Saturday, June 18, 2011

Half year

Half year almost gone soon!
What have I achieve up to now?
Not much... many things need to straighten up.
My time here almost done , though... hopefully I could use this place as my case study and list down as my portfolio for my consulting job.
These 2 weeks is very tiring...every day about sitting there solving problems and trying hard to get myself in the game without putting my team and myself in danger.
We sit down we strategize in each emails came in.
We planned our reply as safe as possible.
It 's all about get yourself involved in this political game.
So far when the team work is strong we still manage to 'Tai Chi' in and out.
Talk about management ? I think I familiarise myself well with this game....hahahahaha (laughing with wicked witch style)

Aigooooo!!!! next week will be another hell week when that idiot will be in and another idiot coming back end of the week too. We can't run away but to face this people!!!! You will face your fate real soon...... you can laugh all you want for now.... I will let you!!!!
I will get the last laugh ..... hahahahaha (wicked witch laugh again)

Yeah! I am in the mood to be the bad person!!!!!

When the weeks is tough.. you tend to think about break time...
I browse through some of my previous photos while I went for vacation last year.... ahhhhhh.... wish for Sep to come quickly......time to break again another 3 months..... see see see below how happy I am....:))))))

Anyway tomorrow is Saturday!!!!! I like it!!! eventhough I am busy too...No time for myself and do some reading... need to sleep now for my beauty sleep... Happy weekend WWW!!!

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