Wednesday, October 5, 2011


finally we reached at foot of Great Wall - Mutianyu and ready to climb

Purchasing our own cable car and ropeway toboggan ticket 

Yeay.... finally up on the cable car to the point for climbing up the wall

Here my shoes....below you could see the tobbogan rail for later sliding down

Almost reaching to the point to start climbing

I need to walk to the end.... I am coming !!!!

some of my tour group members looking at the farthest point...

Here are another climber I found along the way..

Resting after long climb

Awww... very stiff up!!!

Long way to go baybeh!!!!

Min Zhie is resting....

are we there yet??? not yet!!! long way to go...

Ah... Min Zhie and me... trying to celebrate the half way up glory...

Wrong trail horse!!! the wall is up here!!!

Oh no!!! I am out of breathe.... still need to climb... all the way here..definitely need to complete these journey!!!

Still not there yet!!!!

Beautiful flowers on Great Wall

Did I just climb all the way here from that point???? Oh!!! I have to go down all the way now????

View inside one of the stop

Thats all ...this is the end of Great Wall Mutianyu

There you go ... I need to climb down all the way to ride my toboggan down..

The view from top is breathtaking... lovely and peaceful

Almost dead face.... tired climber face hehehe

This is the toboggan that I am going to use to slide down for almost 20 minutes to the foot of the wall

Some of the vendors on the foot of the wall selling fresh fruits and preserved fruits

My Min Zhie achievement on the peak of Great Wall

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