Friday, April 10, 2009


Just hit a cat on the way back.
Its too dark why did this cat crossed the road like that?
I don't have time to hit the brake.
The car behind me too close.
I can feel the tyre rolling on the cat body.
Its very frightening adn terrifying moment for me.
I feel like a murderer..
My whole body shivered.
I cried all the way home.
Its raining heavily, my tears make my vision worst to drive back home.
Can't help it, I just stop by the road side for a few minutes until my body stop shivering.
But still can't help myself , crying all the way home.
Sorry cat ! I don't mean it..
I am selling off my car next week.

Why I have to face another losses this month?
I have enough sadness this month.
Why can't all this wait until next month?
Let this pain heal first...

I am still sad..:(

Today suppose to be a Good Friday...

Life still need to go on.. Managerial Finance Craze.. really make me crazy..
Tonight need to do marathon on that MF for tomorrow revision class.
Argghh ! hope this over soon.. so so dreadful to get over this..

Let me switch on to my song, see whether my Jay Chou can heal my pain tonight!

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