Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finding the Right Talent

As much as I am looking for opportunity at other places, I am also currently conducting recruitment drive at my current co.
Being 'one leg kick' at my current work place, i am also responsible to shortlist and interview the candidates.
Finding the right people into the company is not an easy task.
Few candidates , are over talented and some under qualified.

What is the criteria?
Tough background - going through hardship before.
This is not an easy job.
Fitting in with the colleague is not that difficult because we are bunch of friendly people. However fitting in with the Boss is the most challenging.
Come in and join us and experience the mentally challenge with us.

Why we are still here, eventhough its tough?
Why we want to torture ourselves?
We have our own story but we also have one similar story we are here to earn a living and to survive. We call ourselves SURVIVOR!!!

Back to getting people into the company..
Everytime , I signed the appointment letter and pass it to the selective employee, I feel very guilty.
Everytime they signed the letter of acceptance, my heart always said ' What you get yourself into girl/guy? '
Everytime I asked them whether they accept my offer, I always wish they rejected me.

I hope all of them don't blame me to get them in - I am just doing my job...maybe we are fated to meet and suffer together.

I wish they come in with one objective, learn and gain experience.

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