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Last year and this favorite place of all apart from home is to the dentist. Yeah! sign of ageing aka facing the old process situation. My organ and body part are getting old together with my age. Gosh! people says....forever young!!!! Yeay yeay...can forever young at heart but your outlook and body condition won't lie to that extend,right? I have a very unique tooth condition. It brokedown all the time!!! IMA! so sad! This doesn't mean IMA didn't take care or brush my teeth! The Dentist said teeth are all in different types. Unfortunately, my types of teeth will always have this kind of problem. Last 2 years, I spent RM6,500/- ++ just for implant. One tooth price...ok!!! Gosh! totally rip off to my wallet...and this mean...I work harder and harder to pay for this cost! WTH! Sacrifice lots of things just to cover this cost. This year alone....I spent money again...for 3 crowned! Gosh! The Heir drama star by Lee Min Ho! The one who bear the crown!

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