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Jelebu : Cultural Museum

Something new for me found this Cultural Museum in Jelebu Malaysian ethnic with their traditional costumes something history about how this rock make this states have 2 cultures - Perpatih and Temenggung I was walking suddenly my eyes caught woman lying there....phhewwww!!!! I thought it was for real... my hear stop for a moment!!!1 This is the culture for woman who are about to give birth...they ask for blessing and safety before baby born Ethnic custom in wedding time to slice bit of  your bird bird skin boyssssss...on the way to adulthood...this is muslim and malay customs Damn!!! this is another scary sight!!! almost faint when you are walking alone and imagine the whole floor only you alone and suddenly your eyes caught this old scary looking woman standing staring at you....Oh!!!! so nightmare!!! fisherman boat traditional healing process..witch doctor??? King's music instruments old time theater equipment a

Pulau Besar or Big Island

This place located near Umbai, 10km south of Malacca City, local called as Pulau Besar or English direct translation as Big Island. According to legend this island resembles the shape as pregnant woman. Long time ago there is this heart broken princess who husband died. She then jump into the sea and the body floated and become an island since she was pregnant at that time. There you go about Big Island. You could also find a cave which believed used by ancient warrior practicing magic arts and martial arts. Good place for divers too! Since I went there quite late so can't cross over to big island. Wish could go there one day!!!! Tell you later!!!! hehehehe fisherman boat and also speed boat to cross over to big island...

End year Adventure

 Thanks to my friend for his thoughts - Chocolate from Italy Life is unpredictable! I decided to end my year 2011 with another traveling adventure. I will be going off for a short trip less than 2 weeks from today. Where??? Not China because the weather  now is not suitable for me! I am afraid of cold... Somewhere more tropical..with live active volcanoes and huge jungle and rich of culturals !!! Best part ... I just booked myself a room at 'Gay Friendly' hotel!!! Ouccchhh!!! not aware  about that until yesterday after all the booking fully confirmed... Look like I will be meeting many handsome not straight man soon!!!! God knows what will happen???? Wait for my next update after my wildest adventure!!!! Tonight is Annual Dinner and God knows what to expect tonight...... so demotivated to attend function like this!!!  Big sigh!!!!! Whatever it is since tomorrow is Saturday and today is Friday.... I am going to sing shalalalalalalalala....

Love or Loyalty

I did some thinking while enjoying my peaceful Saturday morning just now. Doing some cleaning then filing up my tax form. Blend my yogurt drink and reading Saturday newspaper. Love or Loyalty? Love? What is that? Emotion, affection and stong attachment. What it loyalty? Faithfullness and devotion. If you were to choose between love and loyalty, which one you will choose? Don't be greedy to choose both. It is very rare to have both in your life. You need to choose only one. Myself personally choose loyalty. Yeah! I am one realistic person who don't really love will last. Human will change according to time. Couple meet fall in love. Stay together with hope both love could last forever. mmmmm.... it is very rare for this feeling not to change . This is proven by the increase in divorce rate nowadays. Loyalty is ok without love. It is purely devotion and faithfulness and be able to accept whatever weakness or strengths of the other party. For me this will last forever. It is not n

Zombie at work

Life is fact... When I am happy I will start my entry with ... Oh! what a wonderful morning... and when I am upset.... what the heck the car in front of me drive like turtle. I was so nightmare last night and couldn't sleep at all. Should I say this is a nightmare or a beautiful dream. Why on earth I keep waking up and was all awake since 3am until time to go to work? What is my dream all about? Actually I kind of like the dream but the adventure in the dream make me wake up...:) Here goes my dream.... I am cute and adorable 24 years old girl who fall in love with an Indie Underground band lead singer. This guy is damn hot and cool... Ah... cant continue the rest of my dream because moral of last night... I shouldn't watch love chic movie before my bed time.:) The result? I am like a zombie at work. Brought my blanket and end up locking in my room sleeping until 8:30am. Ah! so not me to do this...but what can I do...there is a need for me to survive another 12 hours far away fr

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