Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12102010 Happy Birthday

What so special about 12102010?
My birth day!!!!
Yeay! I am older and another 14 years to reach 50 years.
Another 4 years to reach 40. aiiiikkksss.....

Early night sms my boss said I am not coming to work.
Hahahaha good Manager rule!

normally I will post my presents and also what I have done for the day.
This year I celebrate in more charitable way.

I visited Joy Garden , home for old aging people and retarded children.
They are in very bad condition. Even their surrounding full of bushes and place very run down.
All of them old age sickness and the young one not so sound in mind.

When we (my friend and I) open our car door , we were welcome with few children and few dogs coming to peep on what we bring for them. Lucky ! I brought some cakes and curry puff for them and not just dry food and other basic food.
Eventhough, they are not well off they still offer us drinks.
I saw few old man eating plain rice with just one fried egg. Ah! not even a soy sauce for taste.
huhuhuhuh feel like wanna cry. Yeay! some of you may say lucky got egg.... but everyday eat egg and just rice you feel wanna throw up right????

They don't receive much help from public maybe because their home is quite inner on the way to Broga Hill if you from Semenyih and after the Nirvana Christian Memorial.

I manage to snap photo on their wishes list on their white board.
My friend translate part of it for me since the wrote in Chinese.

not much I can afford.. did give them some cash but next time I bring them more good and fresh food

on the way to Broga if you come from Semenyih after Nirvana Christian Memorial on your left hand side

1. Van (can transport old folks to Hospital)
2. vitamins or some nutrition
3. Adult Diapers (Size : S,M, L ) UERGENTLY NEEDED
4. Detergent
5. Sweepers , Mop
6. Coffee
7. Honey
8. DVD Player
9. Can food
10. Fresh meat
11. Hot pot (water) / water boiler & warmer
If you wish to contribute please email me : cindyrina@gmail.com. We can meet somewhere during weekend so I can bring to them. Sorry I dont accept any cash. Just contribute any one of above list will do. If you decided to contribute cahs please visit the place yourself and present your contribution personally.
Dont you think we are blessed???? Thank to God..... for everything

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