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Valued Voice
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy with your job??

Ask your friends this question. Do you happy with you job? Do you like your Boss? Are you looking for another job?
I can bet 90% will answer you -
'I am not happy with my job'
' I hate my Boss'
' I am looking for another job , in fact I am on jobstreet almost everyday'

Me too hope for better opportunity knock on my door.
Am I on everyday?

I realise other place will be not much different than the current one.
Problem comes in different form and either we face them or just keep avoiding by running away.

Eventhough, I have problems in my current job. I am not running away. I will face it because I am a survivor!!!
Just hope one day, I can meet right people to recognise my talent and ability.
I will keep looking..........

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