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Change hotel for the last 3 nights in Beijing. I prefer first hotel which located at the place that I like the most forbidden city. I feel regret to book this second hotel earlier. Anyway, different feel after all. The secpnd hotel located near subway but more toward CBD area.So , not so peaceful but busy hectic beijing feel. I went to explore Summer Palace and sightseeing at Kunming Lake. Oh! before that, I did went to Silk Street but after almost 2 and 1/2 hours walking under the hot sun.... I feel the place not relevant to me at all and such a waste walking all the way there. I went to Summer Palace by subway but came but by Bus and then took Subway back to hotel. Very long journey indeed! almost fainted due to exhaustion plus the sardine pack subway train make me hard to breathe. Anyway Summer Palace and Kunming lake is breathtaking place. Love this place so much but the idea of the Royal


Today woke up early in the morning to walk to Beihai Park which located around 30 minutes walking distance from where I stayed. Beihai park is situated in the Xicheng District and it covers 171 acres with over a half covered by water. This is a beautiful place and I covered almost all..... very tiring walking around like this but the scenery make it wort it to walk this long hours. It was once a royal garden with the whole park divided into 4 scenic areas : * Qionghua Islet (Jade Flower Islet) covers with halls , rockeries and pavillions. The Yong'an temple is the largest building which composed of several halls,bell tower and drum tower. This place used for worship place by the Emperors and Empereses * Circular City surrounded by wall and you could find Chenguang Hall with yellow glaze tiles and green glaze eaves. Seriously this is one nice and peaceful place to  study and meditate... at least for me. * The Eastern bank area - no comment hh


Wahhhhh.... sunset !!!! I was running towards Tiananmen Square blurring my eyes with it bright shine.... Beautiful scene.... Rushing and running out from Hotel room towards Tiananment Square to witness the Flag lowering ceremony. When reached there many people gathering surround the flag area. Blame it to my height jumping up and down like a monkey from behind the crowd to witness what is going on ahead of these crowd. An impressive ceremony where Chinese military honor guards march with perfect rhythm and synchronicity to lower the national flag. 


I love to see architecture of traditional chinese palace especially the roof full of chinese people everywhere due to time I came here is consider a good weather for them to come out for sightseeing yeah yeah... dragon everywhere.... now is still early in the morning not that many people... Ah! this person why you snap me too small??? whatever... thank you uncle!!! water case of fire entering the forbidden city can see the drum bell tower @ behai park from forbidden city sneaking on to emperor throne??? we have VIPs in the house.... chehhhh!!!!! I am  a Princess don't need bodyguard... Look like Dragon??? Freaking hot sun beautiful emperor study room don't like the Dowager empress Zhen Fei Well  . You can read the sad story by clicking on this link or you could read the summary here....   peach anyone??? lovely... China Uncle and Auntie marching ou

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