Thursday, September 19, 2013


Whoaaaaa!!!! me so frequent flyer hor???
Just came back from Hong Kong and Macau on Monday and now flying out again????
So free ar?
Not really...Hong Kong trip, I went for medical treatment for my bunion foot.
It took me years to decide and save up for this expensive trip.
Macau 2 night just for fun to treat my mentally sick due to painful medical treatment in Hong Kong.
So dying...ok fine who ever gave birth before...will know this pain....
That pain was described by one of the patient there too...
mmmmm.... how hell I know that since I never give birth....and never....not going through this pain...whooooaaaaa so painful and cried sob sob sob alone....isk isk
did the treatment went well...not as my expectation but my foot have improvement and responsive well.
I need to practise more of some of the physio exercise prescribed to me.
Ima need to work hard yo!!!!!
Hong Kong and Macau post will be delayed a bit....yeaaaaaa ...Ima busy traveling kuar....muahahahaha...
Tomorrow flight excited because I am going for the borneo steam train on Saturday...WTH!!!!!!
My first time going to go airport using LRT and ERL....WTH!!!!
I rely on my car too taking public transport in my own country is like.....whoa...
So nervous!!!!
Hope my journey goes very well as I imagine.... over imagine....just like in fairy tale...because I read too much of those book..WTH!!!
Love myself too much...muakkkssss!!!! 

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