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Above are all gift received for this Xmas. I forgot to include another one which is from Jamie the love necklace. Boss gave me laptop bag (where is the laptop?) Mel - My new Iphone casing KC - Black pashmina Brandom - Anna Sui Pouch & one Japanese limited edition SWEET Magazine Jamie - Love silver necklace & incent burner Myself - Iphone & SE Tumbler (Energise water) Not like many other month of Dec in previous year, this year Dec is the most hectic for me. I normally see Dec as month of holiday and festive but this year I have been working for 2 Public Holidays in a row. I hate it! I have back to back assignments and I have not even have chance to start any of it. My health getting worst! Since yesterday night I was down with bad migraine and bad sore throat. Then here comes high fever! I feel a lot better now but still need some rest for tomorrow and day after tomorrow battle. Last night , although not feeling good I forced myself to be present at our yearly Xmas dinner.

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