Friday, June 6, 2014


Last year and this favorite place of all apart from home is to the dentist.
Yeah! sign of ageing aka facing the old process situation.
My organ and body part are getting old together with my age.
Gosh! people says....forever young!!!!
Yeay yeay...can forever young at heart but your outlook and body condition won't lie to that extend,right?
I have a very unique tooth condition.
It brokedown all the time!!!
IMA! so sad!
This doesn't mean IMA didn't take care or brush my teeth!
The Dentist said teeth are all in different types.
Unfortunately, my types of teeth will always have this kind of problem.

Last 2 years, I spent RM6,500/- ++ just for implant.
One tooth price...ok!!!
Gosh! totally rip off to my wallet...and this mean...I work harder and harder to pay for this cost! WTH!
Sacrifice lots of things just to cover this cost.
This year alone....I spent money again...for 3 crowned!
The Heir drama star by Lee Min Ho!
The one who bear the crown!
Yup! thats me....with 3 crowns somemore!
Cost me around RM600 - 750 per crown.

Interesting huh???

For those people out money when you young.
No matter how you take care of your still need to bear lots of cost when you getting old!
IMA! so high maintenance...old woman!

Last Wednesday went to fix my 3rd crowned!
Unfortunately, don't know what went wrong the crown don't fix me.
Gosh! I am not the chosen one???

Dentist said need to fix the temporary back up and send back the crown for new one.
Which this means...I need to pay a visit to her clinic again in another week.
Aiyooooo!!! again???

While fixing the temporary one...I heard the Dentist were talking with her assistant about not enough staff and bla bla bla...even overheard the Dentist told the nurse..don't quit on her clinic and leave her alone...aiyoohhh! so sian one ar?

This time I still can talk clearly because nothing in my mouth.

Me :  Doc! where is the other girl?
Doc: Ah! she quit because she got married.
Me : Whoa! husband work far away is it?So she has to follow hubby? Or Husband so rich is it?
Doc : hahahaha...she told me she stress working here because always got scolded by customer who cannot get the appointment.

Seriously , this Dentist is very hard selling you get the slot...never ever think to change or you only get another 2-3 months slot as replacement. That long??? Gosh! guess ..I will end up die in pain.

Doctor continue again...

Doc : Hissshhh... we woman need to work even after married. After that husband find another one...hissshhhh...we in trouble!
Me : True!!! now husband still love you ..ok la...but once already seasoned...he find another and leave us with no work and also extra baggage in form of children.scary life!
Doc : True True...nowadays ...young woman all one kind one. Even if they know that man is others husband they still want to tackle.

At this point Doc, put the mold into my mouth , which left me can't even talk back to her.

Doc : My sis, she work as banker at KL and hubby as banker in JB. Hubby come back weekend. She got pregnant and the pregnancy need to extra care because of some complication. So they went to serdang hospital. The nurse who worked there gotten the particular of husband too. Then...this woman keep contacting my sis's husband.

Me : wai ooorrddd (means my god!)

Doc : yeahhh!!! already know that man got wife but still want to tackle

Me : ar a.!.(ya la!) en ow? (then how???)

Doc : My sis always cry..somemore she is going through a hard pregnancy. My sis went to confront the woman. That woman said no no she did nothing wrong. She sms and call only! huh! sms only?
She call and call..if don't answer she keep calling and sending him annoying sms. So desperate to find man,la! Wanna be friend also ...but please la...don't try to seduce others husband.You know la...Man. So gatal want ...if woman show interest on them. Melted!

Me : aat er ek!!! (what the heck) oooo eee??? (so easy?)

Doc : ye got woman show interest..of course la...he also itchy butt.Some more his wife is pregnant. Wife cannot bother him much!

Me : aaaaa (aisshhh!!!) eeeee???? (then?)

Doc: I stepped in...I went to the hospital and lodged a complaint! but the people who listen to my problem...just take this as normal problem.

Me : aaaaaaargggghhh (urgggg!!!)

Doc : Then my sis went into website for nursing bodies and write in to the people there on her problem. One who are good enough responded to her and take action against that nurse.

Me : ennnn?? (then?)

Doc : far fine!

At this time I can talk like normal.

Me : whoaaaa!!!! don't play a fool with all those daring woman out there, huh?
So competitive!

Doc : yes! I told my husband want find another one go ahead...I also got man friend who interest on me. hehehehe.....but of course le..I scared my husband only...just warn him le...if he can..
i also can.

Me : Yup ! yup!...woman need to have own income and save while she can...hehehehe moral of the story. Don't quit job as soon as you get married.If wanna do that.... do some business for side income.

Doc : Correct!

The end of my klingon conversation with my dentist.

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