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Things To do in HuaHin : Into the Wild at Kaeng Krachan National Park

fsefsfss I was determined to visit Kaeng Krachan which is about one and a half hours from HuaHin to check out this untouched National Park and also a border to Myanmar. You can't just visit this place without any tourist guide. So I  hired one private car with a driver to guide me into the jungle. When I reached the National Park area, I feel thrilled. Fresh traced of Wild Elephant is everywhere. I read before if got lucky or rather unlucky, you can witness live panther roaming around. I don't pray to meet one. I must be crazy to pray for one??? huhuhuhuh My tour guide brought me into some simple jungle trekking because I told him my disability to go for a harder trekking course due to a day before I was on a difficult hike. Check out my painful hike at Pranburi .  I have to take off my shoes to cross the Pranburi River to get to the other side of Kaeng Krachan National Park. I don't meet many animals here. Just fresh elephant dunk, a glim

Tips for Non Chinese Speaking to Explore Kaohsiung

Recently, I have an opportunity to travel to Kaohsiung. As usual being a loner who love to travel alone without taking care or worry about others...I went there without any travel companion. At first was a bit worried since this is main Chinese speaking place. To be exact most of them speaking in Hokkien Dialect. Nothing new to my ears since my home town is Taiping. Most Chinese in Taiping speaking in Hokkien too. WTH! Feeling like going back hometown. If you don't know Hokkien you can speak in Mandarin and Cantonese. For me who knows only one or two words of Chinese, I just opt to use google apps translation tools and also body language. I love Kaohsiung since this place is less chaotic. Not many cars and people here are more calm and relax. I feel so much of ease everywhere I walk. Here are some tips for those Non Chinese speaking who are traveling to Kaohsiung.   1. Get iPass   You can get iPass at Kaohsiung airport. The counter opposite Starbuck and visit


  Very excited I am going to Ha Long bay!!! Ha Long bay is recognised as the World Natural Helitage. Aiyo!!! Heritage become Helitage...ahahahaha... mind my spelling grammar and whatever 'england'. I sounds so chinese huh! But this is how I sounds when in real life...just be myself la huh!   Yeayyyy!!! look at my face!!! ah! now realise my face here look like 'Pau'.   In tour bus...getting ready for 4 hours journey from Hanoi to Ha Long   After long 4 hours journey....huh finally reached here. Damn!!!! get down from the bus and I feel chilling to  deepest bones...bbbrrrrrr...very cold!!!!   rows of boat waiting for tourist to go on board....   finally left the port and I am heading towards the destination...    fisherman boat house...amzing they can sleep at night in that boat house...   Here come our on board lunch...seafood...yeahhhhh!!! serious the food is so 'DAEBAK!!!! Fresh seafood


  I came back from Seoul a month ago and still struggling to upload photos and stories of my journey to Seoul. I am busy! Busy means least I still have work to do and earn for my living. ....trying to see this as positive!   I discover this Tteok Museum by accident...I was walking back to hotel  in late evening after Palaces exploration since morning..... This place loacated near Jongno 3-ga Station , Exit 6 and my hotel is near Exit 3. Not far leh....   Tteok or in english we call this as Rice cake is symbolic and oldest food of Korea since 2,000 years ago going back to the Three Kingdom's Period. If you are a fan of Korean Drama , remember FAITH star Lee Min Ho??? Back then they don't call Korea but old name is Goryeo.   I learned , there are 4 basic methods of preparation this Tteok. * Boiled Tteok * Steamed Tteok * Pounded Tteok * Fried Tteok   I get to taste this Tteok here and also I even bought some from Hyundai Mall. Some

Where you going???

Lately, many 'Chinggus' keep asking me this questions ....   "You don't go for holiday this year?"   " Where is the destination during this coming Christmas?"   " Don't go for trip ar?"   " You not going anywhere meh...this year?"   " So good girl ar this year??? "   " Lets go to Cambodia ? "   " Lets go Japan?"   Huhuuhuhuhuh many more to list......   'Chinggu'!!!! early this year I went to Phuket by the I left airport the Tsunami Alarm was lifted up. I take this as a sign....not to travel so frequent this year. Ehehehehe.... actually this is not really the main reason. I am actually saving money for my Bunion microcurrent treatment in Hong Kong somewhere mid next year. The cost is killing me softly....sob sob isk isk... If  I didn't go I may not be able to walk properly like a normal person. huhuhuhuh...   Anyway, question on whether I am go

Day Trip to Bagan Lalang

Last Saturday, I went for day trip to Bagan Lalang near coastal area near Sepang district.     We went through few small town  Muzium Automobil Nasional....mmmmm first time hear about this   On the way to Bagan Lalang we can see many dragon fruit aka pitaberry farm on left and right and ocassionally see few swallow nest building. I end up bought 3 pitaberry (red color is my favourite) and this cost me....opppsssss!!! cost 'Chinggu' RM15 for 3.   Below is my caption near the beach. Can see many tents... families and friends picnic by the beach...some grilling seafood...mmmm yummy!!!    below out!!!! don't know how to adjust it super big now!!1

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