Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good Heart

What is the purpose of prayer for five times a day if your heart is not clean.
There is this man in my office and he is known as good man to everybody in the office.
Even my Boss always said to me , Rina he is a good man...

My reaction will be.... ar?
Good man?
Can you define good?
mmmmm....from my eyes..
He prays 5 times a day. No doubt other people sees him as good man.
Pray 5 times a day mean you are good?

Company put him in cold storage due to non performing.
He is more than aware on the whole situation.
He even mentioned to me without hesitation and feeling ashamed that he is more than happy to earn free money. ...mmmmmm is this good? where is his integrity?

One day we are chit chatting on business and so on...he mentioned to me he has one friend has this connection with KDNK and one of the Ministry but dont have any idea what business can he do with this people. He were saying govt got budget and we need to finish it.
I dont want to work so hard. I just want easy money. I want to buy and sell and get millions.

I pop up one question.... even though this mean you need to bribe or pay some under table money to get the contract? His answer... why not? as long as I get the contract and get easy cash.

Oh!!!!!! What is your purpose to pray to God every day?
Do you sincere in doing that?
or is it because you are in that religion and you feel bind to do it?
or is it just a meaningless routine?

For me good heart, integrity and sincerity is very important.
I just dont understand is he a good man just because he pray five times a day.

another fella in my office is the same too...
with no shame admitted telling me openly , he is overriding on the company just because he just want to be back to the industry after 3 years lay back.
He is hired to be a leader but end up giving to much burden to the soldiers.
He dont want to take responsibility. Everyday he will be busy doing his Tai Chi to the downline!
He is also known as a good man to everybody.

I am the bad person just because I dont pray during office hours?
I am the bad person just because I tried to do the thing right?
I am the bad person just because I highlighted the right thing?
I am the bad person just because I highlighted people mistakes?

So ? Am I good or Am I bad?

I just need to pray 5 times a day and this mean I am good?
So? what is the purpose of praying??? Just an exercise routine?

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