Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stay Positive

Rainy day and very cold!
Driving to office as usual with my eye half shut!
Sleepy and tiring!
I just wish I don't have to wake up from my bed and do my rolling rolling on the bed until 10.00am .
Reached office very early again about 6.45am.

Thought of starting to do my work then feeling not right , end up continue with my half cook Toyota analysis. Tiring very tiring but yet need to maintain my positiveness.
I have been doing this since last night and half way through gave up!
Feel like giving up now too but I just can't and have to force myself.

Hope to have a good day today.
Wish my Boss don't disturb my emotional today :))
If he does......, drastic response he will receive from me...
both will end up very very hurt and ugly.
Not in good mood at all!
I am afraid of myself right now.
Don't know what will happen if I can't control myself today.
Seriously my mood swing is getting bad these days... people say going through menapous-too early lah... can't be.. and I believe I am just one moody person by nature and force myself to look ok in front of other although sometimes it may slip out and can't help to show my black face to others.... hehehe I am just a human....

New staff coming in tomorrow.
Oh ya forgotten today I have one candidate coming in for interview another victim???
Don't know ....

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