Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another unusual Sunday

I am taking 10 minutes break now, after 4 hours MF marathon since morning.

I m having again another unusual Sunday..
Stucked at home to do my MF studies.
I am doing this risk , return valuation , CAPM, WACC and bla bla bla the MF terms.
Figures, figures and all those worms alike formula... damn! maths sucks!

Yeah ! stucked at home doing all that maths. I am officially Maths geek now.
Damn! I hate maths...
Can't run away from this.. whatever it is still need to face.
I only have 5 days to get over this hell.
Lucky my ' Beyond' song calm me down while I am doing this maths thingy...

Hopefully, I don't have another heart attack later on... as I am now 'on call' waiting for my coursemate to finish up the group assignment.
Maybe need to fly to Bangsar later this evening or maybe not... anything... I am ok with anything...just a bit lazy to drive in the rain coz my mood not so good today.. yeah ! having that mood swingy again..

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