Sunday, December 20, 2009


Above are all gift received for this Xmas.
I forgot to include another one which is from Jamie the love necklace.
Boss gave me laptop bag (where is the laptop?)
Mel - My new Iphone casing
KC - Black pashmina
Brandom - Anna Sui Pouch & one Japanese limited edition SWEET Magazine
Jamie - Love silver necklace & incent burner
Myself - Iphone & SE Tumbler (Energise water)
Not like many other month of Dec in previous year, this year Dec is the most hectic for me.
I normally see Dec as month of holiday and festive but this year I have been working for 2 Public Holidays in a row. I hate it!
I have back to back assignments and I have not even have chance to start any of it.
My health getting worst!
Since yesterday night I was down with bad migraine and bad sore throat.
Then here comes high fever!
I feel a lot better now but still need some rest for tomorrow and day after tomorrow battle.
Last night , although not feeling good I forced myself to be present at our yearly Xmas dinner.
This year we are down to only 3 of us . Wai Gin was down with German meascles (donno whether my spelling is right).
Meeting at Alexis , Gardens , Midvalley. I can say it was a dramatic journey to get there for me.
I hate and hate and hate driving to midvalley during weekend.
It was jam and the parking was so confusing to me. I dont have that patient to wait and my mood swing is not so good plus I am in pain.
I was in pain with migraine.
I have bad sore throat.
Make thing worst it was my 1st day period as well.
I round and round but impossible to get parking.
I decided to wait.
Finally got one car coming out.Guest what one Indian man came and stand in the middle blocking at the parking spot.
I told him I saw it 1st and was waiting for it.
He said if you dare come la...
What the heck.... I was so angry!!!!
Then ok ... I dont want to fight or quarell with this low educated ppl.
Then I went off and waited at another end.
Ah! lucky got one car coming out.
Guess what the same man came and claimed its his parking!
Hell!!!!! I was shivering controlling my freaking temper!!!!!
I sped off far away from that place.
In my heart was cursing on why on earth I have to force myself here when I hate it so much!
I feel like wanna explode!
I can control myself park a side and started crying loudly in the car.
I just want to let it out!
While crying then saw one man walking.
With big sob and tears and red face I asked the man whether is he going out and can I take the parking.
Kindly he asked me am I ok?
And he show me his car behind me..
I just answer him I got so stressed up with the parking he just smile...and said this one is yours!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Call Jamie and said I found the parking and she sense from my voice I am not alright!
Again I broke down!
Guest! My hormon change.... i feel so angry and sad coz of the incident happened before. I felt being bullied by that stupid idiotic black man!
Brandom and Jamie commented I look very sick and tired.
They mentioned about me not taking good care of myself and dont want to see me like this again. I know I know....
Brandom also mentioned I need to go for check up , afraid of cancer or something coz of the spot on the face.
I feel worried!
I heard next year is not a good year for Tiger!
I feel more worried!

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