Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More to go..

I have a sleepless night these days, due to staying up to do my assigments. I never read this much in my life.
Whoever know me , for sure know me as one person whom hate to read so much. I mean all this serious book. As my tagline "wanna live my life like princess", one can tell from the tagline what kind of book can make me fascinated ? Fairytales!!!! hahahahah yeah! and more I love mysteries and historical too.

Oh ya! back to my assignments, I done my part on Group assignments for LMP and part of CS this is due to the other part need me to evaluate and recommend which is I have to wait for the rest of the group part.
How to evaluate? The truth is... hell! I don't know!!!!
CS is new thing for me.
I have not attend any class yet for this subject!

Another heart popping out moment coming since I need to present on CS. Ah! I hate presentation. Gives me butterflies and ants and also worms in my stomach. Like throwing up. Hate public speaking! Introvert I am!
I feel nervous and forgot what I suppose to say.

Hate it hate it... well I still have to face it!

I am starting to do my individual tomorrow and submit by this Sunday. and more deadline next week... ah! lazy lazy like a lizard to read all these readings...

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