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Ramadhan In My Perception

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What is Ramadhan to all of us here in Malaysia?

It's a mixed perception.

Some say this is the month where the Muslim don't eat and drink in the Public. Bazaar Ramadhan with many choices of food and local delicacies. This is the months where most hotel and eateries charge a sky-high buffet line price with feast ready to gobble once the time comes to break the fast. You can see many VIPs, VVIPs, Companies visited the orphanage and the poor with thoughts of giving back to the community but at the same time call the press and make sure get the name on the visible section possible to announce the deeds.

For the first time in my entire working experience, I am placed with the same office with a Muslim friend. I find that during Ramadhan time they can't stop talking about food throughout the day. For eg. what to cook for breakfast later and this food nice and that food nice. They would excitedly ask the same question to me too. Which I always abruptly, told them off to restrain themselves and be more focus in reflecting during this holy month. (I am very bad in being diplomatic during conversations)

Same goes in this era of technology where social media is the medium to announce on everything. You will see the most feed of your Muslim friends is all about food for breakfast (iftar) and suhur and Raya preparation. No harm to sharing the joy. However, to my point of view sharing the food photo is alright. No problem at all. It just, one needs to be mature enough to not share food excessively. Same goes with Raya preparation. You have to respect some who can't afford for even a simple preparation.

So what is Ramadhan to my Perceptions?

Ramadhan is a time for all Muslims to practice self-restraint between dawn and dusk from food, drink, and any form of immoral behaviour, including impure and unkind thoughts.
The basic 5 times prayers are a must and if permissible to visit the mosque and join the tarawih ( additional night prayer).

Iftar usually starts with a glass of juice and follow with prayer. I will eat my main meal which consists of one plate of a simple meal. That's all. As for Sahur (Suhur), I just drank a glass of powdered multi-grains drink and some plain water.

I never feel a lack of energy, tired or sleepy during Ramadhan with this practice. In fact, I feel a lot better throughout the month compare to the usual months.

Interestingly, Ramadhan starts with the moon-sighting and end with Eid Al Fitr with the moon-sighting too. Eid is a celebration for all Muslim who has experienced the whole months of self-restraint with everyone dress in new clothing and special baked cookies and goodies. This is the time people will visit the graves of your loved ones and people gather to enjoy the family meals and pray in the mosque.

Check out on my other post on how to cure the bad breath during Ramadhan. HERE

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party

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Happy Birthday to The Butterfly Project. This is the 6th Birthday celebration. It has been almost 5 years since I join this Beauty Blogger Community. I met many awesome people and change my dull life into a colourful one!

Like many other years, the awesome President of The Butterfly Project, Tammy (Mamasan) and her team did a lot of preparation for the celebration. Every year is a different theme of the celebration from Unicorn to this year flower girls. 

This year celebration took place at Vilej Damansara event space near Ritze Perdana 2. It was a challenging drive for me to get there. When I reached the place it was worth my drive since Mamasan and the team really transform the event space into a Magical place. Everything for prettily set up with details attention too. OMG! Thank you for such a great effort and passion to all of you for this magical moment in my life.

All butterflies were allocated with a seat number. Mine at my lucky number 6. Isn't that awesome. My lucky number all the way! Look at the table setting.....

Everyone was very excited and compare to previous years, this year turn out has been increased. More and more ladies join this awesome beauty community. I bet the number of butterflies will be a thousand soon. If you see in the photo above Dee Leonard the MC for most of Butterfly Party ready for action in his brown jacket. The expecting Mama in an amber-green dress, Aliza Sara came fully prepared with all the butterflies sticking on her hair aiming to win one of those Tiaras and goodies below for the best dress butterflies.

The winner of the best dress butterfly will get one of those goodies sponsored by Yves Rocher, T-Stick and awesome bouquet from Avant Garde Bloom and The Blossom Ballons.

I love the food counter set up for this year prepared by Jom Party. It looks like a garden party with a lot of delicious goodies for all butterflies to dig in. I love the tarts and petite pavlova. It tastes awesome delicious prepared with love and sincerity.

Our entertainment for the day by the famous Queen of Comedy, Ms Joanne Kam Poh Poh. She brings huge laughter to all butterflies with her wicked humour. She looks super fresh from someone who just landed from Australia for the party.

We got to try out the latest innovative way to enjoy tea with T-Sticks. I love the Earl's Favourite Tea flavour since the taste really refreshing to enjoy in the morning. Enjoying T-Sticks gives you a unique tea drinking experience. This tea does not come in a tea bag but in stick and drip free too. It's so convenient you can just grab a few sticks in your bag and bring with you wherever you go. Isn't that awesome? They are selling this luxury tea with only RM35 for 15 sticks in a premium box suitable for gifting too.

All the beautiful fresh flowers decoration for that day is from Avant Garde Blooms. I love their flower arrangement, is so unique and personalized. The offer floral design, weddings and corporate event too. I have fun attending the Flower Crown Workshop.  There were too many beautiful flowers to choose from but in the end.......

This butterfly only chooses the leaves and filler flowers for her crown. Totally my style chic and simple flower crown. How do I look? Kawaii???

The truth is I enjoy to attend this kind of workshop. One of my wishlist strike off! Thank you again The Butterfly Project to realize my dream again.

What a birthday without any sweet desserts and cakes, right?

The butterfly cupcakes and beautifully hand painted macaron homebaked with love by talented baker Macarons by Madeleine
I tasted the Macaron and it really not so sweet like others and this one quickly becomes my favourite. The cupcake is delicious too. 

What a party without a magical touch of floating balloons? 

It's not just a regular balloon but something with ornament in it. The Blossom Balloons complete the party with its Magical Balloons floating all over the event space area.

Most of the butterflies that day can't take their eyes off these awesome balloons. Just like any other butterflies, me too can't help it. Selfie time!!! The balloons make me mesmerized and bring smiles. Just can't brain at this age I still enjoy ballons this much! hahahaha

Surprise for the day!
It was Yves Rocher 60th birthday too! For those who don't recognize this long outstanding brand, they are an established French Beauty brand ever since 1959. Yves Rocher own flower fields, manufacturing facilities and retail stores so that they can bring the power of nature straight to all beauties out there!
Most of their skincare products come in glass bottles to make the products safe and develop with recycling in mind too. Isn't this brand awesome?

Thank you Yves Rocher ! for this awesome limited edition beauty box - Yves Rocher Detox Micellar Shampoo with Moringa extracts, Yves Rocher Concentrated Shower Gel with key ingredient Olive Petit Grain and Yves RocherUltra - Fresh Cleansing Gel.

Another surprise for all butterflies that day.

A special sweetheart gift from Mamasan, Ms President. Thank you, Unni! I always admire your passion for this community and always strive the best for all of us. I feel blessed to be able to be part of this community and see the growth year by year.

The awesome butterflies selfie!

The new friend I met that day! These are the happy to meet all the younger ladies joining this community.

Happy Birthday The Butterfly Project!

As for me after joining this community since the year 2014, I was thinking its time it a rest and give ways to the young one!


Food - Jom Partylah
Surprise Goodies - Yves Rocher

For those who interested to join The Butterfly Project Community as a member please register HERE.

Enjoy a short video and slides compilation during the event. If you like my video please give likes. I would be really grateful to that.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Home Mini Facial Spa with A'bloom by Althea Korea

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Its blooming season and everything blooms prettily even at Althea Korea. Recently, Althea Korea launched fresh awesome K Beauty for all their fans out there. A'bloom series by Althea brings you what every girl wants readily at home for a perfect fresh look. 

I would say the A'bloom kind of a complete Home Mini Spa for your beauty playground. Everything is affordable and I can guarantee these items won't burn your pocket at all.

1. A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster
2. A'bloom Sheet Masks
3. A'bloom Meringue Puffs

A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster 

I have tried this and I am loving this already. This blackhead and whitehead removal not only comes with Natural BHA stick, but it also has non - irritating formula treats and prevents new ones from forming. By the way, the ingredients use is really gentle for the skin.

Key ingredients: Natural BHA (White Willo Bark Extract 5,0000ppm)
Other ingredients: Charcoal, Apricot seed, tea tree leaf oil

How to use A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster?

Step 1 - Cleanse your face
Step 2 - Wet your face 
Step 3 - Apply the A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster on 'T' Zone area or any targeted areas with excessive sebum.
Step 4 - Use the lukewarm water and gently exfoliates your skin to release trapped oil and dirt.
Step 5 - Rinse off the excess until it clean

My say on A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster

A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster not only helps to removes blackheads painlessly, but it also purifies and clarifies pores instantly. I love the comfortable melting texture effects which cleanse off the impurities on my skin. est of all the packaging is travel-friendly too.

Extra tips! if you have a concern on your heels or elbow, you can apply this on that area too. It works as a quick scrub too.

How much is A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster?

Only RM16 for a stick.

If you hurry to click purchase today you will get FREE limited edition A'bloom mobile phone grip.

A'bloom Mask Sheet

Juicier ever! A'bloom sheet mask is the fastest selling and sold out during the launched. You can check out the website.

Why A'bloom Mask sheet has been sold out so quickly?

A'bloom Mask sheet available in 4 fruity flavours - Water Melon, Avocado, Lemon and Peach. Each mask sheet has 2 in 1formula consisting of fruit extracts rich with antioxidants and plant extracts for extra hydration.

Moisturising Water Melon Mask - Pack with awesome essence for hydration and moisturising. It has Watermelon, Fruit extract, Lavender extract as the ingredients. This mask suit for all type of skin (great for Combination Skin like mine).

Nourishing Avocado - Suitable for ageing skin. This mask sheet infused with avocado extracts and hibiscus. Apply this daily to prevent wrinkle, nourish skin and full of antioxidant, make your skin soft and supple. (I guess this suit my ageing skin too)

Brightening Lemon - The line up of powerful ingredients such as Lemon, lime extracts, Niacinamide,  and Camellia Sinensis Leaf extract gives a double dose of Vitamin C and helps to banish dark spot while giving a calming effect to your skin. (I love this one too since it helps to clear the dark spot)

Anti Blemish Peach - For those who have blemish skin can check out this one.  It has peach extracts and tea tree oil to regulate oil and balance moisture for skin. This is an anti-blemish mask to helps purifies and soothes irritate and sensitive skin.

How much is Althea A'bloom Mask?

Only RM2 per mask sheet and if they also sell in bulk which is RM15 for 10 mask sheets. Good buy! You daily mask pack cost only RM1.50. Super cheap for a good quality mask!

Why I said this is a good mask sheet?

My say on Althea A'bloom mask sheet......

The mas made of super soft cotton that fit your face well and they are not stingy with essence. It is rich with essences until it dripping a lot while using it. I usually wait for 15 to 20 minutes for a mask sheet but for Althea A'Bloom mask sheet I just need 10 minutes because too much essence so I cut the time short. I don't want to over stimulate my skin.

Since its super cheap and good quality, I apply one mask sheet in every 2 days. My favourite is Water-Me-Long since I have dry skin. It really helps to moisture my skin.

Extra tips! don't throw away the excess essences from your mask sheet pack. Just squeeze it out and apply for any other concern skin area such as neck arms, even your knee and leg.

A'bloom Meringue Puffs

Strictly not a dessert!

It comes in two sizes - Giant Meringue Puff and Baby Meringue Puff.

What is A'bloom Meringue Puff?

You don't need to hire MUA to get flawless skin. Just use A'bloom Meringue Puff to apply perfect makeup. Just grab one A'bloom meringue puff for both wet or dry for different effects on the skin. For an impatient person like me, the Giant Meringue Puff is super perfect for a quick finish. Of course, the big puff won't reach your nose corner and so on. 

Althea being Althea very details when it comes to product development, they have this petite size A'bloom Meringue puff to reach out the corner of your skin.

Before dabbing this on your skin, what is this cutie made of? Of course, you need to know this too!

No worry this flexible soft puff made on high-density latex-free foam. It's safe for skin, girls! Suitable for all skin types.

What is my say on A'bloom Meringue Puff?

I am not even a person to use any tools to apply makeup other than my bare fingers. Reason? Isn't it troublesome when applied using hand is much quicker? OK! don't talk about the awesome finish using the bare fingers. I admit it doesn't go so well by doing so in my daily life. huh huh

This is my first time using a puff to dab on the foundation on my skin. I was like... WOW! why my laziness always makes me miss a lot of good things. hhuhuhuh... I was amazed by how quickly this thing smoothes and even out the foundation. Seriously, look like good coverage, right?

Yeah! you will say this ...your photo all filtered one, sure look smooth and nice. Well...try it for yourself it cost only RM8 for Giant Meringue Puff and the Baby Meringue Puff cost only RM11 for 3 babies. 

Extra tips! tips for you on this one since I am still learning how to dab! dab! on my foundation but I want to tell you on one magical thing. This Meringue Puff will expand 1.5 times from its original size if you put in the water. hehehehe...KAWAIIIIII !!!!

Shop Althea A'bloom collection here
They have the most affordable quality K Beauty collection and guess what? This is my favourite online K Beauty shopping destination. 

Check out short videos below and watch me having fun to try out A'bloom by Althea Korea products at home and another video on me having fun with other Althea Angels at A'bloom product launching party at Soft Srve , Desa Park City somewhere end of last month. 

Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more of my video. HERE Don't forget to give me a like to my videos for encouragement. Thank you all for reading and viewing! 

Trying out A'bloom by Althea Korea

A'bloom Product Launching Party

Friday, May 3, 2019

4 Online Shopping Tips to Save Money

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Online retailers are becoming smart and creative these days to score big from shoppers. If you are not smart enough or careful you will end up forking out bigger money than you realize. Well, we online shopper has evolved too. We are getting smarter and only shop the smart deal and would go get a good deal without a lot of efforts. I am not sure about you but I did that all the time and end up saving some bucks out of this hacks.

Read further on how this smart online shopper will help you save some cash and make you find good shopping deals.

1. Pricing Trap

I am not sure about you but I realised online retailers technique has gotten advance nowadays. They will show you a higher price compared to someone else who pays less in online purchase. It is important for you to constantly :

* Clear your browsing history and cookies 
* log out of your accounts such as email, facebook and others.
* switch to incognito mode and it is better to shop and remain anonymous

Why? The online retailer is using advanced digital technology to capture browsing patterns. 

2. Shop at the Right Day

I noticed more retailers offer great discounts on Wednesday and Thursday. So, no matter how tempting you are to shop during the weekend, I think it is best to observe the retailers discounts offer for a few weeks before you click 'BUY'. Don't be glutton whenever you think its a good deal. Be patient and save more.

3. Cash Back Rewards Program

This really works for an online shopaholic like me. Even my travel earns me handsome cash back. The cash back redemption really awesome to helps me during 'drying' season. hahaha, Its sort of online 'piggy bank'. It's worth of accumulating the funds from this cash back reward. But still, these options are very limited because certain retailer only limits to in-apps shopping to get the cashback and some really don’t even give our reward which we have to go through a hassle to lodge a report and complain to customer service for few cents or dollar.

4. Never Shop without Coupon 

Personally, I love online shopping with a coupon this is because we have guarantee savings using the voucher or promo codes. But sometimes I feel a bit frustrated because many coupons offer comes with conditions which show its all about marketing gimmick than sincerely offer a good deal to the customer.

I have been sharing many online shopping tips and promotions so for this post again who read this will benefit from it too.

For Coupon and good deals hunter, I found this website call ShopCoupons. This online platform offers exclusive voucher codes, deals and sales from leading online stores which help me save some cash while I do online shopping. You can sign up for a free account and save your deals for next visit. Furthermore, you can get an exclusive email from your favourite store for a good deal. No such things as FREE but this has NO CATCH at all. I am sharing my online shopping hacks. 

The cashback reward offer at my favourite online store Lazada and Zalora is not so good deal so I usually shop smart. I rather go for a good deal like LAZADA VOUCHER  for my groceries and ZALORA PROMO CODE to shop for my Raya soon. Even my favourite K Beauty has lots of voucher code to offer at this website. Isn't that awesome?

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Why You Should Add Antioxidant Serum into your daily Skincare Routine?

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Anything about antioxidant is good for my skin nowadays. But its all listen and talk but to really add into my skincare routine...I was a super lazy woman. I rather go for a simple skincare routine than following that 10 steps Korean Skincare. 10 steps? Hurl!!! 4 steps also a bit too much for me. 
I still go for the basic skincare :

1. Cleanse
2. Toner
3. Eye Gel
4. Moisturizer

This is what I did daily. Oh! should I add in 5 steps instead of 4 steps? As a responsible woman, I never failed to step out without any sunscreen on. huhuhuh

Recently, I added Antioxidant Serum into my skincare nighttime routine. Never thought this change my skin condition. I should have added this earlier. I tried Sanny and Joleen Lifestyle Antioxidant Serum which contains :

* Tocotrienol (Vitamin E)
* Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5)
* Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
* Calendula and Olive Oil

The texture is a very lightweight with cooling effect and the non-oily formula with absolute non-greasy to your skin. I love that this serum can easily absorb into my skin with only a few drops. It really helps to nourish my skin and boost the brightness which makes my skin more radiance day by day. It has no pleasant or unpleasant smells at all and its alcohol, sulphates and paraben free. 

Why I choose to only add antioxidant serum at night?

Our skin cells go through repair and regenerative process while we are sleeping at night.

Antioxidant Serum is good for :

* ageing skin, 
* discolouration
* uneven skin tone
* sensitive skin

You just need a good antioxidants serum to target areas and specific times of the day. I know there are many free-radical fighting products have been proven to be effective on their own but with a combination of daily antioxidant protection and sunscreen use provide optimum skin protection.

In short antioxidants serum is an important step in skincare routine process. This has been proven neutralize the free radical and defend the skin against atmospheric aging.

You can try Sanny and Joleen Antioxidants Serum. They have one of the best antioxidant serum in Malaysia. Risk-free to your skin and in fact it brings more goodness. Try it once for better skin.

I use this serum drop for a week before sleep and the result is amazing. My skin looks brighter and radiance the next morning.

Get one Sanny Joleen Antioxidant Serum at RM49

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BiO-LiFE Empowers Mega Living With The Power Of 'C'

Wednesday, May 01, 2019 19 Comments


Is it someone who is super strong, healthy and with enviable muscles? Far from it. It's the everyday champion who braves daily traffic for an even busier working day ahead. It's the hardworking mum and dad who pursue better lives for their kids. It's those who actively pursue goals on the go. A " superhero" lives in all of us and mega living as such deserves the power of "C' for healthier lives! I guess even the Avengers need a daily dose of Vitamin C too. The question is, how many oranges do you eat or squeeze to drink to ensure a healthy dose of vitamin C every day?

Refreshingly delicious, it's hard to refuse a glass of orange juice to kickstart a busy "relentless" day. Seriously, how many "superheroes" like us even have the time to squeeze oranges as we dash out the door each day or even think about the nutrients it provides to keep us on the go?

Since our body does not produce vitamin C, it must be obtained from "outside-the-body" sources. Besides oranges, vitamin C is widely available in nature and found in other "fruitlicious" fresh fruits such as guava, mango, papaya, citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes and tomato juices including leafy vegetables and animal sources (meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products). However, it is also the least stable vitamins and easily destroyed during processing and storage!

Did you know that body stores of vitamin C can be affected by dietary intake, metabolic losses, renal "urine" excretion and faecal losses? 

Interestingly as vitamin C is one of the nutrients sensitive to stress, it is also the first nutrient to be depleted in alcoholics, smokers and obese individuals and, it makes it a marker for overall health!

With our love for delicious foods and "sometimes" not so healthy offerings amid busy and sedentary habits (in some!)., how do we 'power-up' to meet hectic lifestyle demands? 

BiO-LiFE MEGA-C Plus Bioflavonoid comprising 30 pieces Vitamin C Handy in Saches

BiO-LiFE Marketing Sdn. Bhd., is a part of MEGA LIFESCIENCES (one of the leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company headquartered in Bangkok) and a proponent of 'Prevention is The Best Medicine' , unveiled the new MEGA-C PLUS Bioflavonoid, a vitamin C in sachet form in Malaysia that meets the needs of busy individuals who are always on the go!

BiO-LiFE MEGA-C Plus Bioflavonoid once-a-day Vitamin C flavoured drink

Available in orange flavour powder form in convenient once-a-day sachet, the MEGA-C Plus Bioflavonoid is a high strength vitamin C in calcium ascorbate enriched with bioflavonoids. As vitamin C is a water more soluble vitamin, the bioflavonoids help to increase the absorption and utilisation of vitamin C in the body. For those with gastric issues, the buffered MEGA-C Plus Bioflavonoid in ascorbate form of neutral pH does not irritate stomachs!

BiO-LiFE MEGA-C Plus Bioflavonoid is a high strength Vitamin C that comes to you in convenient once-a-day sachets

Pack for convenience to meet modern lifestyles needs a vitamin C deficient individuals, the single sachet packing of MEGA-C Plus Flavonoid helps preserve its 1000mg vitamin C content for added benefits.

So how does one consume MEGA-C Plus Bioflavonoid each day?

BiO-LiFE MEGA-C Plus Bioflavonoid Vitamin C Handy in SAchet

Whenever just dissolve one sachet with a glass of cool water and drink once daily. Super convenient!

Suitable for all ages 12 years and above namely, busy and active working folks, travellers, the elderly, people with poor health too., the no-sugar-added MEGA-C Plus Bioflavonoid comes to you in a box of 30 sachets and retails at RM55 per box. It's available at all leading pharmacies nationwide including Caring, Guardian, Watsons and independent pharmacies.

So, why is vitamin C key in our diet? The benefits are many : 

* For collagen formation, a protein that gives structure to bones, cartilage, muscle and blood vessels.
* Helps maintain capillaries, bones and teeth
* Aids in the absorption of iron

As for me who is now in mid-40s, a daily dose of Vitamin C is a MUST! With this convenient sachet, don't give me any reason to skip my daily dose. Most of all, I could bring this for my travel too.

For more information, please visit

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Shopping Time with SGshop

Sunday, April 28, 2019 19 Comments

Online shopping is not surprisingly 'dirt cheap' if you really find a good supplier. You can get almost everything with a price that doesn't even burn your wallet. Unfortunately, most of these sellers are from Chinese e-commerce website. I usually shop through my trusted online agent SGshop. I have been using their service for many years now. SGshop eliminates many barriers for me and makes online shopping cross border a lot easier.

1. Communication 

The language barrier is always a problem for a non-Chinese speaker like me. Sometimes the product photo looks super tempting to buy but unable to read the Chinese character for the details descriptions since the website is in Chinese without any translation options. Worst if I am looking for something for specific in particular but hard to communicate this to the potential seller at the other end of the world. At SGshop they listed all items in English and with easier understandable descriptions. 

2. Payment

You know we are in the era of Alipay and Wechat pay. We can't register and do a cross border transaction using those. I know what you are thinking, we have PayPal and so on. This option is seriously limited and not many offer these options though. Payment mode is secure with wide options from secure credit card to online payment transfer. You don't even have to worry about extra bank charges shopping with SGshop.

3. Delivery

I am not sure about you but as for my experience did the transaction with China is like hell. Especially the delivery part. No one explains on customs clearance part. You can't even give up the items which are stuck at the custom and end up paying an expensive price for items clearance. Your time cost goes to custom and on added up. Burn my wallet deeply. From packaging to customs clearance completed by SGshop on your behalf. You don't need to leave your house or receive a message your items stuck at custom. Everything delivers at our doorstep. I remember buying a shelf which is considered big items and all reached me hassle free.

4. Quality Control

Most of the price is super cheap but that doesn't mean we are to accept the bad quality. We don't have anyone to even verify and check the quality for us. When the item reached you if it is good then good for you. But if the item is total garbage, can you apply for a refund? Some seller is smart they will say 7 days money back guarantee but provided the item reached them by then. Who is bearing the shipping cost back? SGshop has a warehouse in China and they will check our items before delivery. Anything doesn't meet the quality expectation will be sent back to the seller for replacement. This is a seriously good service.

5. Refund and Compensation

If you find the items reach you are not as ordered or even damage item, you can always talk to your agent who will then deal with the seller at the other end.

Sharing is Caring! Mother's Day and Raya season shopping are coming soon. SGshop is having a good promotion in May 2019 for all of us.

SG Shop Promotion May 2019 Sale :

Event date: 1st May to 31st May 2019
Event details: SGCoupon RM5 will be giving away through clicking and copy the code. Every single user can get SGCoupon within the promotion period.

Event date 1st May - 7th May 2019
Event details: 15% air shipping off + 50% service fee discount for total spending amount (First payment) reaches RM100 or above.

Event date: 11th May to 13th May 2019
Event details: 10% sea shipping discount

Event date: 15th May - 20th May 2019
Event details: Get1SGreward Shard for every RM1 spent. Every10 SGreward Shard redeemable for RM1 SGreward. Shard limited earned from purchase order (First Payment) only

Event date: 21st May - 31st May 2019
Event details: Grab green packet. Chances to win a reward for RM10, RM5, and RM2

For those who still new to SGshop - SGshop is a trusted online platform that helps you buy and ship a wide range of products when you shop internationally. The platform gives members access to thousands of international online stores and take the worry of international shipping. I have tried their service a few times, I would say they are fast reliable and affordable.

You can start shopping here:

I personally looking forward to 15% air shipping off + 50% service fee discount for total spending amount (First payment) reaches RM100 or above on 1st May - 7th May 2019.

Jom let us shop for Raya celebration!

For my readers, you are getting extra. Just enter promo code: MAYSALE2019 for 10% service fee.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Homemade Recipe Chilli Sauce you will fall in love with one bite

Monday, April 22, 2019 16 Comments
It was a long time ago since I bought Chilli Sauce. I really find most Chilli Sauce in the market it's sweet and tangy. Since I really love hot and spicy food, sweet chilli sauce totally not my 'forte' at all. I rather make my own 'sambal' but this will happen only occasionally when I have time and most of the time the taste is not so consistently delicious. Don't laugh! I admit not being a good cook. kekekeke

When BOSS Chilli Sauce reached me the expectation was like....mehhhh!!! another sweet chilli sauce huh?

The bottle even comes with a different theme :

* Happy Boss
* Angry Boss
* Crazy Boss

I was like why is this Chilli Sauce related to BOSS ?

Well... I just checked this BOSS is not even related to the Boss we think it is! Duh! Brilliant and yet cheeky in a way. Thumb up Boss Chilli Sauce!

B - Benchmark
O - Of
S - Super
S - Standards

Boss Chilli Sauce claimed their chilli sauce with no added preservatives and colouring. Basically, homemade recipes with natural ingredients.

You want to know what is my verdict for all three Boss Chilli Sauce ?

I dipped bland mushroom sticky rice rolls with the sauce. I choose to taste on the Crazy Boss and YES! I was super crazy. This is extra hot chilli sauce with some garlic in it. I feel like dancing 'BTS' Fire!!!!! right away. OMG! OMG! this is it! my kind of Chilli sauce.

For baby (don't la feed your baby with chilli sauce. Later people report you abusive Mama hhuhuh)....who can't take spicy food can try Happy Boss. You will definitely feel happy when dipping in this Happy Boss. It looks green and thought I think this is just normal green chilli, not the green bird's eye chilli. The taste suit for the non-spicy taker.

I have many days in a week where I don't have time to cook at home. So, I normally pack food home. I just couldn't get enough of Crazy Boss, huh? The photo shows me having fried squid with Crazy Boss. Yummy!!!!

What about Angry Boss? 
Well... Angry Boss is just spicy to me. It says medium but it still hot. I love this one too. It will be delicious if I suddenly feel like eating 'egg sambal' but no time to cook the 'sambal'. Just boiled the egg or fried egg and pour the Angry Boss on it. meal ready, just served with hot rice. 

I have so much simple meal use the Boss Chilli Sauce but no time to make this happen plus...I am saving up this awesome Chilli Sauce for Ramadhan time. kekeke....

How nice if can just fry chicken then pour the  Crazy Boss on top and eat with rice and some cucumber. Tadahhhhh....'Ayam Penyet' set ready!

One of the recent weekends, I have some time to cook my own meal. What you expect from my fridge? Chicken? Fish? Squid? Prawn? Hurl!!!! Only 'tofu' or beancurd and a bit of anchovy which dying to be restocked since I don't go for groceries shopping. huhuhuh

Fried lovers always wanna eat fried food and will fry anything. I fried the tofu and anchovy and then pour Happy Boss and Crazy Boss on top. Owh! I forgot to tell you I fried the shallot too for good fragrance and sprinkle it on top. WTH! Eat it with hot rice...two bowls confirmed!

My conclusion for BOSS Chilli Sauce?
I will definitely replenish whenever my stock getting low. Reason? This is totally my kind of chilli sauce and must have at home for 'sambal' lovers like me. 

Like what the Boss said this is definitely the real taste of chilli and once bitten by the Boss, you'll be in love forever. I am glad to find this chilli sauce.

Boss chilli sauce founded by Boss Brothers Sdn Bhd and established since 2017 and recently improvised and come in new packaging.

Halal Chilli Sauce? YES

Where to buy Boss Chilli Sauce?

How much is Boss Chilli Sauce ?

You can click purchase of 3 bottles for RM40 at BOSS website.

Boss Chilli Sauce, I give you TWO THUMBS UP! 

If you are HOT and SPICY like me....mmmmm...this is a must to be in your fridge. Nothing will go wrong for your next meal.