Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I love to see architecture of traditional chinese palace especially the roof

full of chinese people everywhere due to time I came here is consider a good weather for them to come out for sightseeing

yeah yeah... dragon everywhere....

now is still early in the morning not that many people...

Ah! this person why you snap me too small??? whatever... thank you uncle!!!

water case of fire

entering the forbidden city

can see the drum bell tower @ behai park from forbidden city

sneaking on to emperor throne???

we have VIPs in the house.... chehhhh!!!!! I am  a Princess don't need bodyguard...

Look like Dragon???

Freaking hot sun


emperor study room

don't like the Dowager empress

Zhen Fei Well  . You can read the sad story by clicking on this link

or you could read the summary here.... 

 peach anyone???


China Uncle and Auntie marching out after forbidden city exploration

on the way out view

 I was walking towards my hotel from forbbidden city then I saw this people... that was people tagging behind that man on the road...whoa!!!! poverty...

Forbidden City night view

before sunset opposite forbidden city

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