Sunday, May 3, 2009

New York New York

Enough le Mel..
Happy hours also want to work!
Employee of The Month for Executor

New York New York
Received good review from Mel & Zef and 'mati mati' both want me to try
Lets go then..

The Little Black Book?
Sounds like that movie..mmmm

Since you want to snap my photo here my sweetest smile for you to remember hehehe..
Sweet or not? Cute??

From Left : me, the cute Mel and Zef my victim for 4 months

Hello!!! I am so hungry both of you show some mercy...
You have plenty in front of you.. isk isk
Don't take my chicken!!!!

Say Cheezzz!!!
From Left : Johnny, Me, Mel, Zef and Nigel
Ahh look at that Nigel.. he is having audition for toothpaste or something???
The smile is soooo weird...
The end.. Dinner @ New York New York - 30th April 2009
Zef & Johnny - Both of you most happening interns and hope you guys could find better placement in Advertising & Media Industry.
Good Luck to both!

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