Sunday, January 16, 2022

How To Achieve A Healthy Mind and Body During This Pandemic Time


By now most of us has been missing out on our usual normal life like previously, right? Step out from home with a bare face (no mask up), don't have to concern about social distancing. We enjoy our high flying job with a monthly paycheck, eat out and take out and so on. I am not sure about you, but I personally miss the freedom, I used to have back then.

Some of us has begun to start living a normal life but not some of us are so lucky as you, thought.

Many of us lose our job due to pandemics and are forced to explore other possible available opportunities for survival sake. It's really hard to cope with losing the job and at the same time freedom was taken from you too. Everything is within whatever space you have at home. Those who are in a rented place is worried about paying the next month rent and so many other commitment. Totally mental health affected for some of us. This is where the news gets sadder and sadder when we read the suicidal rate has increased drastically during the pandemic.

I personally cope with my mental health by getting myself distract through online games and so on. I don't go for war or anything too intense. I am prefer something relaxing such as farming, building the city and cooking games. Cooking games are my all-time favourite game. I found a Free Online Games website that offers a huge collection of more than 150 online games which suits people who have an interest in food, farming, cooking, the culinary arts, the restaurant business and best of all it this is website offers hospitality-related certification and careers opportunities as well. The latest area they develop tools related to weight loss, which is obviously my favourite.

Why do I dare to write about this website? This is because the games here can be freely played without any advertisement or any other hidden branding placement. The games here are all suitable for both kids and adults. Don't blame me if you find yourself addicted to any of these games. hahahaha... But hey! I am really glad to share something as good as mind therapy for you out there. 

Some of the interactive and fun online game collections here are :

  • Cooking and Kitchen Work πŸ‘‰ here you will learn to track multiple tasks in the kitchen and learn how to follow the basic recipe
  • Food Education Games πŸ‘‰ I would say this is a good awareness education to learn about healthy foods Vs unhealthy foods and recycle waste.
  • Serving eaters πŸ‘‰ you will learn how to make sandwiches or play waiter. Hey guy! this really helps those who don't even know how to prepare your own sandwich at home.
  • Farming πŸ‘‰ I realize that I will not have the opportunity to do my own farming so this is really an eye-opener experience to learn about farms, farm animals and farming.
  • Other Fun Food-themed games you can find here :

  1. Arcade Classic Games πŸ’¨ Fruit snake, airport rush and food delivery rush
  2. Platform Games πŸ’¨ candy girl adventure, fruit adventure. the greedy chef and more
  3. Music games πŸ’¨  make noise or music with Tom & Jerry
  4. Glass filling games πŸ’¨ Happy filled glass, all 3 filled glass games, fruit splash, liquid orange
  5. Physics Puzzle Games πŸ’¨candy pig,, milk for the cat, cut for cat, jelly in the portal, mortar watermelon
  6. Slicing Games πŸ’¨ Cut Fruit, Fruit Slasher, Fruit Boom & more
  7. Memory & Matching Games πŸ’¨ Fruit Memory, Sweet Memory & more
  8. Mahjong Games πŸ’¨ Mahjong Solitaire & Mahjong Connect
  9. Paint by Number Games πŸ’¨ simple pixelated nonograms
  10. Logic Puzzle Games πŸ’¨ Fruit Tiles & Plumber Soda logic puzzles
  11. Match 3 games πŸ’¨ Candy Fiesta, Donuts, Ice Cream Frenzy & more
  12. Idle Games πŸ’¨ Merge Cakes, Pancake Pileup, Spaghetti, Mummy Candies & more

These are all games for your beloved kids to get some familiarization in hospitality and also some basic culinary skills at home. Most games here are interactive and educational. Even as an adult, I enjoy playing the games here. 

Here are my favourite games in random order :

Cooking and Kitchen Work - The Boiled Eggs

As its name sounded a bit easy-breezy games. As if you don't need to overthink just to boil an egg. Who doesn't know how to boil eggs, right? But to me, this game is quite challenging though! It's all about time controlling to get a perfect egg and avoid kitchen disasters. What I learned from The Boiled Eggs Game?

πŸ‘‰ Time management

πŸ‘‰ Stay focused and alert

πŸ‘‰ Stay calm in a hectic situation

I like everything about this game but the only room for improvement for this game developer is to make the colour of the visual brighter and have better sound effects to make it attractive. Even music or the background sound could be improved with something funny or tacky to make it more fun. I will play this game but don't have any interest to play it for a longer time. 

Cooking and Kitchen Work - Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake

The description stated is all about making your children familiar with the kitchen. But the more I played this game, make me felt more confident in baking a chocolate cake. For your information, I am very bad at baking. What I have learned from the Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake game?

πŸ‘‰ Skill to follow instructions

πŸ‘‰ Ingredients required to bake a chocolate cake

πŸ‘‰ Familiarize with baking tools and ingredients

Personally, I think the games to some extend could be a bit boring. I wish the background music could be better. Like they can make the music fun for people to stay longer in the game. I wish they add the measurement of the chocolate cake ingredients so the kid or even myself have the urge to bake it in real life and enjoy a chocolate cake. It could be a real-life experience for the player. 

I skipped the Food Education Games as an adult who already have knowledge on food and also recycle waste. However, I highly recommend for parents let their children play the games here. Especially, children at an age that need education on food and also give them awareness on recycle waste.

Serving Eaters - My favourite is Burger Now and Burger Time

Although the games speed describes as suit kids from fourth grade to sixth grade, I find myself enjoying this kind of game. I guess it is just my interest!

Seriously, this game could annoy me to the max especially when there are impatient customers. Hahaha to be exact, I was too slow in fulfilling their orders.

So, what I have learned from Serving Earters Burger Now and Burger Time?

πŸ‘‰ Time Management

πŸ‘‰ Multi-Tasking

πŸ‘‰ Anger Management

πŸ‘‰ Try to let go of certain things

In my opinion, just like any other games I have played on this site, I wish they really can make improvements for visual to be more realistic and brighter colour since the current one has dull vibes.

Another game in serving eaters which you shouldn't give a miss is Nickelodeon Cooking Contest. Although, I don't really go into details of this game. I just tried to play two games from here since it has 10 different mini-games. You can introduce your kids to play these interactive games and it teaches kids to slice food, mix ingredients and control cooking timing. Some of the games include making Holland Oats, Krabby Patty, Sushi Dushi, A Kelp Shake, Donuts, Avocado Toast, Sponge Cake, Love Muffins, Hudson's Juice Blend and Steak & potatoes. 

It's really fun, especially, when can learn how to follow instructions and self-control. This game teaches a kid to accept failure and enjoy success every time they play this game. The background intro music is a bit annoying though.

There are many other games on this website and you should experience them yourself. Just hit into the site now link HERE.

All the games here are desktop and mobile-friendly. When you click on each game it will open in the new tab which makes it exclusive to the game chosen. The wholesome experience is a really fun and interactive environment.

As an adult, although this website stated as Free Online Kids Cooking Games, you can also explore opportunities such as :

Culinary Art Schools - where you can find top culinary schools here. 

US Cooking Schools - State by State List of Cooking Schools to suit your geographical area.

International Cooking Schools - You can choose the most popular international culinary school here.

Culinary Careers - Provide listing for chef job and any other culinary or hospital industry career opportunities.

Good news! this website is not just about gaming. Recently, they have launched a new tool which I find really beneficial and interest many of us:

Cooking ingredients measurement calculator

For the Cooking ingredients measurement calculator, I find it really helpful especially for people like me who are used to eating out and suddenly due to the pandemic was forced to eat at home more often. I couldn't effort to order online most of the time due to heavy delivery costs. So, I opted to cook at home. Being a not so skilful cook, I seek online recipes and so on to prepare my meal. Sometimes a craving for dessert which the recipe has certain measurements to make it works. I find measurements in baking or cooking is kind of tricky. 

I am glad this website has the recipe ingredient conversion calculator. It's really straightforward and simple to use. 

Just enter the 'initial amount' and then choose your desired conversion from the drop-down menu. For example from 'teaspoons to ml' or 'cup to ml', 'teacup to cup' or even 'glass to cup'. 

At first, I was doubtful about the cup and glass conversion since the size of glass and cup may vary for some of us. But they are being so detailed to even specified shot glasses from around the world.

One thing really makes me love this site more and more is they have the convenient conversion chart ready. They have the measurement, temperature and even weight.

I use these cooking ingredients calculators so frequent these days.

I wish they cater for Asian region needs too. Anyway, is not so big deal about it since we here in an Asian country can get the other countries tools easily and match theirs.

Weight Loss Calculator

When I first enter into this weight loss calculator, I was a bit puzzled because it shows in lbs and ft or with which I was not so familiar. Then only found out, need to on the 'metric' to change to cm and kg. This is totally a free weight loss calculator with no hidden agenda like asking you to buy any ebook whatsoever. So worry not!

I consider myself obese. Struggling to lose weight in at this late 40s age. I am really glad this website is kind of helpful to analyse my body weight and even define the jargon such as workout calories, WTH which is Waiste to Height, Weeks to Reach Your Goal and so on.

Practically this is the most detail-free guide for me to achieve my ideal weight for this year. I will make use of this website from now on.

On top of that, you can calculate body fat for free using the calculator πŸ‘‡

Body Fat Calculator

Frankly speaking, I am under the higher fat category. Aihhh...I am very disappointed with myself for this. Oh by the way the Body Fat percentage and BMI are two different things. You can read more in the body fat calculator site link πŸ‘†

To be honest, I never find such information and details tools for free on one website. The calculator tools here are very straightforward and easy to use too. Just enter your details in the column and get the result. 

There are many tips and guides on how to improve it for your health sake.

Workout Calories Calculator

I would say, after discovering this, I can be my own personal trainer this year. They even have a free workout calculator. At least my daily 1 1/2 hours of brisk walking become meaningful. See my result πŸ‘‡ after I input my data into the calculator. 

You can check out the website link  ☝ to get more detailed information there.

I wish they can develop a free personalized meal plan and the recipe for weight loss to suit each body after analysing the results from calculator tools.

I added this website as my favourite for the year 2022 to achieve my weight loss goal for a healthy body. I hope by sharing my latest discovery here can benefit you who stumble upon my blog.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Signs Your Skin Needs Vitamin C


You have been loyal to the current skincare routine blindly if you see these signs on your skin :

πŸ’¦ Age spots and brown start to appear

πŸ’¦ Acne marks haven't gone away

πŸ’¦ Melasma and redness is coming up

πŸ’¦ Dull skin

πŸ’¦ Uneven skin tone

Ladies wake up! These are the obvious signs you need to include Vitamin C skincare in the routine. Yup! you read it right! Vitamin C. Vitamin C isn't just important for body and health wellbeing. It is fairly important for skincare too. Vitamin C helps to disturb the cells that create the pigment and with this, it will fade or lighten the dark spots and also prevent new ones from forming. Not easy to make your current pigmentation or hyperpigmentation disappear overnight unless you spend thousands for some laser treatment. Vitamin C as I mentioned earlier could lighten up the existing pigmentation and prevent the new one from developing.

The question is ...which Vitamin C skincare?

Too many and hard to tell the best for your skin.

I have tried a few other skincare brand Vitamin C products but the most recent is a serum from Cosmoderm.

Here is my review after trying out Cosmoderm Glow-C Super Boosting Serum for 7 days.

My biggest skin concern before trying out the Cosmoderm Glow - C Super Boosting Serum is :

πŸ’§ Dark spots

πŸ’§ Uneven skin tone

πŸ’§ Dull skin

I have been diligently applying the Cosmoderm Glow-C Super Boosting Serum every morning and night. I applied it at step 3 of my skincare routine.

When to apply the Cosmoderm Glow-C Super Boosting Serum?

Step 1 πŸ‘‰ Clean your skin with a facial cleanser

Step 2 πŸ‘‰ Apply toning lotion

Step 3 πŸ‘‰ Apply Cosmoderm Glow-C Super Boosting Serum. Just dab it lightly onto your skin. If you have any area with big concern just apply a bit more on the targeted area.

Step 4 πŸ‘‰ Apply moisturiser to lock the serum into your skin

Extra step for you ladies...Remember to always apply sunscreen wherever you are. Your skin needs protection when you are outdoor or even indoor.

For better results try to use a full range of Vitamin C from the same brand. What are products available in the Cosmoderm Vitamin C range?

🧑 Cosmoderm Glow-C Detox Cleansing Gel RM25.90/120ml

🧑 Cosmoderm Glow-C Radiance Toning Essence RM29.90/100ml

🧑 Cosmoderm Glow-C Super Boosting Serum RM45.90/30ml

🧑 Cosmoderm Glow-C Brightening Moisture Solution RM39.90/50ml

What is the texture of Cosmoderm Glow-C Super Boosting Serum?

The colour of the liquid is kind of light orange and isn't so visible though. I can smell hints of orange in the liquid. The serum isn't sticky at all and is very lightweight which make it easy to absorb into the skin. Unlike the other Vitamin C brand I tried before, the Cosmoderm Glow-C Super Boosting Serum doesn't give me any itchy or stingy feeling after it touches my skin which made me stop using with one application. I apply this serum with ease for 7 days and still continue until now.

What is the result after 7 days?

My dark spots have lightened up and look more bright and bouncy. To my amazement, my skin feels softer and moisturized too. Honestly speaking, this is the most pleasant experience and results from Vitamin C skincare. 

What are the ingredients in Cosmoderm Glow-C Super Boosting Serum?

Aqua, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Dipropylene Glycol, Panthenol, PEG-40, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Biosaccharide Gum-1, Disodium EDTA, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Lactic Acid, Essential Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

What is the Cosmoderm Super Boosting Serum claimed as written in the product box?

🍊 Vitamin C 500mg

🍊 Radiant and bouncy skin

🍊 Soften and Moisturise skin

🍊 Infused with orange essential oil

🍊 Photodamage protection

🍊 Even out skin tone effectively

🍊 Lightens hyperpigmentation and dark spot effectively

🍊 Plumping up the skin to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles appearance

This product is made for dull, tired and moody skin. 

You can check the newly launched Cosmoderm Glow-C range if your skin shows any sign of a need for it. There is no harm as Cosmoderm products are Dermatologically tested. It is also free from paraben, fragrance and SLS/SLES.

For more information, you can browse through Cosmoderm Offical Website: Cosmoderm® Skincare | Your Skincare Consultant

All Cosmoderm products are available at Watson and any leading pharmacy near you. You can get it online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Check out the Watson online store link πŸ‘‰

Friday, December 31, 2021

New Year Resolution 2022


Since this will be my final blog post for the year 2021, let's keep it short.

Pat on our back. We survive another year. 

I remember in my younger days, used to set a long list of new year resolutions almost every year without fail. When I  take a look at my list from old diaries...Gosh! I almost fall off my chair.

Why is it all the same? As if a copy and paste the reso on yearly basis. Even the order is kind of 80% similar. **facepalm** ish ish ish...

I would say the first top three in my new year reso was Lose Weight, Save Money, Stay Healthy. Jeng...Jeng...Deja Vu! This was a common New Year resolution. There were seven others on the list but it was just my childish dream. Lets the dream be the dream and things shouldn't come true for a reason. Believe in Gods Will!

As I grow older, at this age the new year resolution isn't my thing anymore. I will not live my life towards any resolution. It won't work anyway. Not for me. Maybe ageing made me things this way. Or perhaps this is called maturity? I don't know. I just live my life in my own limited world and I want to keep it this way. I don't want to corrupt my life by associating with others to maintain my peaceful life.

My new year 2022 GOAL will be: - 

πŸ‘‰ Daily 5km morning walk

πŸ‘‰ Enjoy the morning sun and fresh air

πŸ‘‰ Live a healthy and happy life

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 to anyone who read my blog. Thank you for your visit and interest in my life story.πŸ˜…

Your visit to my blog means great support for the existence of this blog.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

My Bed Time Beauty Ritual - Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm


I have never written about this before. But today, I am sharing with you my bedtime beauty ritual. I am not talking about those basic skincare ritual kinds of things. Most woman, I know would clean their face, then apply the serum or essence and moisturizing. Some even apply a face mask pack. But there is something more unusual which I added to my nighttime beauty ritual.No! No! it's not a body lotion. Slather body lotion all over my crocodile skin is part of the beauty standard routine.πŸ˜‚

I applied a foot pack for better quality sleep. Another unusual bedtime ritual is to apply lip balm on my lip. I swear this works for my dry and cracked lips. I have been doing this for 2 years now. I wake up with sift and super-smooth lips.

Of course, I am using the Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm from my very own Shopee Store. I started this store 2 years ago for fun.

Back to my favourite Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm. What is so special about this Lip Balm? First of all, this lip balm is rich in butter and oils and it helps to hydrate and condition dry lips. Another bonus point for this awesome Lip Balm, it gives deep condition to your lips without even leaving that waxy feel.

You should see how magical it work when gliding on your favourite lipstick on top of this lip balm. Your lip looks more fresh and moist. Best of all, this is not just for women. You can share it with your husband or even your kids who sometimes suffer dry and crack lips.

Burt's Bee Ultra Conditioning Moisturising Lip Balm is formulated without Parabens, Phthalates, SLS or petroleum. Totally 100% Natural Origin. 

Where to buy Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm in Malaysia?


This excellent Lip Balm is perfect for gifting. if you are looking for one.πŸ˜€

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Is it Worth To Stay At Lexis Hibiscus , Port Dickson?


We booked rooms which are Premium Pool Villa and Panorama Sea View Villa. The staycation was sponsored by my parent. 'Sugar Daddy' sponsored the accommodation and Sugar Mummy for our food. All 4 of us siblings plus 2 nieces and 1 brother in law just follow like the parasite. WTH!

Anyway, this stay was specifically requested by my Dad who has been longing for a family trip and all his children gather at one place. Yeah..we are sort of scattered around kind of family and hardly see each other unless special occasion. I brought my parent for a Lexis Hibiscus staycation once, that was many years ago when the place are still new and well maintained. My Dad super loves the place. I guess because they can enjoy the pool privacy kind of thing. As for me, I don't really like pool because keep thinking about how many people has been in there urinating and farting. I will just keep my detailed imagination to myself.

My third sister came to pick up from my last sis with her 5-series BMW (no need to soon. it was a loan car since she is working in that company. Anyway, she is serving notice after 10 years of slavery at BMW. So this is sort of our last chance to take a BMW car. WTH!

Where to lunch at PD?

We started our journey at 10am. Met my first sister and her family at lunch place, called TapaqKing Ikan Bakar, Port Dickson. My first sister's family was waiting for us there. If you ask about the food there, my honest review will be......I won't visit them again for the second time.

TapaqKing Ikan Bakar, Port Dickson honest review

The food was OK but not so great that I want to repeat it again. They serve a variety of grilled fish, squid, masak lemak udang galah, soup and many more Malay dishes. Ample parking and spacious set up to dine in. But I was put off by the cleanliness. The tray and cutleries were dirty. It was raining the night before, the chair was wet. I requested the worker there to wipe it for me but it took too long for just one cloth. I was waiting there at the table until my sister offered me a tissue to wipe it. So, in conclusion, I won't return to TapaqKing due to the cleanliness of the tray and cutleries. There are many flies too. Urghhhh!!!! right after I have mild diarrhoea even before reaching Lexis. Lucky not the heavy one! isk isk isk. Oh! I have no complaints about the pricing but definitely above average kind of pricing to manage expectations. I won't come back again! You can try soft serve ice cream as a dessert. 

PD Water Front

Since we still have time before the check-in, so decided to bring our parents to visit the waterfront. End up sitting in the Starbuck PD Waterfront for some dessert. My first sister and her family didn't join us due to a car technical problem. She just bought the car but the technician who did her first service was so reckless leading to some engine oil leakage. 

Lexis Hibiscus during the social distancing era

We reached Lexis at nearly 3pm. The checked-in process is quite fast and easy since I have emailed all the documentation needed 2 days before. The documents needed - IC photocopy of all guests, health declaration form fill up. Just make sure all guests have fully vaccinated accordingly. 

If you booked a Premium Pool Villa and others just check in at the lobby. My other room was the Panorama Seaview Villa has to be checked in at Lighthouse. Just take the buggy and show them the booking voucher to go to the lighthouse. The Panorama Seaview Villa is entitled to 2 hi-tea at Lighthouse. Which I went to enjoy it alone since the rest of my family was busy diving in the pool. kekekekeke...It was training though!

Food at Lexis Hibiscus, PD

If you asked me to review the Lighthouse doesn't really worth the price. But since it's included inside the package booked, so no choice lor..

The waiter tried to sell me the breakfast package at Lighthouse. But for me who calculate every single thing, think it's not worth it. Lighthouse breakfast package at RM70/- per pax. Ala carte with choices of Nasi Lemak or American Breakfast / Waffle set. WHAT????? I rather don't take breakfast or if hungry just drink coffee. The panorama Seaview room only comes with a buffet breakfast for 2 at Roselle Cafe. I gave it to my parent to enjoy. My parent said the buffet breakfast was ok but the coffee and tea taste sucks!

Dinner at Lexis Hibiscus, a bit disappointed since the Roselle Cafe only allow BBQ buffet customer to sit in to dine.The price for a BBQ buffet dinner at RM90/pax. Siau weiiiii!!!! there are 9 of us in the family. Even our 'sugar daddy and sugar mummy' 'Tarik diri' from sponsorship when they heard the price. kakakakaka... Lucky, we can still order a la carte menu for room service. The price we paid was around RM200 plus for the not so good taste food. Anyway, our 'sugar mummy' commented, waste of her sponsorship. hahahahaha..Which all of us agreed!

Lexis Hibiscus Room

Talk about room cleanliness... If I were to rate them, it will be 2 stars out of 10. Seriously, the housekeeping and maintenance need to buck up. The class door was stained with lots of fingerprints. Then the shower room water flow isn't going down properly. The Panorama Seaview room which we paid for RM1,458 per room doesn't work properly. End up we have to shower in the bathtub. The Premium Seaview room booked comes with a very bad phone. We have a problem with paging for the buggy ride. We need that though because my parent can't walk far. My mum is in a wheelchair. The same goes with the furniture really old. The bedding make my back hurt badly. The whole place is run down pretty bad. It doesn't worth our money paid for the room at all.

All of us just can't wait to check out from there. Check out from Lexis Hibiscus was easy breezy. Just need to drop the key card inside the box. 

Lunch at Hayyan Huda Opah's Kitchen , Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

We were glad to choose this place for lunch. The road to this place is kind of challenging. Narrow and hilly road. But if you would like to try Negeri Sembilan authentic dishes, you can come here. The price is much more affordable and the place is clean plus the food was good too. But beware, the Negeri Sembilan dishes are always super spicy. They are famous for 'Masak Lemak Cili Api' or the 'Yellow Curry'. Advisable to go early. The place was packed with people even at 12 noon sharp!

At least we end our staycation with a good lunch. Not that bad after all!

If we ever visit Port Dickson again, Lexis Hibiscus don't deserve our money. We will try other places.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Hada Labo 'We Care For Nature' Campaign Pledges


Hada Labo’s ‘We Care for Nature’ campaign is back for the second year in collaboration with the Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) and Watsons Malaysia.  


This year, Hada Labo has pledged its ‘We Care for Nature’ CSR fund to the replanting of forest trees in Kuala Selangor Nature Park where trees are scarce especially at the river bund area. Kuala Selangor Nature Park has recently lost a huge number of trees due to ecotourism.


According to MNS, planting trees along the river bund is important. In addition to offering habitat to the wildlife and increasing the number of bird species, the natural source of wood debris and leaf litter will also provide a food source for the freshwater organisms and help cool down the water temperature for the otters and fishes in the river.  


From 1 – 31 December 2021, Hada Labo will donate RM1 from the sales proceed of every Hada Labo Booster Serum sold at Watsons outlets nationwide to the ‘We Care for Nature’ fund.


Hada Labo recently launched its upgraded Hada Labo H.A. Supreme Booster Serum, which is offered in three variants, namely the Hyaluronic Acid (H.A.) Supreme Vita Brightening Booster Serum, H.A. Supreme Cera Hydrating Booster Serum and the H.A. Supreme Cica Soothing Booster Serum to tackle different skin conditions. They are free of alcohol, fragrance, mineral oil and colourants, which make them suitable for all skin types.


According to Lim Mei Yuen, the General Manager of Rohto-Mentholatum Malaysia, ‘We Care for Nature’ is an annual CSR commitment by Hada Labo to give back to nature by means of planting more trees to combat global warming.



“Our contribution to help heal the health of the earth is also crucial to the cultivation and protection of the health and longevity of our society. Natural environment with greenspace has been always been associated with good health,” said Lim.


Lim added that she hopes the public will support this cause and contribute to the replanting of forest trees at Kuala Selangor Nature Park. Hada Labo aims to plant 700 saplings along the 2km stretch of the river bund area.


For more information or to support this campaign, log on to Hada Labo Malaysia website or follow their Facebook page: MyHadaLabo   

Saturday, December 18, 2021

The New Hada Labo H.A Supreme Booster Serum


Whenever this new Hada Labo H. A Supreme Booster Serum ad video keep on passing by my FB, I just can't wait to get my hands on this. Finally, reached my doorstep to experience it on my skin. My skin has been craving for this because the booster can be considered a powerful fix to resolve specific skin problems. 

The New Hada Labo H. A Supreme Booster serum, unlike other normal serum. It helps to obtain results faster due to its ingredients that are concentrated in a larger amount. When it first hit my skin, I thought the texture will be heavier since it's concentrated but to my amazement, the texture is lighter and easily absorb into my skin.

The New Hada Labo H.A Supreme Booster Serum is suitable for those who are looking out to treat skin issues such as :

πŸ‘‰ Dryness

πŸ‘‰ Dullness

πŸ‘‰ Fine lines

πŸ‘‰ Acne

The New Hada Labo H.A Supreme Booster serum is infused with 4 levels of premium Hyaluronic Acid (H.A) and concentrated ingredients to boost the function of your skincare products in fighting :

πŸ’“ Dark spots

πŸ’“ Fine lines

πŸ’“ Blemishes

Through a study conducted by Hada Labo, it is proven that this booster serum is able to :

πŸ’§ Reduce acne scars and dark spots by 48%

πŸ’§ Soothe skin irritation in just 5 minutes 

πŸ’§ Provide 24 hours deep hydration to the skin

The Hada Labo H.A Supreme Booster Serum is offered in three variants to tackle different skin conditions:

πŸ’¦ H.A Supreme Vita Brightening Booster Serum (HERO PRODUCT) 

Price RM89/30ml

This brightening skin booster is enriched with effective Whitening Injection formula (5% Niacinamide, Vitamin B12 and Hyaluronic Acid) to provide deep hydration and brighten skin tone. It includes the following properties :

πŸ‘‰ Helps to brighten dull skin, reduce dar spots, reduce acne marks by 48% for bright glowing skin;

πŸ‘‰ Enriched with 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid that provides intense moisture to the skin;

πŸ‘‰ Its lightweight texture that is fast absorbing helps deliver the concentrate deep into the skin (i.e. 1.5mm dermis layer)

πŸ’¦ H.A Supreme Cera Hydrating Booster Serum

Price RM89/30ml

Well, if your skin is dehydrated, this is definitely your go-to booster serum. As its name suggest, the H.A Supreme Cera Hydrating BoosterSerum helps to penetrate deep into the skin to strengthen the barrier keeping skin well hydrated and pores visibly smaller.

Enriched with 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid alongside of Ceramide, these booster variants by Hada Labo provides :

πŸ‘‰ intense moisture to the skin

πŸ‘‰ build up skin protective barrier to prevent moisture loss

πŸ‘‰ 24 hours deep hydration to the skin

πŸ’¦ H.A Supreme Cica Soothing Booster Serum

Price RM89/30ml

This particular booster serum is enriched with 20,000ppm Cica Complex and 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid. The Cica Soothing booster serum helps :

πŸ‘‰ soothe and calm acne-prone irritated in just 5 minutes

πŸ‘‰ provides ample moisture to skin

How to apply The New Hada Labo H.A Supreme Booster Serum?

Step 1 Apply after Hada Labo lotion (Day and Night)

Step 2 Apply a pea-sized amount of booster serum to your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin

Step 3 Gently tap, pat and smooth the serum out onto the face until thoroughly absorbed.

By the way the Hada Labo H.A Supreme Booster serum is free of alcohol, fragrance, mineral oil and colourants, which make them suitable for all skin types.

Where to buy the New Hada Labo H.A Supreme Booster Serum?

It is available starting Dec 2021 at all leading pharmacies as well as an official Mentholatum online store at and

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Type of People to Stay Away From


Recently, someone who I last met 20 years ago, contacted me. I never change my phone number. I'm not close to her at all. She was an acquaintance. Not even my ex-colleague. She somehow found my blog thru my ex-colleague. Out of the blue, message me.

She was saying, I wasted my life at this age. Why go for early retirement when you are not even in the 50s yet. You know, that typical 'Kaypoh' Auntie talk. Of course! I was annoyed by her messages. I don't really reply to her much. I tried to give a short answer possible.  I don't even know her well. The way she talks is as if she has been stalking me for so long. I recalled only meeting and talking to her thrice in my entire life. Then she went on......Jeng...Jeng...Jeng..she was trying to recruit me as her MLM downline. At this point, I just hit the 'three dots' on the right-hand side and click blocked. Adoi!!!! Yeah, man! stay far away from this type of people. I know some of you may say she just trying her luck. But to me, she is a nuisance and disturbs my peaceful life. Her words, to me, isn't pleasant and disturb my mind peace. I usually, stay far away from this type of people the most.

I don't know how to choose a friend. my life there are a few types of people, I usually avoided at all cause because I don't want to hurt my own feeling.

1. The MLM people. Nothing wrong with MLM but my soft-hearted attitude might damage my purse. I am not rich though. I may end up poor if befriend those people.

2. People who always make fun of whatever I do or always mock me. This type of person mentally bullied an introvert like me. So hate this kind of people. 

3. People who have a bully attitude. This type of person really stresses me out. I feel like this type of person could drive me into suicide.

4. People who take me for granted really hurt my feeling because I am super sensitive.

5. People who love to complain about every single thing. I feel this type of person doesn't know the word 'Thankful' in his/her life. So negative!

6. Stay far away from people who have a habit to lie, cheat and betrayal habit.

7. People who constantly try to change your life. Who is he/she to judge and do that? He/She that good, meh? 'Kaypohchee'

More to list down, backstabber, the gossiper and many more and more.

All these kinds of people could give scars or affect my life. If possible please stay away from rude and depressing people. Surround your life with positive and good people to live life peacefully and happily.

I would rather have no friend than befriend those people. 

Recruited one follower yesterday morning. I never get this closed with a dog. I used to be afraid of dogs. To be exact, I don't like to be associated with any animal, not even a cat. My heart was beating super fast like going to explode when he approached me this morning. I tried my very best to open my mind and pray hard this thing won't bite me. But he looks super friendly and cheeky. Cuteness overloaded! I called him 'Peanut Butter' because I don't see his Mummy anywhere to ask for the name. 'Peanut Butter' was wagging his tail and started running along beside me. He was smiling and excited jumping around. I brave myself to play around with him. I feel like had overcome my fear for the first time. Yeayyyyy!!!!! 

Then met this cat sitting quietly in-between 'pandan leaves' and 'ginger flower' bushes. What, He/She thought I couldn't see, is it? You think you look green, is it? Blend with those bushes? hahahahaha

Back home saw my leek and morning glory plant is doing well. But my coriander needs CPR or go into ICU.

Check out the video I shot this morning. 'Peanut Butter' was running beside me happily!

Monday, December 13, 2021

Will I Be Able To Get The Right Booster?


I received a notification from MySejahtera App for the third booster shot on the 5th of Dec 2021. I made a call to the designated medical centre to inquire about the booster brand. They told me it will be the 'Pz' brand. My first 2 doses were 'SinV'. I was contemplating for a few days on to go or not to go. Should I gamble on my body or not. Really worried about the side effect. My first sis who is working in the hospital advised me to get the same brand shot since my body condition isn't that great. Since she is the frontline, so she has gotten all three shots and at 'Pz' all the way.

When I read the news, the KKM recommended mixing 'SinV' with 'Pz'. To be honest, I don't really have faith in the authority advice. Those people won't take any responsibility if things got to mess up when they affect my health. I need to trust my own gut feeling on making the decision. By the time you read this line, you should have understood how messed up my feeling is, right now. I don't know what is right what is wrong!

On the night of 4th Dec 2021, I decided to reject the appointment scheduled for the reason 'I couldn't make it. 

They should have provided space for me to write down my own reason. Which I would write, my preference and concern. It's my health for goodness sake!

Then on the 11th Dec 2021, I received 2nd invitation for the appointment at the same place for the 14th Dec 2021. They sent out the notification via SMS at 3am. WTH! I would say the idiot who set up the notification is some no brain people. 

I made a call just now with the hope they have 'SinV'. I received another disappointing answer. Sorry Miss, at this moment we only have the 'Pz' brand. I immediately cancelled the appointment with the reason 'Not Well' for this time. 

Now you see our authority style of working? They are like knocking their head on the wall a thousand times. Then make a conclusion we are against the booster shot!

They will never find out the real concerns. I don't like my body to become a cocktail glass. Mix this shot and that shot in one. I do not sort of a 'guinea pig' for some people or even someone to help you complete your KPI.

Why I don't pay for my booster shot at a private clinic? If other people can get it free, why do I need to live in this country being discriminated against to this extend? I haven't received any single sen support ever since lost my job 2 years back. I am still a loyal taxpayer now. I declared every since things. What do I get? Understand my feeling?

They can schedule for another 100 times, I will only respond positively until you match the right booster shot for me. I heard they will change the vaccination status in MySejahtera next year if still don't get it. Not sure about this but if they do, I will stay put at home until they give me 'SinV'.

For goodness sake, this is my health and life you are playing with. 

Sunday, December 5, 2021

How to Set Up An Ergonomic Home Office?


I bought a new writing desk from shopee but after the setup, it is far from stable. Ah! what do I expect from a less than RM90 table, right? So, I end up swapping it with my dining table, which is more solid to spend time working for hours there. I still haven't gotten myself a proper chair to sit on. As you can see in the photo above my so 'old school' home office set-up. Feeling like a teacher with no students.πŸ˜…

We are living in a digital era and most of us spend more hours in front of computers at home. So traditional home office set up, which is just table, chair and computer kind of outdated trend.

Improper set-up could lead to body stress by staying in an uncomfortable position for long hours. Prolong for this ignorance could result in MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders).

How to set up an ergonomic home office?

Proper Ergonomic Home Office setup is necessary these days to avoid the possibility of bad posture syndrome and at the same time could increase work quality and productivity.

The most important to achieve my dream ergonomic home office of my dream is suitable furniture.

1. Choose the right height for the chair and desk

I remember during my working days, my ex-employer provided an ergonomic chair and adjustable table for us. We can adjust the desk and chair according to body type and make sure the proper positioning to avoid muscular injuries. I find it is necessary to have a good quality adjustable desk and ergonomic chair for us to work at the right posture. My ex-employer even provided a standing desk which helped with my back pain problem those days because I couldn't sit for too long.

2. Proper distance from computer monitor

The ideal distance from your monitor is 20 inches and the top of your monitor should be at just eye-level position. Your eyes should be directed slightly downward so it don't strain your neck and eye. One tip for you is to know your monitor at the right distance. If you can touch the screen with a fingertip (just do it like the ET styleπŸ˜†), then it is at the ideal distance.

3. Good lighting

Too bright could cause glare on the monitor screen and not sure about other people but it gives me headaches. It's not about just adequate lighting but when setting up a home office you could adjust the light so it doesn't shine directly on you. This is to reduce the risk of eye strain and headaches.

As for my home office, the desk is positioned right beside the window. You can install blinds but I have both day and blackout curtains to suit my needs.

4. Space to move around

I have a claustrophobic syndrome, so I need to have proper space and a big room to move around freely. At the same time, I could stretch or even stand for a few times to improve my blood circulation. Do not stress your body by sitting in one place for too long. Even if you have good expensive ergonomic furniture would harm your body if you don't move around in a day.

Is it worth it to set up an ergonomics home office?

Well, I would say this is worth of investment for your health in a long time. Trust me! You don't want to spend more on health maintenance in your later time. Prevention is better than cure. For now, I would continue with my planning and slowly implement my dream ergonomic home office.πŸ˜”

If you are looking for good ergonomic home office furniture in Malaysia, you may have deep dive into Evis website. Evis is a well-known pioneer and no.1 for Adjustable Table & Smart Standing Desk in Malaysia.