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Vegreen Vegan Skincare Review

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Living Life Healthily with Power Walking

I recently trying my best to stay healthy. After looking at the mirror and see the muffin top of mine look like overdosed of baking powder. uhuhuhuh... Plus my waist down kind of super hurt these days. Gosh! I guess am getting heavier each day. Since I have been adapting eating healthily for 5 days a week...mmmm..why not to combine this with some healthy exercise. I admit that my perseverance to exercise is super low. I keep delaying almost every day. Oh! shall I just confess I did exercise through my mind? Procrastination! kekekeke... Recently, I read about power walking for 30 minutes a day can help with better health. So last Sunday, owh! yesterday I started to do this power walking. I lasted for one hour on the treadmill yesterday. Whoa!!!!... I amazed with my own performance. I don't expect to lose weight since I already don't put too much hope on losing weight after many years trying but just hope I can at least stay healthy to continue this routine.

Good Heart

What is the purpose of prayer for five times a day if your heart is not clean. There is this man in my office and he is known as good man to everybody in the office. Even my Boss always said to me , Rina he is a good man... My reaction will be.... ar? Good man? Can you define good? mmmmm....from my eyes.. He prays 5 times a day. No doubt other people sees him as good man. Pray 5 times a day mean you are good? Company put him in cold storage due to non performing. He is more than aware on the whole situation. He even mentioned to me without hesitation and feeling ashamed that he is more than happy to earn free money. ...mmmmmm is this good? where is his integrity? One day we are chit chatting on business and so on...he mentioned to me he has one friend has this connection with KDNK and one of the Ministry but dont have any idea what business can he do with this people. He were saying govt got budget and we need to finish it. I dont want to work so hard. I just want easy money. I want to

not because i ate too much

I was reading Women's Weekly Oct 2009 issue when I discover this article saying , stress goes down to waist line... o la la la ... I was singing.. my mystery solve. Now I know on why I had built up too much of unwanted muscle around my waist line :) Everybody said I was eating a lot! But in real fact not at all.. I tried to skip rice and even skip lunch.. but that big bulky ring on my belly keep growing. Same goes with my exercise regime.. I do sit up. I do stretch up. Yoga and dance .. ah ! name it! been there ! done that! not an inche reduction... ah! so frustrated ! But after I discover that not because what I ate..its not a problem.. i change strategy! hihihiihihihiih.... secret weapon for new me... new body.. new attitude mmm that attitude part a bit difficult hahaha... Now.. let me read one chapter of that leadership dynamic for my exam...

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