rasa Sifu by Ajinomoto

Friday, September 06, 2019 0 Comments

Who never heard Ajinomoto? As for me, this name is not so foreign, I always remember the advertisement on TV when I was little. Mum never use this in her cooking but remember to eat much food at the restaurant who sprinkle a lot of AJI NO MOTO! hehehehe

Ajinomoto has evolved over the years! They improved and make the seasoning healthier and yet the home-cooked food taste like a pro chef!

Ajinomoto introduces 'Rasa Sifu' which is first of its kind in the market. You know when you eat food at the restaurant they cook with a big fire and have this sort of taste like a wok taste into the food?

I love the smells of fire and that wok taste onto my food.  But when tried to cook it home, I don't get that taste at all. I guess am not so pro chef ...say tossing and put on a big fire until my wok turns black. hhahahahaha....

I was told will be able to achieve that Restaurant wok taste by sprinkling 'Rasa Sifu' all in one powdered seasoning into my cooking. Owh! you mean,, I don't need to make my face turn black to get a taste? Opppssss! I mean my Wok turn black? Sweet!!!! 

Let me try this to my cooking.....I totally got hooked by this Rasa Sifu by Ajinomoto. I feel like a Sifu myself.

First menu I went Chinese Cauliflower Fried with Spinach, Egg and Tomatoes. 

Second, to Japan with Omu Cauliflower

Third  Korean style with Kimchi Tofu Jiggae

Guest what? 
I don't add salt or any other seasoning to my cooking at all. Just sprinkle 'Rasa Sifu'! It tastes perfect like in the Restaurant! It's easy too.
I find sprinkling 'Rasa Sifu' to my cooking makes my life a lot easier. Why? 
This is all in one seasoning they already add in most of the ingredients you need in that powder. I don't eat salt or sugar to my cooking. The powder has the oyster sweetness and some sauteed garlic and onion in it! Simple and delicious food.

Owh! you may be curious why my menu has less carb. I am on a healthy diet! I lost 4 kg by eating this way recently. 

You know when your small our folk always tell us the myths about eating Ajinomoto can make your hair fall? Well seriously??? I don't eat Ajinomoto all my life and my hair drop like have a carpet of hair at home. huhuhuh Cut the craps with old myths.

Make sure your standby a packet of 'Rasa Sifu' which available in 20g, 100g and 300g packs at home. Get it at any groceries store near you.

You need more information? Visit to their official website HERE.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Travel China : Kumbum Monastrey , Tuluo Temple and Dongguan Grand Mosque at Xining

Monday, September 02, 2019 0 Comments

My initial plan is to take the Lanzhou - Xinjiang High-Speed Train and along the way, I could enjoy the Gobi desert, grasslands and a snow-covered mountain view. Well, in reality...I only manage to take the train up to Xining. What can I do? I may love to travel. But my time is limited because I still have a work commitment. 

I am not like some people who have a thick face to get others to finance their travelling. I can't afford to quit or even take longer leave from work.

Anyway, I consider myself blessed compare to other people who don't even get the chance to leave their home country.

Since this is not my first time taking the high-speed train in China, so I was mentally prepared in everything. Even to the extent not much of the English language and more important be more alert to the surrounding.

I usually bought the train ticket in advance through the online platform such as, then collect at the physical ticket at the train station counter.

Don't forget to buy lunch to board the train with you. I tried this dicos Halal burger chain here. I prefer Mc Chicken though. I wish to remember to bring along the Chili sauce with me from Malaysia. Here you ask for chilli sauce but end up get yourself chilli powders sachet. I was a burger with chilli powder? This is not like I am eating Mamee Monster. Haihhhhhh!!!!

Everything goes smoothly from boarding the train until to my destination, Xining. I don't book any driver to wait for me at Xining. I was trying to be more adventurous by taking the local cab here. Note that most of the taxi station in China located in the basement area. There will be a line up of taxi waiting to be boarded. Yes! everyone queues like obedient people since there is security manning the people traffic. I got on to the cab very fast but of course, have a bit of problem to tell my cab driver the location of the hotel. The address in Chinese word doesn't really work here since no GPS used. Basically, if you are not in luck get the driver who is not so well versed with their own city. You struggle! In the end, I manage to get the driver to call the hotel personally for direction. huhuhuh...

Checked into my hotel, which is not up to my expectation. Well.. people, I have not much choice here since many nice hotels don't have a permit to take in a foreigner. So be careful when booking a hotel in Xining. If you force yourself to purchase a room with a hotel without permit...don't get shocked of your life if you get thrown out in the middle of the night without getting any refund if there is raid from the authority! Read and research properly before you go anywhere ya! For better stay and travel during vacation go for hotels coupons :)

Its late afternoon by the time I finished checked into the hotel. Since I read the cab is relatively cheap here, so I have no worry about my transportation. I move around Xining using cab which starts from 7 yuan. Very easy to get one too!


I was not that hungry so visiting this food paradise is not a good idea for that day. But still...I end up ate a fair bit of Chinese Muslim food there. Rather than walking into the famous eateries pack of people. I went on the reversed side of the alley. The alley quieter and most of the customer is their local people.

I end up have a delicious early dinner. Fresh-grilled mutton on the stick, some flatbread and finish of with famous homemade yoghurt. Cheaper than dried Dicos burger. This one is worth and delicious!

I walked out of the shop and walk along the pavement. Enjoying the Xining breeze. Since the sun goes down seriously late here. At 8pm the sky is still bright like... the only 6:30pm in Malaysia. I was like....not use to it. I saw some local is queuing at this small shop. As usual me...gotten so curious. I peep into the shop and saw they are buying the homemade yoghurt drink.  I decided to walk further and later turn back found that no one queuing anymore. I bought one bottle and then bought some Yak's milk too. Seriously delicious and cheap. The owner of the shop and his daughter got very curious about me because I look so like a foreigner. When told them I am from Malaysia. They are so happy and extra friendly. He even offered me to check out his little factory to make the yoghurt behind the shop. Interesting!

I continued my touring around this alley. I saw many people bought the flatbread. I tasted this in Xi'an and Luoyang but the bread was hard and cold. I saw this particular bakery is baking it hot. I bought one piece with Chilli flavour. OMG! super nice to eat it hot! It is like eating hot pizza. I bought some more grains drink and some raisins for my Mum. 

The next morning, I decided to travel a bit far out from Xining City. I hired a private driver for a day to bring me to these 3 places. Just wanna free my mind with transportation for the day. I paid around 300 Yuan.


Kumbum Monastery or in Chinese known as Ta'er Monastery is around 25 km from Xining City. Since the day I was in Xining this Cyclethon is going on. The driver needs to use another road which makes my journey longer. around 2 hours drive. Hurl!!!! but still the journey view kind of worth it!

Opening hours: 8am to 17:00pm
Entrance Ticket 80Rmb
Address: Kumbum monastery, Lushaer Town, Huangzhong County, Xining City

I spent around 3 hours exploring nook and corner of this huge complex. 

What so interesting to visit Ta'er Monastery? Well, I would say this is the place if you would like to experience and witnessed the ancient Tibetian and Han style building. There are many active religion devotees here.

After done with my exploring, I walked into one of the local Muslim eateries and ordered Lamb Fried rice. While waiting for my driver, I bought some Gooseberry and Raw Walnuts to eat in the car.

On the way back to the city, I requested the driver to drop by the Tuluo Temple.


This temple is also called as North Zen Temple and stands on the Beishan Mountain which is around 2,400 meters high. This place originally built as Buddhist Temple in 106 AD during the Wei Dynasty and later on became Taoist Temple.

Unfortunately, this place is currently closed for maintenance. So its free entrance now. I was unable to climb up to the cave to see check out the historical hanging temple on the mountain. I just touring around the Lingguan Hall and enjoy the small garden nearby. It's very peaceful and beautiful view here.

Opening hours: 8am to 18pm
Entrance fees: Since it's closed for maintenance so it's free. A great place to walk and enjoy the beautiful afternoon view.


My next destination for the day is Dongguan Mosque which located in the middle of Dongguan Street, Xining City. This place was built in 1380 which is more than 600 years. This mosque also a religious education centre and as the highest learning institution of Islam.

I spent around one hour exploring this place. From time to time the mosque organize a free guidance tour and of course in Mandarin. It is interesting to listen to this even though my mandarin listening skill is like 1.5 out of 5. hahaha

You can purchase some items in the mosque too for your support. But if you want the real shopping with good price..... just walk outside the mosque and go through the small alley at the side and walk to the back. There are many shops there.

Just next to the mosque you can try out the famous Mala Steamed Chicken and Dumplings. I tried both and it simply delicious. I bought some Hui's snacks too. For local or other people it is nice but for me, it's just a so so. Not to my liking because of its too hard for my weaken tooth. I love the locally made potato chips though. I bought some lemon and flower tea back too. It just more and more interesting discovery the further you explore this alley. My foot was super exhausted that day. Don't forget to try out the fermented drink there. Seriously delicious. I bought 2 back to the hotel and totally good for my digestion!

I have a full filling journey for the day. From Tibetian, Buddhist, Taoism and end my day with the Muslim Religious site.

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