Friday, December 19, 2014


I went into 'hiatus' for few days!
Nobody noticed??
Nobody miss me???... haisshhhhh!!!! (head down like ostrich)
kekekekeke use the word 'hiatus' to cover my lack of ideas on what to update here. WTH!

Anyway...I really think a lot these few days....well, not just these few days. I have been on thinking mode since back from South Korea last 2 months. I think until my hair fall...and I have problem clearing my hair trails on the floor because the vacuum cleaner was full and I don't have back up bag. Adoiiiii!!!! I guess I will turn into bald woman soon!

Many people who are near to me said I am wasting my precious times for these few months and many also said just take my times. 

I really in dilemma and at the junction which I don't know, whether to move forward? or to turn to the left or to the right and for sure not a 'U' turn. Which path shall I take? My decision at this age is really crucial. When it come to making decision, there are no right or wrong decision. We unable to tell the future anyway....The most important is whether I can accept whatever outcomes with open heart. This is more crucial. I need to ready my mind to face it!

Yes! now I am ready and whatever choice I make please wish me luck because this is my only chance.

Have a good weekend, uollssss!!!!

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