Friday, April 3, 2009

Your life sucks???

Most of us think we have the toughest job.

We hate our job.

We have endless complain about our Boss - he is sucks, heavy workload, superior not understanding , client make our life difficult and bla bla bla...

Its never ending...
Here are the real story...
You feel thankful to have your job and earn decent salary at end of the month.
Me too... will stop complaining and bitching about my work. I repent... God please forgive me.
I went for massage at my usual place.
My body aching everywhere..
As usual I will make appointment prior and booked my favourite masseur at 7.00pm. I reached there around 6.50pm but was told my favourite masseur will be free around 7.30pm as usual appointment earlier started late due to 'Malaysian' time customer(LATE). Me again being very impatient , I don't want to wait any longer. I asked for alternative. She suggested to try her new girl whom just joined a month ago. Heard about her from my favourite masseur and apparently the girl is her cousin.
Apparently she is 20 years old. Very young and sweet girl. I can feel that she doesn't belong at that place. Feeling chatty, then I started a conversation with her while she is massaging me. Strong though... luckily I am facing down especially when she pressing my blocking point on my neck... ooo my God... tears start rolling down. But well as usual I tolerate hahah yeah like my friend used to say I am one of a kind. Enjoy pain... Hello... I am not into that, ok. I just want all my wind to clear up and smoothen my blood circulation.
Well normally I prefer quiete time during massage. But I guess , I realise nobody to talk to back home.So I be a nosy reporter and start digging out...
She is from Bandung. mmmm I have been there. Beautiful place though just wish I could spend longer time there enjoying the Spa and shopping spree.
So many common thing to talk about.
She said she regret coming here to Malaysia. She regret of not listening to her Mum. She is the only child. She is a graduate in Hotel and Management (Diploma I guess). Her cousin (which my favourite masseur- huh I will blacklisted her then)told that she will be working in Salon. Even the parent and relative back then still thinking she is working in salon.
She paid RP5mill came over via ship - 5 days journey. She don't even know how to massage when she reached here and she just learn it from her cousin. Of course she told me she need to massage the madam almost everyday - people say practise make perfect. She got scolded for small mistake. Not just normal scold but with vulgar word for sure.She never feel this way before people treat her like an animal.
She starts her day a 5am, then need to do house chores at the Madam in law's house. Then almost 9.00am she will be in the centre start doing the pre opening work. Then here come 1st appointment and 2nd and 3rd. She will only have her break to have lunch for 30 minutes then here we go again.She afraid to massage the big or fat one. Need a lot of energy.
The worst to massage horny and lonely men. Not only her hand will be massaging , there is other hand trying to reach to her. She will be busy avoiding that naughty hand too.Be strong girl don't do all that thing just for money. There is many other decent way to earn a living.
The last appointment will be at 9.00pm. Reach home by 10.00pm. Doing house chores again then finally got to rest and sleep at 12.00pm.
Mind you they only got one decent meal a day (lunch). The rest she only eat 2 slices bread for breakfast and dinner. They have no off day. Everyday is about working. They don't own any of their time.
Thank God! she only tied up with one year contract. She told me she will never come back again and wish time pass as fast as possible.I also told her to stick to her parent back there after this as she is their only child and if the parent got to know her real job... they will hurt.
Now... do you think your job is sucks???
appreciate your job. At least your have weekend for your own. You can eat whatever your desire. You can go anywhere you want.
So lets tell this to ourselves out aloud....
I am very lucky!!!!
Thank you God!!!
For the girl I met , be strong and I pray hard to God and hope you can go back to Bandung safely to your beloved family by end of this year.Amen!!!
Thank God!!!my package ended. Time for me to move on to another spa and dig out other sob story. I find that by listening to other people sob story, I will feel more grateful to life that I have right now.
I will stop self pity to myself because I will remember many other people have more difficult and miserable life than mine.
How is my life now???
Not bad :)
I have my own freedom....I pray for good health always... Amen!!!
Time to study now.. arghhh MF oh MF... been talking eating sleeping dreaming walking and sitting standing finance for the past week. Exam coming... Thank God got one team mate willing to take on the group Assignment (Love him for that - Thank you Thank you . I am so grateful to him ) at least I can spend more time studying for individual... many think to catch up though... this is really really really tough... but I need to stay positive..positive and be strong..

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