Sunday, June 7, 2009

My choice..

I was very busy since Monday with work and 4 consecutive days of classes.
Many due dates to take note. Assignment deadline and workload deadline. Ah! I feel dead!

My Leading and Managing People's class quite interesting however the lecturer a lil bit carried away and we end up finished our class quite late on Sunday. Oh! so tiring.

Tought of going through my assignment tonight. But I think I better have a good sleep tonight and start with fresh mind tomorrow.
Moreover, tomorrow is Monday. Normal dreadful Monday meeting and more things waiting for me.

I hope my choice to continue my study is worth it.
At least can get me better position and better pay next year! ( Hopefully global economic downturn recover)

By the way, I finally got my Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from University of South Australia last Thursday. At least can claimed myself a Graduate now .. hahaha

Hopefully, can go through this another 6 subjects smoothly and finish my MBA at least Feb 2009.

I am so tired now. Even my coursemate mentioned about my very bad panda eye. Ah ! I born with it I guess it was there for quite sometimes.Ssleep now...zzzzzzzzz

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