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Here goes another one

Woke up with bad swollen throat! Not a flue a cough or even a fever but just swollen and painful throat. Weird! As usual went to office trying to keep my spirit motivated , until.... My Snr Accounts Exec slapped me with his resignation letter... Ah! expected.. but not so soon though.. I broke down deep in my heart but lucky still maintain my composure.. Damn it! When I am strategising to walk away here goes block here and there... Now it will be back to more burden.. Now I feel so helpless.. Life seriously not so easy for me. Every single sen I earned its like getting a coin out from volcano mountain. Seriously , deep in my heart I feel more and more sick! However, I take it as another challenge and this motivate me to move on from here soonest possible. On the way back pay a visit to Doctor. as expected got myself antibiotic and another tablet don't really know for what just swallow it all! My mind just blank. I didn't take my lunch. Why? Whatelse? work and work like a slave t

Stay Positive

Rainy day and very cold! Driving to office as usual with my eye half shut! Sleepy and tiring! I just wish I don't have to wake up from my bed and do my rolling rolling on the bed until 10.00am . Reached office very early again about 6.45am. Thought of starting to do my work then feeling not right , end up continue with my half cook Toyota analysis. Tiring very tiring but yet need to maintain my positiveness. I have been doing this since last night and half way through gave up! Feel like giving up now too but I just can't and have to force myself. Hope to have a good day today. Wish my Boss don't disturb my emotional today :)) If he does......, drastic response he will receive from me... both will end up very very hurt and ugly. Not in good mood at all! I am afraid of myself right now. Don't know what will happen if I can't control myself today. Seriously my mood swing is getting bad these days... people say going through menapous-too early lah... can't be.. and

Its another Monday

Since last night I went to bed early.. This morning I wake up with fresh mind.. stay positive Rina.. Exam this Saturday... huhuhuuuuu.. I don't have a clue what to expect! I listed down all the questions possible for each chapters then try my best to do some research and answer the questions.. Hopefully this method work! Later need to attend this routines Monday morning meeting! Lazy!!!!! but no choice.. I am trying my best to stay strong and try to eliminate any negative vibes around me... Hope this week a good one!!!!

Apple Inc.Part 2

Gosh! this is tougher than I thought! I know the tools but how to use ? Damn! I am still clueless. I have been reading the case studies number of times and trying to apply to the tools given but ..... How to write so that my turnitin result come out positive ? I still see Apple Apple Apple flying around my head... Now I feel like want to cry.... isk isk what should i do ? 2 nights and yet I am still blank... this is no good sign.... I am running out of time!!!!!!! GOD only you can help me now!!!!! Feel like banging my head to the wall now! angry with myself! I am so upset with myself for being so clueless...

Staying Alive

Thank God! the presentation was over! My nervous breakdown much more better than my 1st presentation. I still unhappy because I still unable to put that confidence when talking. I admire one of my coursemate whom sat down on the table and just talk and talk without even having any notes to refer. So confidence! I am over jealous and envy him! As we predicted since our group present Proton Berhad so many question arises when Q&A session open to the floor... We need to submit the written report soon so currently , I am working on it. Many analysis need to put in but there were words limit. To write and elaborate is not that difficult but to cut down the words from 2,000 to 1,500 is the challenge. You feel everything is important! My other team member will hate me so much because they give me no choice to throw some of their write up to appendix in term of referrence table. Forgive me! I need to make sure all of us to comply with the rules. I am trying to finish all this at least by t

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