Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I was on the bed awake last night....
Ah! its 12 midnight Cinderella need beauty sleep.
My stomach workers must be very tired digesting the food I ate after breaking fast.
...and I am suppose to get tired and sleepy too ? right?
mmmm... anyway I did just staring blank to the ceiling and my mind actively thinking about life....
"What is the right path?
Where should I go from here?
If I keep repeating asking this question.... I will probably live full with concerns and panic!
I will become more and more afraid....
I am trying my best to put my straight up and not be afraid anymore!

All the while my life was full with expectation....
When things doesn't turn out as I expected...
I end up getting crush and disappointed!

Life does not go as expected but bring unexpected gifts!
What kind of gift will be waiting for me in my rough future???
I am CURIOUS !!!!
I will not be curious anymore.....
I am THRILL !!!!
What is coming for me...
I am definately looking forward to them...."


  1. AMEN!!! "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you all the desires of your heart." Don't get disappointed if things don't work out, the way you think... He knows what's best for us and it may be a BLESSING in disguise! Keep asking, seeking, and knocking!!! ;)

    1. Hi Farfalla, bless you...thank you for visiting!


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