Saturday, March 7, 2009

A trip to Noodle Station

Tonight is a Saturday night. I am here stuck in front of computer updating my blog. Do a little bit of study while listening my favourite Korean Soundtrack ' Boys Before Flower ' . Ahh... I miss my Lee Min Ho (the cute Korean Actor from that Drama).

A friend invited me for dinner at nearby place just now. We end up choose Noodle Station. The decor is good cozy , neat and clean. The staff also well manerred but I can't comment they are well trained. I ordered 'Spring Mee with Curry and Hot Green Tea' and my friend ordered ' Spring Mee with Honey Chicken with Hot Green Tea'. We also ordered 2 pieces of Honey Chicken Wings. Price is reasonable though for big portion of meal.

The waiter send us a chillies and sauces. You can see in my 1st photo. Well , of course i feel not please with the way they serve because all of 3 sauces are almost empty. Very unpresentable.. I make the waiter fill up the sauces. However only one came with top up and the rest remain unfilled.Bad rating from me though.

Then here comes the food. Not that good though as even the chicken wing served cold. What were they thinking serving customer with cold food. Do you think they deserve a second chance from us? I don't think so....
Here goes my Saturday dinner.

However, I Thank God to make me afford such luxury dinner compare to my other brothers and sisters in other part of the world can't even afford even a simple meal. Amen!!!

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