Monday, April 20, 2009


Although MF exam just finished, I don't think this will be the last for me to see this paper. I end up with total disappointment and going into the exam room with very ambitious thinking without taking into account on the twisting part of the question.. ahh!!! damn!!! its not over!
I may have to re sit for this paper. So tough! I just froze to see the questions.. damn!! why is it not what I expected??? Now what should I do? I have that feeling to just walk out from that room. But hey! not my style to avoid the problem.. Ok.. die die I just need to face this and accept the fact to feel that failure feeling when I get the result. It will be a miracle if I can get 'Pass' for this one.

Driving back home is the toughest one.. I just can't stop crying out my disappointment all the way home.Me and my 'emo' again...

Its quite sometime not doing this.. I just admitted myself to GSC and watch midnight movie. I have 2 choices watch that chic movie - Shopaholic or 'Fast & Furious'. Ah!!! I need that motivation .. nothing else can boost my confidence apart from watching that fast car and loud music. Yeah! baby 'Fast & Furious' is my ultimate choice. Feel relieve though right after that!
I even have that ambition to modified my coming new 'Citra' to what that O'Connor drive at the end of the movie... I was thinking, if I were young again I want to be one of those car racer. I did have that thinking to be grand prix motor racer. Michael Doohan was my favourite last time. Car racer came in quite late...hahahaha... me and my crazy thinking again...easy to get that influence... I think if thing just turn around at that time I may be one of those ...

The next morning, head up to Pavillion to do that 'Sunday Brunch'. Stuff myself with my favourite ' Ipoh Curry Laksa', then bowl of Oyster Porridge with 'Char Kuey' then plate of 'Gurney Rojak'. I feel like stuffing myself with that John King Egg Tart ... my belly feel heavy and just can't stuff anything again...That was my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner... Extreme!!!

Spoil day though... but then back home. 'Streamyx down' feel disconnected.

Do some reading for E&I for this coming Saturday exam. I can't flunk on 2 papers. Need to put more and more effort and expect the worst this Saturday. I don't want to under estimate the paper anymore. I want to expect the most difficult and difficult so that I don't feel that frustration again!!!!!!

Bye Bye Feb 2010... there will be slight delay on my graduation......

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