Monday, March 30, 2009

Change for the better

' Enhance productivity by identifying the strengths, not weaknesses, of your employees '

I have been working for my current company for almost 3 years. What I get , my boss is identifying my weaknesses rather than my strengths almost everyday. All my life there (still there now) trying my best to beat up all my weaknesses. At first, I thought it is challenge for me to improve myself, however, its getting tiring everyday.

I am well known to most of my ex employers as very efficient, hardworking and positive attitude employee. But not at this current one!
Whatever it is through my current company, I gained so much experience and continue learning from every mistake made and every success happens by my top.
' To be productive, provide feedback on strengths and how they can be developed even further. Many bosses or managers spend most of their times with team members trying to resolve their weaknesses and have little time to point out their strenghts, which is more critical'
The phrase mentioned , exactly how I feel right now! Every single day my weakenesses have be pointed out until to the extend I feel I have no more strength in me to be highlighted anymore!
Whatever it is, I am still the same person. Stay strong and positive in whatever I am doing. No matter how much pressure I get from people around me I will survive!

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