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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My Fave Cleanser

Not sure about you but myself always not so loyal when it comes to skin care. I normally change to other brand once the existing finished. Oh...YES! I am that person who always finished off skin care to the last drop. 

Recent cleanser which I am still using is Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser. But its been many month now...I am still using this same brand as my cleanser.

Neutrogena claims that Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser will gives 2x Brightening power. No doubt if you include this in beauty regime twice a day in longer period. Why I said that? Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser has mulberry extract as part of ingredients and this ingredient are clinically proven has whitening vitamin properties in it.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser has rich and creamy texture. The color is in light beige.

Why Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser is my Fave ? 

I  love the sweet pleasant mild mulberry scents.I feel my skin cleaner and refreshing after one wash. Yes it helps to remove dirt and make up residue. Easy absorption of essence and moisturizer. I prefer cleanser with oil free. So far no skin reaction to my skin. As brightening effect ?

Tada..... I could say after 2 months, it improved my dull skin a lot!

Which is your fave cleanser ? Why?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Lose some inches with Hot Body Shaper Cream by Clinelle

Lose Some Inches

Last April , I was so desperate to reduce some of my excess baggage on tummy area. Reason, I need to wear my old jeans. Don't expect me to wear skirt for my travelling. I would be like Marilyn Monroe by the beach busy manning my wind blowing skirt rather than taking photo. WTH! Seriously, was worries sick because most of my jeans was so tick and its not workable at all even after suck my tummy in by holding up my breathe. isk isk isk...This is the damage of sitting long hours in the office plus couch potato at night watching the KDrama. huhuhuh..

I remember losing some inches back then. But I end up spent RM3k plus for that at the slimming center. But...hell I am not going to spend that kind of money again. Not ever again! Lesson learn! My inches back up less than a month. There you go....the story move on!

I remember there was once bought Clinelle Chili slimming gel. I love all about this one except for my hand super cilli hot after apply it on my tummy and other stubborn fat area. I can't even put on my lens after using that because of the hot chili sensation still stick onto the finger after many times washing it.

I then saw Clinelle came out with this new Hot Body Shaper Cream which gives 3x Super Strength.  They claimed it proven shaping result in 7 days. I got suck up into this advertisement by Clinelle. hahahaha... Here me go click buy on the 1+1 deal from Clinelle website with high hope like any curvy plus size women in the world. WTH! Sounds like American Dream huh?

Clinelle Body Fitness - Hot Body Shaper Cream

Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream claimed :

* 3-in-1 formula , gives 3x Super-Strength highly effective ingredients - Organic Brown Algae to contour your body, to reduce cellulite and to brighten your skin.

* The product is clinically proven to show an amazing result in improving overall body shape.

My experience using Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream

After a month using this, I would say it helps me to lose those bulged if I use it diligently and watch out my diet. I don't apply twice a day as suggested. Sometimes , I forgot about it. be honest not sometimes but most of the time. hahaha...Lazy bum! Most of the time I applied it in the evening. Well...don't expect me to apply this in the morning which is the busiest time for me.

The tube make it easier to apply since you just need to turn the tube, squeeze out the cream and then massage it in circular motion onto your target area. You will feel some burning sensation just for a while and it will go away with less than 2 -3 minutes after you stop massaging the cream onto your skin. Among all Clinelle Body Fitness Series, I love this new Hot Body Shaper Cream better because That metal roller ball really save my hands from the cream burning sensation.The smells is acceptable. Not the burning or rotten smells. I can say its a pleasant to your nose.

This work well with regular exercise. Well if you go to slimming center the process is more or less simple since they have that machine. That machine can't do magic to your body at all if you don't watch out your diet and do regular exercise. The slimming center girl will push you to buy more detox shaker and ask you go on diet at the same time.

What I did with this Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream to lose some inches on my tummy and thigh area?

* Apply Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream and do the plastic wrap 
* Then go for home Sauna for 30 minutes.

I did see some 'S' line visible to this routine. huhuhuh..thought will live and die with 'H' line all the way. With fasting month, I think my shape will look much better soon. Now I am using this more seriously. I still have hope!

Recent Butterfly event Clinelle sponsored One tube of this Hot Body Shaper Cream, yeayyy!!! I am going to make use of this since I have 3 tube of this at home all together. 

I would recommend this Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream to people who are looking out to shape out the body. At least the ingredients is safe and Clinelle being a good well known brand won't jeopardized its brand name to any illegal and not safe ingredients.

You can get Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream from its official website . Fast delivery and reliable too. The price for Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream is RM89.90 for one tube and there is a bundle saver which is RM119.00 for 2 tubes.


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