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Thursday, July 20, 2017

6 Benefits of Whole Grains

For those who are looking forward to lose weight might read and research around. Many said we need to ditch wheat or gluten to lose that pounds. Do you know that our body need more grains so that our body can have enough fiber, plant based mineral, vitamins which is important for our well being? This is not applicable if you falls under gluten allergy or anything similar.

1. Whole Grains contain lots of fiber

One main reason to eat whole grains is FIBER. Fiber is important to control blood sugar level, lower down cholesterol, and reduce colon cancer risk.  

2. Helps Digestion

Fiber content is good for bowel movement because whole grains contain lactic acid which promotes good bacteria in our large intestine. Healthy intestine helps to boost up body immune systems.

3. Weight Control

Women who consume more wheat germ, brown rice had lower risk in gaining major weight gain.

4. Redistribute Fat

Eating grains aren't actually will make you lose weight but can help to reduce body fat. Eating whole grains especially can help in reducing belly fat. 

5. Whole Grains contain resistant starch

Many thought whole grain is carbs and relate it with fat. This is carbs that acts more like a fiber so its good in helping out in digestive system and burn more fat. Brown rice are good whole grain sources of resistant starch.

6. Lower Blood Pressure

Women who consume more whole grains like brown rice benefit to lower blood cholestrol, blood pressure and insulin level. This helps to reduce heart disease risk. 

As a working woman who lives alone , I didn't prepare my own food especially during weekdays. My daily meal prepare by those many outsider cook. 

Morning breakfast is either sandwich or nasi lemak or smoothies if I am so in good mood to blend one early in the morning before leave home. Such a big hassle for me. 

Lunch time another one scoop of white rice , veggies and some protein. Tell me which street food Auntie sells brown rice at Jalan Tengah here ?

Dinner just fruits or don't eat due to my laziness which hard to cure until now. haihhhh...isk isk isk. The conclusion with this kind of lifestyle, at mid age, I suffer with imbalance nutrition and less fiber in my body. Our body need at least 42% serving of fiber a day.

Recently , when NutriBrown Rice instant beverage reached me was like blessing to my lack of fiber and nutrition body. Seriously , I am at one point thought my colon clog like those un-flush drainage. I feel so unhealthy until need to swallow some laxative just to pass on in the morning. Ewwwwww!!!

I started my morning routines with this Brown Rice Whole Grain on the go every morning for 5 days It really helps in my bowel movement. I feel more energetic. I skip my morning famous 'Jalan Tengah nasi lemak' queue for a week. That 's the hardest ever. I really like something spicy to start my morning. Bad Habit! 

At first this NutriBrown Rice cereal make me feel a bit skeptical. I hate instant beverage the most because of their overly sweetness. I hate sweet thing the most for breakfast especially. 

I give NutriBrown Rice instant beverage a try. Since it came to me with 5 flavors, I decided to try out one flavor each morning. By the way there is No Sugar Added series and Low Sugar Series.

NutriBrown Rice - Low Sugar Series - Chocolate Flavor

NutriBrown Rice No Sugar Added Series - Original No sugar added

NutriBrown Rice Low Sugar Series - Original Flavor

NutriBrown Rice No Sugar Added Series - Honey Flavor

NutriBrown Rice Low Sugar Series -Oat with Soy Lecithin Flavor

First time I made it with hot drink. The texture a bit starchy and thick. Then the next day I use warm water and the texture came out a bit better than the first day. My first impression was like... I was eating porridge in the morning ? Add more water and give it a go. The taste is not bad after all. I love the chocolate flavor. Not overly mix chocolaty taste in here. Even the sweetness is just to taste. I was thinking about giving my Mum to try out the no sugar one this weekend.  This whole grain things idea is very convenient for busy working people like us. Not only its easy to mix and delicious, its pack with benefits - antioxidants , a low gi food , lower blood cholesterol, help in digestion system and assist in weight control.

Feed your body with whole grain for better long term health benefit.

More information on NutriBrown Rice visit , Website :

Monday, July 17, 2017

5 Tips To Choose The Right LipBalm

Unlike other skincare, Lip Balm is something you ingesting almost immediately after you apply. So make sure you choose the product that you feel happy to eat ! WTH! Sounds like horror , right? We eat our Lip Balm? You still in denial? Come on who still denying they never taste a tooth paste before? Same goes to Lip Balm too.

There thousands of Lip Balm brand on shelf. I am sure all of us are spoil with choices. Some of us scratching head to choose the right one suit to your lip condition. Well...I list some simple guide for you to select your next Lip Balm.

Guide to Choose Lip Balm 

1. Packaging

* Jar
* Tube
* Stick

If you prefer to use fingers dab then jar or tube Lip Balm is your choice. As for me , I prefer to glide away on my Lip, so I go for stick.

2. Smells and Flavor

While some of you may turn off with anything aromatic but not me. I personally love fruity sweet smells for my Lip Balm.

3. Multi-Tasking Lip Balm

I prefer Lip Balm with SPF and key nourishing ingredients to assist in hydrating and moisturizing my pout. While if it has minty flavor is way better because it can help to freshen up my breathe too. Another factor I personally will look at is the Tint to give that natural bitten look. Yeoooowww!!!!

4. Treatment

For those who are dealing with extremely dry , cracked and peeling or chapped lips, just get yourself the medicated balm that sooth and treat the problem

5. Lip Balm with Benefits

I would suggest to go for Lip Balm with high grade oils such as Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E which will sooth and moisturize your pout without any greasy feeling. Make sure to choose something contains at least SPF 15 and free of parabens.

Recently Mentholathum launch Premium Rich Moist Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm for pampering and caring to your pout. This is a super nourishing Lip Balm that pamper lips pack with the best moisturizing ingredients.

Mentholathum Premium Rich Moist Lip Balm are formulated with 8 ingredients :

  • Olive Oil ,
  • Honey,
  • Avocado Oil,
  • Argan Oil,
  • Jojoba Seed Oil,
  • Royal Jelly Extract,
  • Shea Butter, and
  • Moringa Butter  

This premium Lip Balm helps to relieve dry and chapped lips while you lips stays velvety silky smooth. If you are looking for outdoor use then this Lip Balm is ideal because it comes with SPF23PA++ for protection against the UVA and UVB rays. On top of that this new Mentholathum Premium Rich Moist Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm also fortified with Multi-Ceramides that helps to maintain and restore the skin barrier function for intense and long lasting moisturizing.

How to Apply Lip Balm ?

For best results and long-lasting results , just gently slide two or three layers on the lips.

Important note on Lip Balm :

1. Use Lip Balm sparingly. If you over applying will result to dry out your lips in long run.

2. Beeswax effectively protects against chapping and harsh weather conditions while butters and vegetable oils provide daily conditioning for soft and supple lips.

3. Try to avoid petrochemicals such as super common petrolatum because this ingredients linked to various health concern and it may get sensitive to skin too.

Mentholathum Premium Rich Moist - Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm cost RM22.90 and available widely at well known pharmacies around you. It comes with two variants namely :

Premium Rich Moist - Fragrance Free which suitable for those with more sensitive skin. I comes with beautiful dark blue color stick.

Premium Rich Moist - Natural Honey which is suitable for those like me who prefer a tinge of sweetness scent. It comes with lovely leaf green stick.

If you are not aware about Mentholathum. Mentholathum has other famous brands under their wings - Hada Labo, Seisun, Rohto C Cube, Lip Ice, Oxy and Deep Heating Rub.


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