Sunday, March 29, 2009

Car Hunting - Part 11 (Doubtful Mission)

Unusual Sunday morning for me.
9.30am send my 'old junk' to spa.
Took almost 2 hours of my time. Very unusual for me to wait that long.
Normally, I am well known as very impatient in anything.
I am more calm and relax today. Sat there quietely reading my book while waiting. Very unusual of me to read. Yes! I am trying my best to develop into reading habit. I am more a watcher than a reader. Trying hard to change now.
Then drove my car to the car dealer with hope could get better price to trade in. Yeah ! I got the price that I wanted.
However, the car that I wanted is out of stock.
Damn! the car is not mine..
Need to move on and look for others.
The Salesman trying his best to persuade for another option.
Well, of course he suggested to the more pricey one!
Don't mess up with me. I am one person hold to my mission tightly.
You can't trick or play game with me. If I came out from my home today with mission to get one car with price that I want, I will not diverse from that mission.
He then withdraw and promise to get the same spec, same price from other branch. hihihih...
I may look helpless but still strong at heart.
After the doubtful mission to find my new car, I went for facial treatment.
The most unpleasant one too... Whats wrong with this people.
Do I still want to return back to that place for treatment, again?
Dream on...
By the time I reached home its almost 4.00pm and then I realised I didn't eat any single thing since morning.
I am hungry.. but just don't know what to eat.
Worried that I am developing into aneroxia because I really loosing my appetite this few weeks.
Maybe because too many sad thing happen to me this month.
Whatever it is, I will continue to survive and be strong.
I can do it!
Maybe one day I want to sit down , cry and feel helpless as I have been hold on to this feeling for a very long time.

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