Friday, April 17, 2009

Study Leave

On leave today. Off my other line (office tel line) .I need time to do some last minute revision. Its work for other subject though but not for this one. I just feel lack of confident in this subject.
Thursday night do some revision until 2.00am. Then woke up at 7.00am, as normal I will do my usual routine rolling and rolling on the bed.. hehehe lazy to get out of the bed.
Received call from a friend whom about to depart from Changi and off to LA but I guess need to stop transit a while at Narita before continue to LA. Not vacation but working for 2 weeks. To him , I wish Work Hard! Play Hard! ... don't be naughty man! Safe journey and hope come back here safely too..If you bring back Teddy Bear from LA maybe I will consider your invitation for coffee coffee with you when you back ! No Teddy Bear no consideration hahahaha...Yeah ! I am nasty!
His called actually make me get out from my bed and straight to shower..Thanks Bro!
Go to bank , then go to salon.. do wash treatment and trimmed my hair... almost 3 months never visit the saloon ..ya ya I suppose on study leave , I misused it!
Naughty girl today.. But hey! I back home by 12.00 noon and study until 6.00pm.
Now its my time to have a break.. time to just browse all the notes and relevant books with hope I can have that magical power to absorb all the gist from the notes... hihihi me and my magical thinking again.. How I wish I have that power!
Don't know what to have for dinner tonight.. just not in the mood at all.
I settle with glass of cold milk with cocoa powder in.. not bad taste though! but still hungry..
I think I will just skip my dinner.. no appetite.
Wow! Harry Potter is coming soon.. can't wait to watch this movie!
I need to come back to reality . Tomorrow exam, and I am trying to do my very very best..
I still cannot get my new car this week. I just very worried since my old Kembara getting worst and worst...hope everything is fine!
For my friend who commented my driving skill very rude.. I admit it .. my style of driving all depends on my mood swing.. but most of the time bad mood... so you know le...Sayonara!

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