Sunday, May 10, 2009

It pays to have fun at work

Sorry for bad quality photos.
My old junk camera almost dead at that time but just still need to keep snapping though or you miss this moment... My last day at PWR Design Sdn Bhd

From left : Jack Tan (Fireball in the Company) & Me

From left : Wai Gin (always thought she look like Sally Yeh) & Me

In photo : my friends at previous company - from left : me, Brandom (My Teddy Bear) and Nev (Queen of Screamer)

I read this article by Roshan Thiran in StarBiz yesterday title 'It pays to have fun at work!'. Very interesting article, talked about Southwestern Airlines-CEO Herb Kelleher. At his Company, employee working hard , achieve result as well as having fun at working place. They even have weekly team activities and after lunch crazy hours. They have fun together and result to this activities... bonding to each employee and most of them tend to be very motivated and don't want to miss work. Even their work performance increase!
There are few reasons why having fun is important in the workplace.
Levity boosts our ability to think outside the box and enables us to generate innovative solutions necessary to solve problems. Fun is great creative booster!
Even research also indicates that while having fun, we develop neural cells in areas devoted to learning and memory. Fun is also good for teaching.
Google , with its fun workplace , retains about 95% of their employees!
People are naturally attracted to fun..

When we talked about having fun at work doesn't mean we neglected our responsibility towards the company. We need to balance up. Through company activities we could develop closeness and bonding to each employees. Result to this , positive team works!
I once worked with almost similar company. I love to be with this company so much and if not because of limitation in my career enhancement, I never thought of leaving the company. (small size company). We have monthly activities which we have selective employee rotation to organise activities for the month. It was pretty interesting though. Since my 1st day at this company our relationship at workplace like working in one big happy family. We experience playing crazy games together , travel all the way to Klang for Seafood, watching movies and many more activities. All this activities included our beloved Bosses as well. They are very sporting and cool. I believe most of x employees from this company will misses the bonding to each other when we left the company. Ah! I miss my experience at PWR Design Sdn Bhd.

I remember always looking forward to go to work every morning because I know many friendly and fun people waiting for me.

At my current company, limitation set by the boss. We even were told to eliminate all friends and family. We have to devote our life towards company 24/7. Even song played in the company also very selective song. All employess cannot show the closeness to each other in front of the boss or we will be accused on having politics and trying to go against the company. Its not I am trying to tell tales but this is fact!

Why I am still here, despite so many limitations?
I love my job.
I have job satisfaction here eventhough this will be gone soon.. but I enjoy what I am doing now every moment.

Althought this is difficult job but with all new challenges everyday... make my life very interesting and really learn a lot from all the challenges.

But I dragging myself to work every morning because of the negative environment.

My life is not complete...

Culture of the company?

My comment.. I admit, we have very very high turnover of staff.

Sad though and I wish one day the boss will understand its not just about work and maximise profit. We also need to balance up in life work, having fun, personal life, family...

Life is short..
Be spontaneous...
Enjoy every single day in your life..
Have fun!
Try your best to fullfill your dreams..

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