Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As I was driving to work this morning, I saw many couples in a car with their todlers and children. Maybe to fetch their precious on to the nursery.
I believe every parent in this world love their flesh and blood more than anything.
There's always a saying get married , start a family (in another word start breeding) make your life complete. Raising your kids like an investment. At least many feel secure they have somebody to take care of them when they go through their old age.
Breeding another life and feel secure?
If you have enough money to provide this fruitful of love with best education, best medication and they turn up to be a good kid to you, then its fine!
But, if they turn into otherwise?
Do you think its a mistake to bring in another life into this world?
My point of view , many people nowadays, breeds with wrong intention.
Living in this world nowadays getting tougher and suffering.
If you think to breed with your own benefit without thinking about what your fruit of love going to face then it call selfish!
Think about it, many parents end up squeezing their kids for cash for their own lifestyle support. When parent are sick, then the kids will be burden and need to juggle between work and taking care of parent as well as left with high cost to maintain your medical bill and other bills.
The kids will be very lucky if the parents save for their own and do not leave kids all sorts of burden.
Worst thing if the parent feel boring with their life as they have no activities to do and start nosing around into their children life. Life getting difficult for the children with nosy parent around to barge into their only private territory.
I am not against any family or anything but I just feel its not fair on behalf of your kids. We are here in this world, without our consent, I think all of us feel the same way. Its all like a chain and natural thing.
I am one of those kid survive in this world with wrong reason and nobody to share the burden, I am facing now.sometimes if you are too softhearted, you will be bullied by your own family. So unfair! But what to do for the sake of returning their favour to raise you up and provide you food for 20 years and you end up in debt with them for the rest of your life!
Its all about obligations....

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