Saturday, March 30, 2013


Bagan adventure post will come soon...give me a break...I have many to catch up in my daily life too...

I am suppose to shout this way....
But this week???
I am so busy....and I am unable to shout that....I just go huhuhuhuh...
Wake up as early as 6am.
Running running on treadmill like lil fat chubby hamster.
Then after shower off to visit parent to send them off.
Till we meet again my dear dad and mum.
I wish both of you well and healthy.
I have faith to my dear God...and always pray that I leave both of you to God will...
Any choice I have?
No...up to the CREATOR!!!
All of I right?

Then back home do spring cleaning since I am re stocking my house supplies.
Oh! hard work for me though!!!
Too many expired item need to be thrown away...
Can't blame me yo...
working day and night ....I have not much time left for myself so doing the house chores....ahhhhh....there you go the whining...hahahaha
My lazy mood excuses...goes...

Yup! why need to replenish food supplies????... why???
The election is coming soon...
There rumours here and there...ah well...those greedy fella is fighting over power...DAMN!!!
Hope our peaceful country won't be disturb by few greedy people act!!!
Dad already told me my name is not in the list to vote...
I just go...what the heck Dad... I never vote for any of them since I pass my 21 years old...
Hell!!!! how would I want to make a sinner to vote for the wrong one...because the choice is not that GREAT anyway!!!!

I support my education with my hard earn money going through the evening class and working like mad dog in day time.
Did I get any help from them???
But I end up contribute more to them...whatelse they expect from me????
Sorry!!!! this is my stand!!!!
I am just going to wake up late and enjoy my day with my favourite korean drama during that day.
I am not joining that line YO!

None of them success to proof to me they are worth it for my count!!!!!

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