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  hAppY mOnDaY!!!! i AM MenTaL NOW.... P.M.A What is that???? Pathetic Mental Attitude? Passive Mental Attitude? Pitiful Mental Attitude? Pevert Mental Attitude? Playful Mental Attitude? NO!!!!!   I am on Positive Mental Attitude!!!!   Later going to visit doctor for my medical check up result and I am going there with positive mental attitute...P.M.A. wish me luck and pray for the not so bad result!  


Yeah!!! I am one woman who never give up to prepare myself to live my old age in style.... O...Yeay!!! Live in style during my golden years....Oh well if God will... If God allow me to stay breathing healthily on this earth...of course I want to preapre the best too as much as I am accumulating credit for my after death time. Recently, keep thinking...Oh..I mean keep imagine myself still working at other people company at age of 50 years old. OMO!!!!! hard to accept that imagination of mine... Chinggu give me encourage words for me to take up company secretary license. Without thinking...I bought thick companies act bible and other related books... WTH!!! Yeah!!! WTH!!! and say this 3 times... Nothing impossible...I will give this a try... Just now looking at bungalow lot at very inner outskirt area...yeah!!! afordable price but imagine me staying there and rot there by myself....OMO!!!! Scary.... Ah!!! need to focus on obtaining that 'money worth signatures' fi


Hehehehehe long title huh???   The other day when I went got Health Screening...there few funny incidents...   Scene 1   Doc : Hi! Good Morning! Me : Oh! Good morning to you! Doc : So...where are you going to study???? Me : Huh???? (puzzle look) Doc : Yeah! normally young people like you come for medical check up to go oversea study... Me : hehehe..Doc...check my birth of date first...then you know why I came here...hihihiihi.. Doc checked the form... Doc : Wow!!! you almost same age with me???? Me : hehehehe...ageing medical check up.. Doc : you look young... Me just go hihihihihih...   Scene 2   Doc : beautiful!!!! Me : What beautiful??? Doc : Don't you see that??? you ovum and your 'V'??? Me...trying my best looking at that X ray image in front of me... Me : huhuhuhuh...beautifulllllll!!! Yeah!!! like a fool ...I said that word....hell!!! can't see what so beautiful about my ovum and 'V'.WTH!!!! On


I woke up early morning , since I made last minute arrangement with Kyaw Swe to bring me to Mount Popa. My flight is in the evening and I feel its such a waste for not utilising the whole day I have to explore further.     morning breakfast Al Fresco Style in front of Ayeryawaddy River....i love the atmosphere.Bird is chirping happily....with hope that fella didn't poo poo in my coffee...hehehe yucks!     I picked this myanmar's food for breakfast... Vegies rice noodles Vegies tempura Rice with nuts Vegies pickles   the view of Ayeryawaddy river   snap this woodpecker from my table   ship sailing through Ayeryawaddy River   bull cart on Ayeryawaddy river bank   after stomach full...I decided to have a short exploration in the garden and snap beautiful flowers for my memory.   next will be my journey to Mount Popa which took around 1 hour and Half from Nyaung U.


Weather in Bagan is freaking hot, yo! Me when travel end up become a real fact I am trying to avoid meat and seafood if I can. But not that hardcore la.....huhuhuhuh Even my diet now improve with beansprout and baby carrot for my meal....huhuhuh raw ok. Yeah!  trying my best to be kind to animal!     Kyaw Swe brought me to this famous 'THE MOON' vegetarian restaurant near famous Ananda Temple. This Restaurant is highly recommended by Tripadvisor.   appertiser ...ground nuts...small ground nuts and I call this cute adorable ground nut and it tasty. I bought back ...huhuhuhuh as if here can't find ground nut..hahaha Anyway , Bagan agri industry consist of ground nut, sesame, soy bean and other I don't know hehehe can't remember... Kyaw Swe did told me more but I forgotten hehehehe.   nice set up although under the hot sun, I still find this place is cozy to have meal     i ordered a refreshing strawberry


Although the poverty rate in Myanmar is unquestionable...yet they can afford to build huge Pagoda with Gold. When I first visited Shwedegon Pagoda in Yangon , in late year 2011, I was mesmerised by Myanmar people richness.phewwwww!!!! with all those gems and gold....bloody rich!!!!   Then in Bagan they have almost similar one but this one more like a Shrine than Pagoda to me. Golden....golden and this is bigger than in Yangon and this one calledShwezigon Pagoda.   Built in A.D 1076 by famous and founder of Bagan , King Anawrahta. This place is the centre of prayer and reflection     The long walkway towards Shwezigon Pagoda   Aissshhh... saw this lady selling that sour fruits...ouch!!! look delicious but dare not try...need to take care of my stomach since I am alone at this foreign country     see see...told ya...Gold   and more gold   and more gold....hohoho... i am rich!!!!   this Buddha pose means.... STOP!!! COME HERE


Kyaw Swe quickly drove me to next destination for sunset view . According to him many people is heading that way now and if we late there will be no chance for me to climb up the temple to get the best view.   bus loads of tourist heading that way....mmmmm   me climbed up through the narrow staircase.serious...half of my feet able to stand on each staircase. I am competing among all those big westeners...damn... Thing get worst when I am climbing right behind one western woman. Her big butt almost hit my face!!!1 OMO!!!! Don't you dare to fart on my face...hhehehehe...I am just afraid I got blown away by that big imagination make me giggle all the way up ....hahahaha tiring   stop for awhile...and view that magnificient pagodas... That white temple belong to the father of King Narathu   there dot   there there...sun is playing hide and seek   there there...don't know what I snap   m

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