Monday, March 19, 2012

Jelebu : Cultural Museum

Something new for me

found this Cultural Museum in Jelebu

Malaysian ethnic with their traditional costumes

something history about how this rock make this states have 2 cultures - Perpatih and Temenggung

I was walking suddenly my eyes caught woman lying there....phhewwww!!!! I thought it was for real... my hear stop for a moment!!!1
This is the culture for woman who are about to give birth...they ask for blessing and safety before baby born

Ethnic custom in wedding

time to slice bit of  your bird bird skin boyssssss...on the way to adulthood...this is muslim and malay customs

Damn!!! this is another scary sight!!! almost faint when you are walking alone and imagine the whole floor only you alone and suddenly your eyes caught this old scary looking woman standing staring at you....Oh!!!! so nightmare!!!

fisherman boat

traditional healing process..witch doctor???

King's music instruments

old time theater equipment

another traditional musical instrument

king and queen's chair???

wahahahahahaha... I have one mini market here in Jelebu?????
Since when????
Can I go collect my profit???

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