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A Visit to Joy Garden Old Folk House, Semenyih

We don't need to be rich to contribute , the effort is more important. We have been working hard to make end meets and for the sake of our surviving on this earth. Life is unpredictable but death is certain. Once we leave this world everything we earn from our effort will be remain on earth. As for myself being single at this age is something I am use to it. Loneliness can be fill by activities but the only worries is when old , sick and become dependable. I prefer to leave when still healthy and don't trouble others. But thats not my choice anyway. God will! My time will comes. All I can do is to prepare for my future and minimize the trouble when time comes. Most important to try my best to take care of my health.   Human Nature, we never enough with everything we have. Don't wait until you have enough before you start sharing. I used to do some give back to society at quarterly basis. My favourite place is at Joy Garden , Semenyih. That was before they m


Last few weeks right after my final presentation over, I went to Joy Garden the old folk home I always frequented at Semenyih. Well not a huge contribution but just as much as I can afford. I just want to give back to community. Thats all! So sad to hear many aunties and uncles has passed away. Life...people come and go. There are more than 20 of them still there. Most of them abandon and sick old people. There are few retarded teenager live there too. Since I am alone, I hope I don't live like that when I am old. I pray hard for God to call me fast so I don't have to live sick and old like that.isk isk isk ...worried!!!! The home soon going to move near one of the fishing village nearby and all of them going to live in the box home. Well not so sure how true it is. I only went there like a quarter once in a year. The next visit for my contribution will be a hell to find their new location. To the auntie who explained to us the other day...sound so easy but


New year eve...busy sorting down my past year bills filing while watching Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers and eating kit kat when I feel I need a break....yeah fanatic fan of Lee Min Ho. I watched that Drama for many many many times. That baked beans is my first breakfast in year 2014. My lunch treat for year 2014 is this 'meed siam with spicy squid' and  hot lime juice at old town Then off to TESCO to shop for my Joy Garden Old folk house for my giving back to society project. Bought lots of food stuff for those aunties and uncles. Hopefully, this deed could help me when God call me....please call me in peaceful way! There you simple entry for what I did on 1st Jan 2014.

12102010 Happy Birthday

What so special about 12102010? My birth day!!!! Yeay! I am older and another 14 years to reach 50 years. Another 4 years to reach 40. aiiiikkksss..... Early night sms my boss said I am not coming to work. Hahahaha good Manager rule! normally I will post my presents and also what I have done for the day. This year I celebrate in more charitable way. I visited Joy Garden , home for old aging people and retarded children. They are in very bad condition. Even their surrounding full of bushes and place very run down. All of them old age sickness and the young one not so sound in mind. When we (my friend and I) open our car door , we were welcome with few children and few dogs coming to peep on what we bring for them. Lucky ! I brought some cakes and curry puff for them and not just dry food and other basic food. Eventhough, they are not well off they still offer us drinks. I saw few old man eating plain rice with just one fried egg. Ah! not even a soy sauce for taste. huhuhuhuh feel like w

Hearty Trip to Joy Garden

Last Sunday, brought me to Joy Garden near Semenyih. I found this place when having a joy ride towards Broga Dam last year. Turn in when saw the signage of Joy Garden and found few youth playing basketball and few old people doing some chores. So, make assumption it is a old folk house and orphanage. This year with the thought of doing something good and bring joy to others decided to pay a visit.Bought plenty of biscuits , Milo, Milk, Cereal,Cakes, Sardines,Jellies and many more. Since , discovered the place last year and not really clear with the way so just wacked the way! Found it! Greet by two old ladies, one of them with walker. Talk to me in Hakka which well of course I am clueless. You can talk in Mandarin or Cantonese... but Hakka??? Lucky, went there with my friend and he did the talking and I did the smiling wahahahah... There are 22 of them living there.. mostly old man and woman and few of them retarded. The place is a very run down place since the place is very secluded

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