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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Butterfly Project July 2017 : My Fav Face Mist

What is your first impression if I mention the word Face Mist ?
Refreshing ? Oh yeahhh!!! you bet during this hot weather season.
My first thought when Face mist is hot item for beauty addict ? What the hell? This is just a scented water spray onto face.
Envy the face spray fashion, I then started to follow the face mist vibes and own few of it too. goes with my 'what the hell?'
Isn't this just a spray toner ? Well.. I got that part wrong! 
Toners used after the face cleanse while this face mist can be used at any time. Just spray over as long as you don't get drunk overdosed of spray. kekeke

What is face mist function ?

  • Revive the tired skin
  • Helps to control break out
  • Skin hydration
  • Set make up 

How to use face mist for your skin condition ?


  1. Oily / Acne Skin - Spray face mist with lightly astringents to ward off  breakouts
  2. Dry Skin - Get the face mist with hydrating ingredients. You can spray it over all day long to rejuvenate your skin.
  3. Sensitive Skin - Best to get the gentle spray face mist with skin calming ingredients like rose water.

I have 2 favorite face mist from different Brand. One is Melvita Rose Water and the other one is Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist  Narcissus

The Melvita Rose Water face mist perfect to bring along during my travel time. Love the pocket size and convenient bottle. The Rose Water smells is super refreshing after touring round.

Another favorite face mist is Mamonde. But I can only use it when I am in the office because it came in 120ml bottle. Too big to even keep it in my handbag. Love this one so much because of its light spray. So soft like feather when it hits to your skin. The hydration ingredients perfect for air conditioning environment.

Can you share which Brand become your favorite Face Mist ?

Monday, July 24, 2017

How to Win Back Lost Customers ?

For those who have been reading my blog , might know the delivery blundered of my online purchase during Mamonde official launch at famous online marketplace If you miss the whole story please read it at this link to get to know the whole picture.

For those who are in online business and soon to be online business owner , please read on. 
Do you know that exceptional customer service will drives the best online businesses ? 

As business owner the right attitude are important :

  • Stay Humble
  • Listen to your customers
  • Train you staff well in handling the real situation

Here are ideas on how you could win back lost customers ? 

1. Find out why they left

Customer won't leave you without any reason. First you need to decide whether you want to win back this customer. Second , you need to find out why they leave you. Third , make sure this customer are leaving happy and will continue to return.

2. Listen and Empathize

If customer complaint on your service, don't just stick to your script reading responding to such inquiries. You need to hire a Human to handle this situation who can relate to customer problem and best if he / she can relate back to customer problem. Customer service who understand the whole situation and give them the solution.

3. Apologize

Don't just say sorry and then blame it to someone else.This is irresponsible!

4. Time, Cost and Quality

Time , Cost and Quality is the key to right packaging which ensure products reach to customer in one piece and mint condition.

5. Go beyond expectation

Seller who 'Wow' the customer and get lots of praise for fast delivery and keep customer informed and generous in giving away freebies on top of item bought , will always earn extra point. 

This Mamonde Basic Skin Set had found the owner. Glad my dreams to gift my friend with Mamonde item comes true finally.

In my case with Mamonde Online store, I received a personal handwritten postcard from them on top of replacement form items I bought from them earlier. sincerely added in some freebies like Daniel Wellington Bracelet and a voucher as token of apology to my long ordeal nightmare shopping experience with them. Thank you from bottom of my heart!

I have rejected number of times for all these. However, they have shown their sincerity for a redemption to win me back. I really glad they are showing some sense on improvement to their service. Will I shop at Mamonde Online again ? YES! I will.Why would I minus out for my online shopping spree? I just give it a 'cool off' time and I will be back soon.


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