Monday, May 18, 2009

Naughty girl - repent

Today, I am feeling good as usual because is Monday!
Monday is 'The Mother' of the week so it is important to start my week right or else...
Work as usual nothing new.. meeting few scary look people.

I left around 6.30pm with good spirit and thought will do SERIOUS revision for my studies.
On the way home stuck in traffic jam at Kerinchi Link towards federal highway as usual le..
But... today a bit different
One hot guy in Dark Grey Honda City beside me hihihi...
I suddenly feeling flirty.. ( yeah! I am bad today)

I look at the guy and he also look at me.. just want to test power hahaha
I throw my sweetest and seductive smile to him and wink hahahah BAD RINA!
Very unusual of me.. mid life crisis like that le..

Response... haha he actual look at me smile and wink back.. as mentioned he is at the other lane.
He look so adorable but...
Seriously I feel guilty..
When the traffic start moving he actually accidently kiss the car in front of him.
Oooopppsss ! not my fault.

Of course I feel guilty after that. Hope he is ok and car not badly damage.
I think he must be cursing me after that .
Hope he don't remember my car plate number and also recognise me...scary...

Reached home bought some prawn thought wanna cook prawn since long time never cook but end up my whole housing area blackout. Since I only have hot plate at home so having electricity in the house is necessary and here goes my chillies prawn.
Turned back to buy some candles and lighter.
I can't afford to loafing outside because I have some rescue mission at home.

My rescue mission is to save my 2 magnum ice creams and 2 tub of walls ice creams which I just bought yesterday.
I manage to eat 2 almond magnums and half tub of ice creams when my stomach go upset and feel like throwing up. Yeah! me with my extreme case again... Stop eating the ice cream and just leave the remaining to melt.... isk isk my ice creams...
I believe this is God punishment to me for being bad and naughty girl until make other people involve in accident or the hot guy in that honda curse me for distracting him ...
I won't do it again ok..

I repent! I will never flirt to anybody anymore....

Thank God! got the light back before my NCIS started... wuhuhuhu here goes my study...

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