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From Hong Kong to Macau... I stayed 2 nights in Macau. I took speed boat from Hong hour freaking suffering journey. How hell I know ...I have bad seasick until the boat start sailing. Phewwww...the whole journey was flat down on the seat. Bad headache....holding up from throwing up... mmmmm....seriously totally different from what I imagine... I was alright in Phuket and Krabi....and flat down here...WTH!!!     Ah!!!! I just knew ...Guardian called Mannings in Hong Kong and Macau... 'Chegadas' is Portuguese word for arrival....yeahhhh!!! finally I am here!  First greeting receive while struggling to figure out to go to my hotel is.... "are you philipines?" mmmmmm.....I think I am going to receive this more starting from now!!!! ...and yes!!! every where I go here I am philipines to people ...gosh!!!...whatever!!! tired to introduce myself as Malaysia...I have no objection if I am philipines to all of you! Oh!


Whoaaaaa!!!! me so frequent flyer hor??? Just came back from Hong Kong and Macau on Monday and now flying out again???? So free ar? Not really...Hong Kong trip, I went for medical treatment for my bunion foot. It took me years to decide and save up for this expensive trip. Macau 2 night just for fun to treat my mentally sick due to painful medical treatment in Hong Kong. So dying...ok fine who ever gave birth before...will know this pain.... That pain was described by one of the patient there too... mmmmm.... how hell I know that since I never give birth....and never....not going through this pain...whooooaaaaa so painful and cried sob sob sob alone....isk isk   did the treatment went well...not as my expectation but my foot have improvement and responsive well. I need to practise more of some of the physio exercise prescribed to me.   Ima need to work hard yo!!!!!   Hong Kong and Macau post will be delayed a bit....yeaaaaaa ...Ima busy

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