Monday, March 9, 2009

Teddybear Land

Teddybear is one of my weakness. They are so adorable and hugable. I always wanted to go to Ceju Island, Korea to visit Teddy Bear Museum.

Financially not allowed me to go there yet! However, I believe we always can fullfill our dream in our own way.

Like my case, I visit this shop call 'Romantika' they have huge collection of adorable teddybear for sale. I seriously got 'go go ga ga' over all this cute adorable teddy bear.

I took out my best companion camera and start snapping photo with most of this cute little teddybear. Argg!!! heaven with teddy bear... I end my weekend with very fullfilling experience.

Ceju Island, one day I will visit you. All those Teddy Bear, do wait for me patiently...

Me and my Teddy Bear Craze!!

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