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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lovely Make Up Collection from Miss Hana

Thursday, November 16, 2017 10 Comments

I used Taiwan skin care before and this is my first time trying out Taiwan made Make Up. During recent Taiwan Expo, I was blessed with lots of outstanding make up collection from Miss Hana . Thank you so much!

What is in the bag from Miss Hana?

* Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick SPF50++
* Miss Hana Brightening Cream
* Miss Hana Eyeliner
* Miss Hana CC Eye Shadow Stick Duo -01
* Miss Hana CC Eye Shadow Stick Duo - 02
* Miss Hana CC Eye Shadow Stick Duo - 03
* Miss Hana Macaron CC Stick Duo - 01
* Miss Hana Macaron CC Stick Duo - 02
* Miss Hana Macaron CC Stick Duo - 03
* Miss Hana Macaron Bubble Clay Pack

Who is Miss Hana ?

You can read all about it here.

Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick SPF50++

This cushion stick design to keep hands clean while getting brighten up and radiant looking skin. 

Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick SPF50++ claimed :

* keep your finger clean
* natural and bright looking skin
* Flawless finish make up

My experience using Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick SPF50++

I really impressed with the innovative applicator of this CC Cushion stick. I just need to press the button and the CC Cushion come out through the small hole of the sponge and just dab it onto skin evenly.
The texture is creamy but not flaky at all. In fact I love the cooling refreshing sensation of this CC Cushion and totally easy to apply on skin. They are talking about natural , bright looking skin and flawless finish make up? Well...just see the bottom left photo which is before I apply it. (face palm on my pale looking skin) Then compare it with the bottom right photo. It look more radiant and lively , right?

Miss Hana Macaron Color Contour Stick Duo

When I first saw this...I was like..what am I suppose to do with this? I am not a 'Beauty Guru' or whatsoever. I never do contouring throughout my 40th life before. Since it already fall to my lap. I have no choice to give my trembled hand a try to do such contouring. YOLO. You live only once! Why not?

Miss Hana Macaron Color Contour Stick Duo comes in 3 color tone.

Claimed :
- Flawless makeup
- Conceal imperfections while plumping!
- Solve dark circles , redness and dullness

It comes in 3 colors set combination :

* 01 - Lavender and Pink combination for light on skin tone. Lavender suppose to use on dark area and pink color to brighten up skin tone.
* 02 - Mint Green and Sky blue combination to correct redness. Use the mint green color on the reddish area and sky blue for uneven skin tone areas.
* 03 - Salmon and Yellow combination for dark circles correction. Apply the Salmon tone on dark circle areas and Yellow color on dull skin areas to brighten up skin tone.

Since I have dark circles and uneven skin tone problem. This duo stick designed just like a lipstick. I applied Miss Hana Macaron CC Stick Duo - 03. I love the texture is creamy and easy glide on skin. Very easy to apply even for beginner like me. I just apply on the targeted area and dab lightly until it even out. Walahhhhh!!!! there you go. Did you see any dark circle and uneven skin tone? It works wonder. Keep following my instagram to see how I apply other color on my skin.

Miss Hana CC Eye Shadow Stick Duo

Claimed : Correction vs Eye-shadow and brighten up eyes in one stroke. 

It comes in 3 sets of color combination :

01 - Green base + Dark Brown eye shadow
02 - Salmon base  + Natural Brown
03 - Lavender base + Gold Brown

I  feel the applicator of this eye shadow stick is really innovative and totally suits beauties like me. (kekekeke...beauties like me. Kind of a bit ...mmmmmm) any way love the face they creates this with the combination of eye base and eye shadow. The eye base is like lipstick kind of applicator and the eye shadow part is dab kind of applicator which is easier and a beginner like me find this convenient and also less dirty because I normally use finger to dab my eye shadow evenly. The base kind of act like eye primmer and make you eye lid brighter before apply the eye shadow. I totally love this too.

Miss Hana Eye Liner

It claimed as :
* water proof
* oil proof
* no smudge in 24 hours

I don't really like apply the eye liner because of my trembling hand. But this one very easy to apply as it glide away effortless onto my eye line. What it claimed...really what it does. I will keep this and include to my daily make up routine.

My  thoughts after trying out Miss Hana make up collection,

* I love the innovative applicator. Really fulfill the customer needs and beginner like me.
* The texture and color combination totally perfect and really does what it claimed.

Where to buy Miss Hana in Malaysia?

You can buy them from online store

Monday, November 13, 2017

Mamonde Presents ' Flowers For Me ' Holiday Collection

Monday, November 13, 2017 14 Comments
Christmas and New Year mood comes early for me. The season of givings and chilling out starting now with Mamonde's Holiday Collection themed 'Flowers for Me' sends out powerful message - that is to reward yourself before others. Its common we will be buying presents for other and forget about rewarding ourselves. Mamonde change the tradition this year and this year by crafting holiday sets specially for you!

The packaging are beautifully designed boxes with printed vibrant graphic of Mamonde Garden in harmony with butterflies and birds. Just by one glance it will make you in happy mode.

Mamonde's 'Flowers for Me' Holiday Collection 2017 brings 5 flower-amazing sets for self pampering. Holiday goers!!! inn addition to 5 sets, the holiday collection also includes a Holiday Limited Edition Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense and Holiday Limited Edition Brightening Cover Powder Cushion. What do you think?

First Energy Duo Set worth RM319, Price at RM219/-

In this First Energy Duo Set you can find :

* First Energy Serum, 100ml (Actual Size)
* First Energy Essence, 150ml (Actual Size)
* Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner , 15ml
* Floral Hydro Emulsion, 25ml
* Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream, 5ml
* Floral Hydro Cream, 15ml

The first energy line is uploaded with new Lactobacillus that is essential for healthy looking skin. It is also blended with the 1 year old fermented " Flower Vinegar ", which leaves your skin less susceptible and more resilient to external aggression. 
The Floral Hydro Line contains the brilliant Narcissus that are well known for its hydration.

If you are looking to get something to boost and uplift skin and get firmer and healthier skin, this set is totally worth it for self treats!

Holiday Makeup Set (21) and (23) worth RM260, Price at RM209/-

This set is totally worth it for you to look dazzling and fabulous during this holiday season.

* Brightening Cover Powder Cushion Medium Beige (21N) or Natural Beige (23N), 15g x 2
* Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense No. 05 Blooming Rose, 2.5g
* Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense No. 11 Velvet Red, 2.5g

Holiday Hand Cream Set worth RM116, Price at only RM69

Hand cream sets which is stress reliever with Mamonde's perfumed variety of flowers smells.

* Perfumed Hand cream - Rose Bouquet, 30ml
* Perfumed Hand cream - Gardenia, 30ml
* Perfumed Hand cream - Camelia Petal, 30ml
* Perfumed Hand cream - Jasmine Cashmere, 30ml

My favourite is the rose bouquet and jasmine cashmere. lalalalala

Holiday Limited Edition Creamy Tint Color Balm worth RM55, Price at only RM50.

This set is super affordable for gifting.
* Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense No. 05 Blooming Rose, 2.5g
* Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense No. 11 Velvet Red, 2.5g

If you are interested to get your hands on this awesome Mamonde ' Flowers for Me ' sets, you can get them from Mamonde Beauty Counters at :

* Aeon 1Utama, PJ
* Aeon Midvalley. KL
* Parkson Suria KLCC,KL
* Aeon Bukit Indah,JB
* Aeon Tebrau City, JB
* Aeon , Queensbay Mall, Penang
* Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang

For those who thinks online shopping is more convenient for them, can go ahead get your Mamonde Flowers For Me set from this famous online store :

Happy pampering !!!!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Taiwan Expo 2017 - Taiwan Beauty Industry on the Roll

Friday, November 10, 2017 12 Comments

Taiwan Beauty Industry on the Roll to Create More Business Opportunities

This is not the first time , I was invited for Taiwan Beauty Alliance (TBA) presentation. Last year they presented magnificent 11 Taiwan Beauty Brands. This year I have an opportunity to witness another 12 Taiwan Beauty Brands products introduction in the Taiwan Beauty VIP event at the Taiwan Expo 2017 at KLCC Convention Centre , Kuala Lumpur Malaysia . The format was different from last year and I can tell you I was so impressed with the organizer improvement for this year event. Congratulation to all team!

Founded in year 2016, TBA has carefully selected the brands and products with most represent Taiwan in terms of branding and also quality. These include skin care products, cosmetics and hair products. This year TBA selected another outstanding 12 companies to introduce each best selling products and create awareness of Taiwanese Beauty products among Malaysia consumers and provide Malaysians with high quality beauty products.

The selected 12 companies did a good job in presenting their best selling items here. Most presentation is sweet and precise. Not a long winded presentation as last year. :)

1. Arwin Bio-Tech(Taiwan)

Brand : Arwin , Biochem
Official website :
Feature Products : Skin and Body care products, including makeup removers, facial / body exfoliate, cleansers, soaps, toners, serums, essences, essential solution liquid extracts and hair care products. 

Do you know that Arwin Bio-Tech owned the largest Rose Farm in Taiwan ? If I am not mistaken during the product presentation, the co. rep. mentioned it at Puli. So if you happen to be in Taiwan do visit to this rose farm. Its free entrance. Try to search in internet on the exact location. Me super lazy at this point! hehehe. If you find out the location please drop the location address to my comment box here. Thank you!

2. Gold Nanotech

Brand : Gold Nano Tech
Official website :
Feature products : Gold series products such as cream, serum and facial mask. Transdermal delivery system, vitagold series and ampule producrts. 

Do you know that Gold Nanottech utilize PVD technology to produce active and high purity gold which can be applied on skincare, beauty device, food beverage and pharmaceutical fields?

3. Herdsman Enterprises

Brand : PSK
Official website :
Feature products : Skincare , Color Cosmetics, Pearl Cream, Mask

Do you know that PSK own by a Malaysian couple ? They started this in Taiwan about 43 years ago. Their best seller Beanne Pearl Cream has sales volume as the height of 1000 Taipei 101. Their product has sold off to over 30 countries.

4. High Belem Chemistry

Official website :
Feature products : Full range of skin cares and necessities.

Do you know , TSAIO the most popular natural skin products around the world , consist of wide ranges of products of everyday use from head to toe, pursuit high level quality of complexion by working with global R&D partners in Japan and the EU for over 40 years?
TSAIO takes the " plant regeneration ability" to give herbal and organic skin care products more profound significance values.

5. Kuan Yuan Lian

Brand : Kuan Yuan Lian (KYL)
Official website :
Feature products : Skin cares strictly extract from Aloe, Cucumber, Roses and green tea and many other good local quality botanical essence.

Do you know KYL Loofah moist is natural moisturizing facial toner infused with pure cucumber extract ? It is refreshing for all skin type. KYL insist on manufacturing natural and clean skin care products.

6. Lam Sam Yick

Brand : LSY
Official Website :
Feature product : Makeup Brush

Do you know LSY has 120 years of history in producing brushes mainly for writing ? They are well known with concept of " precision making of the brush ". Using their expertise in brushes they successfully venture into new market for handmade brushes with the brand LSY professional cosmetics brushes. Made only with the finest hair, this craft perfection has been made the top choice make up tool among makeup artists and stylists.

7. Masacy

Brand : Solone
Official website :
Feature products : Make up products such as eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, lipstick , foundation,blush

Do you know Solone is a renowned make up brand in Taiwan and has been awarded many times by famous and publicly recognized by beauty media?
Its eyeliner pencil which claims to be super waterproof, sweat proof and can withstand oily lids while remaining a smooth and soft glide.

8. Miho International Cosmetic

Brand : Miss Hana , Hanaka
Official website :
Feature products : Complete series cosmetics, including foundation, concealer, eye makeup, eyebrow makeup, lip & cheek makeup, make up remover,brush and many more

Do you know they started with online shop "86shop" ? Leverage on their pool of online customers, they slowly create their own brand name Miss Hana which based on customer needs and market trends analysis. Their brand name famous with high quality , trendy and affordable.

Yours truly won this goodies bag from Miss Hana from answering the quiz at the end of product presentation. Super happy because I have been eyeing on this while visiting their booth before the event. WTH! Super lucky. Thank you! I will review this in my future post.

9. President Pharmaceutical

Brand : My Beauty Diary
Official website :
Feature products : Skincare, sheet masks, facial cleanser and makeup remover

Do you know their facial mask brand " My Beauty Diary" has successfully marketed to 13 different countries ? It has been awarded with numerous beauty awards for it exceptional quality and product safety. The rave reviews from consumers gained them more than 2.5 billion sheets of masks sales in a year. Wow!

10. Shaan Honq International Cosmetics

Brand : SH-RD, NNPE
Official website :
Feature products : Hair care including shampoo, conditioners, leave in treatment, semi treatments, deep treatments (rinse off), scalp care solution set, color, perm and hair accessories.

Do you know that Shaan Honq owned more than 100 halal-certified hair products ? They are play leading role in professional MIT brand in the global hair industry.

11. Tairjiuh Enterprise

Brand : City Color , Maxwell
Official website :
Feature product : Color cosmetics including make up tools and skincare products.

Do you know TJ Group has produced thousands of cosmetics products for OEM/ODM customers for over 30 years? 10 years back TJ Group started its own brand City Color in US and very well known with its contouring palette.

12. Unicare Biotechnology

Brand : Unicare , Lab101
Feature product : Skincare including makeup removers, cleansers, soaps, toners, serum, essences, essential solution liquid extracts, gels, moisturizers,creams,facial masks, eye cares, sunscreens and many more.

Do you know Unicare's product are formulated with high efficiency and safety by professional , scientific demonstration ? Lab101 is a professional medical skin care brand which commit to create simple, scientific, effective formula in a full range of products for delivering the views of ideal skin.

With all the outstanding products introduction from each companies, the year 2017 TBA successfully launched. If you are interested do drop by at KLCC Convention Centre Hall 4 and 5. Taiwan Expo held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 9th - 11th November 2017 starting from 10:00am - 6:00pm.

There are many great business opportunities and knowledge to gain from this expo.Apart from beauty segment, Taiwan Expo brings you to the insight of other industry as well.

For example today , 10th November 2017, they have Taiwan Halal Seminar 2017 at meeting room 304, 3rd Floor , KL Convention Center.

I did a quick visit to other booth yesterday and seriously, there many opportunities if one can have whole day to get to know these companies.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Lazada Online Revolution Blogger Contest

Tuesday, November 07, 2017 15 Comments

lazada voucher

Another shopping time coming ahead!
I bet many online shoppers are waiting anxiously for up-coming Online Revolution Sales. Lazada Malaysia, Southeast Asia's number one online shopping and selling destination is launching Online Revolution : Shop The Universe - which is going to be an exciting month-long online festival from 11.11 - 12.12. Many exciting deals and offers on popular products from well-known brands available!

Back in old days, I was always skeptical on online shopping. Afraid of getting scam or whatsoever. When Lazada first started in Malaysia, I did some background check on Lazada Malaysia before  make my first online purchase. I online make my purchase after found out Lazada is a big company with good track records.

What is my first product that I ever purchased online ? What was it and how was my first experience?

I still remember my first product I ever purchased online is Home Sauna set price around RM200 plus that time. The products reached me within the expected time frame. 

This is how my first purchase look like. Exactly as described online. I still using this until now and it was the best online purchase ever for me.

Which types of products would I prefer to buy online ?

Starting from this pleasant online shopping experience, I then started to buy more and more. Addicted! hahahah. Basically, I buy many sorts of things through online shopping. I mostly purchase small appliances, beauty products, health supplements and clothing.

What I love about online shopping ?

1. More savings 

Sometimes it offer cash back , online voucher and exclusive online sales discount and promotion.

2. Convenient

My parent and me live in different states like 4 hours drive from each other. I normally , order their health supplement or other necessities online and get it delivered direct to them.

Which products will I buy and planning to buy from Lazada during the Online Revolution Sales?

I have been eyeing for Samsung Tablet. I still struggling in making the final decision for the purchase. Not sure which one will be more relevant to me at this moment.

Why I think shoppers need to take advantage on this up-coming Online Revolution ?

You will enjoy great savings and discounts during this one month long online revolutions sales festivals. Festive season and giving season is coming up. Why don't you get some gifts for yourself and people you care to create some moment of joy!

Anybody is counting down for Online Revolution for some savings?

Psssttt!!! I heard they will be giving out more discounts and vouchers if you shop using mobile apps. So better download it now!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Snoopy and the Peanuts gang bring year end festive cheer to Resorts World Genting

Saturday, November 04, 2017 13 Comments

Christmas tree floats, elves, santarinas, snowman and Santa Claus himself will join Snoopy and Charlie Brown as they create a festive atmosphere at Resorts World Genting this coming holiday season.

Snoopy, as the world knows, is Charlie Brown's pet beagle in the comic strip, Peanuts, and the lovable character will be a focal point at the country's premier hill resort with its Tour the World with Snoopy @ Resorts World Genting.

The Peanuts gang parade will see them joined by 11 friends as they light up the resort with their exuberant presence—but the street procession is only one of many activities in the pipeline to celebrate the holiday season. A main highlight of Tour the World with Snoopy, to be held from 1 November 2017 to 1 January 2018, involves the friendly neighbourhood beagle showcasing various countries. Be among the first in the world to catch Snoopy in 52 custom-made costumes of different countries and cultures—the figurines will be placed at various locations in SkyAvenue and First World Rainforest.

Visitors can take photos with the figurines—each featuring a different country. They are sure to have fun as they look out for all 52 Snoopy at the mall. They can seek, snap and post to their heart's delight. 

Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the comic strip Peanuts—all creations of Charles M. Schulz—first became famous in 1950 but they have remained popular over the years. Today Snoopy still captures the imagination of all with his funny and buoyant nature.

Visitors to the resort can catch Snoopy, Charlie Brown and their 11 friends—that would be Santa Claus and company—on parade from 25 November 2017 onwards, during the Tour the World with Snoopy period.  The colourful characters will meet and greet visitors as they spread festive cheer at SkyAvenue and Genting Grand daily.

The largest Snoopy you will ever see will also make an impact at the mall; the larger-than-life six-metre high inflatable Snoopy will be erected at SkyAvenue Level 1.

Genting Rewards members can look forward to own some exclusive merchandise—a limited edition piece of Snoopy fun. They may utilise their Genting Points to make redemption for a limited edition of Snoopy lanyard. Shoppers who spend above RM400 at SkyAvenue will receive a Snoopy notebook while those who spend above RM600 will receive a Snoopy tote bag.

Along with the state-of-the-art Awana Skyway, SkyAvenue is among Resorts World Genting's newest offerings that have added a new dimension to the experience of holidaymakers at the resort. More options than ever before await visitors in terms of lifestyle shopping, entertainment and F&B—and they can expect more festive activities to come their way this holiday season.

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit

Friday, November 3, 2017

A Visit to Joy Garden Old Folk House, Semenyih

Friday, November 03, 2017 16 Comments

We don't need to be rich to contribute , the effort is more important. We have been working hard to make end meets and for the sake of our surviving on this earth. Life is unpredictable but death is certain. Once we leave this world everything we earn from our effort will be remain on earth. As for myself being single at this age is something I am use to it. Loneliness can be fill by activities but the only worries is when old , sick and become dependable. I prefer to leave when still healthy and don't trouble others. But thats not my choice anyway. God will! My time will comes. All I can do is to prepare for my future and minimize the trouble when time comes. Most important to try my best to take care of my health.  

Human Nature, we never enough with everything we have. Don't wait until you have enough before you start sharing.

I used to do some give back to society at quarterly basis. My favourite place is at Joy Garden , Semenyih. That was before they move to new place. The land owner took back the land for some other project. Now the place move to nearby by paying rental on private land. Glad I found them again. I will try my best to visit from time to time.

When I visited them long time ago at old place the people who live in that house mainly old people and some handicapped kids. At this new place I saw mostly old people. The familiar faces has gone and replace with new one. A bit sad though! Some of them has gone to their creator but at least for good rather than suffer on earth.

The new address of Joy Garden Semenyih is below this entry. The road towards this house a bit off road. They house most of the old people inside cabin or sort of container. Its still a shelter better than nothing. The view and surrounding quite calm with fish pond and some gooses around.

They are trying to plant some loofah, passion fruits and vegetables. I saw many chicken at the back too. At least they make an effort to survive. I saw some provision like rice and noodles. Glad that my contribution a bit different from others. I bought some eggs, can food , biscuits, cakes and some monetary contribution. Not much but hope can ease them a bit.

Currently they are trying to gather some funds to build fencing around the place because some bad people stole currently metal fencing. I saw some bricks fencing build up halfway. Guess not enough funds for that. Monetary contribution also will helps on the rental payment to the land owner.

For those interested to contribute monetary or provision please drop by :

Joy Garden Old Folks Home 

Homeless Shelter in Semenyih, Malaysia
Address: Taman Perindustrian Sri Haneco, Semenyih, Selangor