Saturday, May 2, 2009

Teary Saturday

As usual Saturday morning is my Chiro day. Positive result since my Doctor said she see the improvement on my spine. Hopefully everything goes very well.
Since I am on 2 weeks break so I don't be bothered to even think about studying hehehe..Thought of doing my facial but since I am one spontaneous person, I end up with disappointment when I walk in to the spa centre and they are fully book for the day. Damn! so 'hot' meh?
Stop by to my favourite restaurant and 'tapau' my lunch. Don't eat anything since morning. Do some readings on the newspaper. Death here and there ah! so scary, then watch korean movie online. Ah! this movie really make me cry my heart out! A therapy for my eyes but not for my mind.
It is a touching story, when it come to part the actress found out the birth mum dump her to orphanage and she went to find her mother and tell her straight to her face how she hate her mother for dumping her... Deja vu !!! I just can't my help crying hard. So sad! So sian...
Then I watched this documentary in TV about the earth quake victims. The death and to watch all those people waiting for their loves one to be found from the debris of the collapse building with hope... so hurt..
I feel very very sad...
It is so happen a teary Saturday for me.
Don't think want to go out tonight because I don't think today is a good day for me.

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